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Women Having A Snuffing Good Time - If You Missed it

KimKim Member
edited June 2008 in General
I haven't heard anyone mention women being members of the forum. Am I the only one?
I thought maybe some of the members might enjoy this like I did. Nicely dressed women having a good time.
Only in Europe! It would be nice to see what happens in a US club or bar doing this. Some one call the C_PS
But I enjoyed seeing these Ladies in the Pub Snuffing on Youtube.

Snuffing Good Time 1

Snuffing Good Time 2


  • AlexAlex Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    Namrata is an female indian snuff producer and a fellow member here. Thanks for the videos. Seems like they are new to it. ;-)
  • There have been 2 other female members join recently. Grace & Hellio. And of course like Alex mentioned, Namrata who is part of the Dholakia Snuff Co.
  • KimKim Member
    It's great to know I'm not alone. That's very impressive to hear about Namrata. Good to know Grace & Hellio are here.
    How long do you think it will be before more American women are into snuff. I Guess it's going to take a Female star to use snuff in a movie or some high profile Hilton type to get more women into snuffing.
  • KimKim Member
    How is flavor put into snuff? I was reading a description about BESPOKE TOBACCO REAL COFFEE SNUFF and saw coffee essence and other essential oils. Please tell me that there are some snuff that have flavor, but do not use essential oils. I’m hoping their not talking about the essential oil commonly used ( Pure essential oil is very expensive and I don't think it's meant to ingest, next is cheap synthetic).
    What I’m trying to say if you add flavor are there some brands that use natural herbs & Spices. Or do you really have to make your own. Just what is in snuff besides Tobacco?

    Is there a Sweet Rum Flavored Snuff, something close to Bacardi Rum Cake? I'm just thinking of flavors I like. Pecan Praline, Butter Pecan, Peach Cobbler & Sweet Potatoe Pie.The Southern Girl in me is coming out. But we love food!
    I need a job coming up with flavors.
  • Snuffs are flavored/scented with food grade flavorings/natural oils. Safe for the nose.

    Some snuffs you might want to try based upon your comments. Wilson's Rum & Blackberry (some really like this snuff but some really hate it). Toque Toffee, Dingler Peach, Now you can mix existing snuffs to create your own flavors. Like Toque Peanut Butter mixed with Toque Toffee will give you something close to a butter pecan. Other good mixes, toque chocolate & toque peppermint, chocolate & espresso, wilsons strawberry & toque chocolate, gawith cola & toque chocolate. There are many other great combinations, just do a little experimenting to find what you like. And you can add your own herbs/spices to your snuff to make something special. Allspice, aniseed etc can make great additions to your snuff. Also can use natural extracts used for baking. You can use things like orange peels, mint leaves, flower petals etc to scent the snuff.
  • There are a few close to what you are thinking Kim. There is Gawith Apricot snuff, I believe Wilsons do one too. Also I believe Magnet do a peach snuff. Have a look on they have loads. is also a good one. Both ship internationally. The only nut flavoured snuff I can think of is Toque Peanut Butter. Somebody should do a hazlenut flavoured snuff, mixed with Toque Chocolate that would be heavenly. Also somebody does a Rum and Blackcurrant flavour I believe.

