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Review: SWS Field of Junipers

This snuff has been part of my first experiences with the Walter Scott's snuffs, the others being St James Parish and Crème de Figue. While I was very happy and impressed with those, the Field of Junipers is proving to be a bit more difficult for me.

The snuff is light brown, quite dry and very fine. Those kinds of English snuffs generally don't work well for me but I know that they are quite popular here. From what I could find online, I hear that Junipers are what gives Gin (the beverage) its flavour. It has been about 20 years since I tried Gin and I can't say that I ever enjoyed it. From memory however, smelling the snuff from the tin, it does remind me of that drink, no doubt. But there is something else which I have a problem with. For me the dominant smell or scent in this snuff is actually pepper. Strong, regular kitchen pepper. That is my association and I definitely don't like that.

Now to be fair, that's not to say the snuff is bad. A lot of the time our decision if we like or dislike a snuff comes from exactly those personal associations. I don't remember liking Gin and I'm not very fond of pepper by itself, let alone having it in my nose. I still want to be clear that this is a high quality snuff with a very good tobacco base.

Snuffing these kinds of tobaccos is not an easy task for me either. Any kind of technique still causes it to go in a bit too far and I have to cough while snuffing. When it is finally applied in my nose, it often burns because of the dryness until my nose builds up sufficient moisture to deal with that. That may not be an issue for everyone but for me it is, which is why I prefer coarse to medium coarse and quite moist snuffs. I believe that could be a local preference and in England and America this snuff could easily be seen as "normal". I struggle with it though. At the same time I do not have any front or back drip from it which is an important plus and just shows the quality of SWS snuffs.

So all in all I have to say that I acknowledge that this seems to be a very good snuff in many aspects. They simply don't seem to work for me. I'm not a fan of this style of snuff or the flavour but I would still give it a high recommendation because I know that some people will very much enjoy it...just as a lot of people enjoy a Gin Tonic.


  • Another excellent review from @Kiwi78‌ Exactly what a review should be. Thank you Kiwi.
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    Yes, a good review. Field of Juniper is probably my favourite SWS snuff, although it faces stiff competition from Havana Toast. But then, I'm a fan of fine, dry snuffs. And gin and tonic was always ... no, not my favourite drink, I only had it occasionally. But I always enjoyed it when I did. I don't remember the pepper. Been a while since I've opened a tin, although I've got 15gram in my fridge, waiting for a suitable moment.

    I noticed that the 15 gram tins are on special at Mr Snuff at the moment. Might buy a few more of them in my next order.

    I haven't tried the St. James Parish yet, I've got a large tin coming my way. I look forward to it more than I've ever looked forward to a snuff before. Perique has a special place in my heart, and I'm waiting with breathless anticipation to see what it's like in a snuff.
  • Thanks guys. Yes, the St James is my current top snuff in every regard, I can't get enough of it. Especially because of my memories of the Dunhill Navy Rolls pipe tobacco. As for the Field of Junipers, I work at a hotel reception so I just walked into our bar and had a smell from Bombay Sapphire and Gordon's Gin. I have to say that the snuff does not smell like Gin, it has the hints of it in the floral/fruity component. The juniper marries with alcohol in a different way than it does with tobacco and you're absolutely not snuffing Gin. Just to clarify...
  • chrischris Member
    @Kiwi78 A very good review as always but it demonstrates how we all react differently to snuffs. I love pepper but I have never noticed that aroma from FoJ. I have just taken a large pinch just to make sure!

    Like you I normally prefer moist, coarse snuffs but I do find FoJ very easy to take.

    Keep up the good work - you seem to be single handedly regenerating the reviews section here.
  • @Kiwi78 another good review and nice that you started a treat on this snuff. I am doubting if I should order it. All our experiences are indeed different, I don't like (over)scented snuffs. For me pure tobacco smell. Or else I would put juniperoil in my nose if I wanted that......That's why I too love the St. James.

    But I don't think you should compare this scent to the smell of Gin. Gin is an English/American drink that changed over the decades a lot. The percentage of juniper in that is very low. Better compare it to "Jenever", a Dutch/German drink if you have that in your hotel. In Dutch, Jenever comes from the name for juniper berries, "jeneverbessen".

    We always buy loose juniper berries from an organic food store here in town. I took a smell on them today and I must say that what you smell as pepper in the snuff, is part of the aroma from the berries. Partly.
    I think Johnny Scott made a very excellent juniper berry sauce from what I read in your review, if it has such a peppery smell.

    I have the same problem as you with fine and dry English snuffs that I have to cough during snuffing. But I don