  • KimKim Member
    Troutstroke you know I had to go and make some Chocolate chip cookies after that last post. I'm glad to hear it is food grade. I'm going to make a personal list of types recommended. Hopefully work my way down the list to try recommended snuff. All those you mentioned sound Delicious!
  • KimKim Member
    celticsnuffer nice to met you! Everyone has been very nice here. I've learned more then I thought I would in a short time.
    The Cigs are hard to stop. With the snuff I can stretch the length of time before I have another one. Plus I have noticed they taste even worse since I've started the snuff. Hopefully I will really lose the the taste for them. They didn't taste great anymore for a long time. But I hope I will get to a point where they just taste so bad I don't even want to pick one up.
  • I haven't smoked since August! Having snuff has made it easy, I wouldn't even consider a cigarette now. Like a few of the others here I like an occasional cigar or pipe.
    Welcome to the forum Kim. This is a great place with some great people.
    My wife uses snuff here and there but doesn't chat on the forum.
  • KimKim Member
    Thank you onefortheroad I can't wait until I get to that point. I'm finding it hard to sleep, but the cigs do taste nastier. Plus I'm starting to smell them. I put some snuff in my purple plastic pill box. It's very small. Plus it's stood up to my purse beatings. It would be nice to hear from your wife on the forum one day. We need more women to come out. That's just my opinion. Does she have a favorite snuff? If so could you tell me. Women senses are usually sharper then men. We smell and taste things different. Men have they're fine qualities as well that we don't pick up as well. I think Namrata snuff for women is a fine example of that. What appeals to women can be very different from men. Yet we do have the desire to have the freedom men have. I guess I better explain that if I can. There are things I would not do in public, but with that special man I feel I can let go of some of those ideas of what a lady is suppose to act like. We want to get a little wild and let go like the men. Just try what the boys do. Show men we can be just as fun as the guys, doing what guys do. We may fail, but we both can laugh about it. Then theres the term some men use "A lady in the street and a freak in the .......". I think men like to see women try a few things that they do. Just to see it being the visual creatures mean are. Is it not sexy to see a woman in a man's dress shirt only? This seems to be getting a little off topic. I'm going to hush now, before I get banned of the forum.
  • I don't think you'll get banned, its nice to have that feminine touch around the place. My wife likes the smell of snuff but as a non tobacco user has never really felt a need to take it, although she did have a pinch after too much wine once.

    You know, snuffing may be getting more popular as smoking gets harder to do in public, but you don't really see people using it - so all the girl snuffers out there can start the global comeback of snuffing on an even basis.

    Ive only been scanning the posts recently, but I think you are quitting Cigs? You'll get there, if an old dog like me can give them up (using snuff) anyone can
  • KimKim Member
    Snuffster your correct I'm trying to stop and start snuff. It's good to know a females is welcomed. A little to much wine and and a woman in the mood to do some experimenting sound like an interesting fun night. My soon to be Ex-husband is a smoker heavy and when I mentioned snuff to him he gave me all this negativity about it and it smell like Feces. He only knows the old days. When the new stuff get here I'm going to pull it out on him after a few drinks. He wants to stop to but he always says he can just stop and wants to remember back in the day when he quit. He needs to stop smoking as well.
    I've notice lately he will have two cigs right back to back. Put one out and light another one right then before we return inside the house. I think he would be more inclined to try some from overseas. He has uppity ways, but he nothing but a county boy with a degree. 2 Great Granddaddy’s fighting on the opposite side during the Civil War. That one Confederate that went to south Florida to fight for the Union, that know one wants to talk about that fact. ROFL! Thats hush! Hush!
  • bobbob Member
    As far as what woman or men or supposed to do. I've found that often times either gender will find it very sexy when a member of the opposite sex has strong traits associated with both genders. Like if a woman is femine but snuffs or likes video games or boxing men tend to find that appealing, if a man is manly but writes very sensitive poetry he'll be more of a babe magnet then if he was just manly. Plus if you look into it deeply most things considered mascline or femine are really B.S. considering how easily they vary. Heck even if you stand or sit to pee has more to do with culture then gender. Though there are definatly diffrences like the way the senses work and lets love that I say.
  • KimKim Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    Bob it's funny you should bring up poetry, because I had just commented on troutstroker review on Toque Toffee.
    That review read like a sex noval for me. A man picking up all those nuances made me think man I want to taste that snuff. Plus who is this man that writes like this, Man he would detect and pick-up everything about a woman in bed.
    I had to send him a personal note on what was running through my mind and body after reading that. Sorry to embarass you Troutstroke. But man now you sure earned that name cause you could Stroke me anytime. WINK! I like to laugh and I love to see people smile.
  • Ha, lol!! Glad you liked the review. It would take a lot more than flattery to embarrass me...
  • KimKim Member
    Plus you can take a compliment very well. I'm pretty direct on my feelings. So I don't beat around the bush much when it comes to expressing emotions that are positive.
  • xsysxsys Member
    I wish more women were like you. I thought I was a complicated person, not easy to understand... Until I met some of your kin.
  • KimKim Member
    I like direct in positve ways, so there is no miss understanding. Plus it's always easier to write what you feel then to say sometimes. I have a lot of shy moments. But when I'm comfortable with a person I open up. Complicated might just be unique. Some men don't like women like me, prefer a Coy type of woman. Coy is sexy, but I guess for a man it can be confusing to read. Is she really into me or what?
  • An interesting person is an interesting person, period. Individuality is sexuality in my book, whether coy, brash or whatever. Those manufactred bimbo types are just so dull and if I saw a woman taking snuff I would be impressed purely because it expresses something a little less usual and shows that conformity is not the overriding factor. I knew one girl snuffer many years ago and she was beautiful, the snuff was so off the wall that you couldn't help but empathise and be interested.

    I think most men struggle to read women, probably because a lot of us are pretty uncertain about whether women will like us. I don't mind admitting I've never had the slightest clue if a girl likes me and literally had to have it spelled out by my wife (who I really liked but didn't think she liked me etc)

    LOL, a couple of gals on the site and I'm talking about relationships!!
  • KimKim Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    I want to know this. " When a man tell you he didn't tell you something important because he didn't want you to worry".
    Do mean really mean that? Because when I do find out I feel you didn't tell me, because you was hoping you could hide it from me and I'd never find out.

    Am I correct on this or are men really trying not to make a girl worry? This is money, not women or anything else. When it comes to money and bills.
  • bobbob Member
    Kim I don't know. Either he's telling a lie or he isn't. I've done both. I guess it depends one the situation. If it's something that is temperary like he thinks he can get the money for rent together before the third and I don't want her to worry because I'am sure I'll be able to swing it before then, then he's probably telling the truth. If it's more long term thing like he's terribly in debt and it will effect you for a long time then it doesn't matter if he's telling you the truth or not you'd need to know(the important thing here is that it will effect you for a long time, if he's in debt doesn't tell you and it isn't something that really effects you then that's his bussiness). My two cents. Though to really know I'd need more info then that.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    Well, I think it can be a couple of things: a genuine desire to protect (pretty noble) or a desire to hide a scew up or bit of mischief (pretty shitty) and it depends on the man's personality which category he fits into. There is also another weird male thing, which I am guilty of and I know some of my close male friends are too, of just, well..not getting round to saying anyhting. Not for any particular reason, just you kind of deal with it internally and dont bother vocalising it.
  • bobbob Member
    I second snuffster. A lot of times if I think I can fix something before it's an issue I don't say anything.
  • Yeah, women don't like it if they find out but theres no real malice or anything involved
  • xsysxsys Member
    I agree with both above. It depends on situation. Sometimes it's just protective, sometimes it's just a fear and a trial to hide something, because it could make you upset.

    Here is my question: How do you struggle with the fact, that women you have fallen in love with denies you and wants you to be just friends? Just happend to me, but I have already gotten over.

    By the way... A women appears on this forums and it becomes pretty lively place. Funny.
  • KimKim Member
    Well I guess a man wants to be the man of the house and just don't want to seem like he can't handle his business or take care of his woman.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    I think women are incredibly difficult to 'know'. Ive been married twice, had girlfriends ever since I was 14, and still don't have the slightest idea what makes them tick. I used to think I was just stupid but when you talk to other guys you find its a common thing.

    Being just friends is simply their way of saying they don't find you attractive I think, and its happened to all of us at some point. And you are right in your last comment!
  • xsysxsys Member
    That is exactly what I conclude, because she gave me a few reasons why she had denied, but it turned out later it is any ot these. It was much simpler... She had just liked some other guy, who actually had not liked her.
  • KimKim Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    I have a guy friend that I've none for many years. He waited on me for 7 years. Now when I say waited I don't mean he didn't have sex with other women, plus he was married. But he just never gave up on me. When we did officially date his brother was deathly sick. So he needed to attend to his family, Mother and all his sister as well. I never say to him that I just want to be friends, but thats what we are. My life has changed and a dominate man use to turn me on. Right now a dominate man I really could not handle. I always had a great time with him, I felt so free. If I wanted to walk in public half dressed he didn't have a problem with it. Rasta from the Island so there was a lot of freedom. But I've changed so I think he could not handle me, and I don't want to hear constructive advice in a strong tone or hear about the ex. I just feel mostly it's me not him. Because he is so sexy to me. But I pull away from him. I have issues from the ex that I have to work though. What I'm trying to say maybe it's not the man all the time. She's either not attracted, or something about you she knows she can not handle because of her past. Or she figures you couldn't handle her and that secret issue she's got and hasn't worked out.
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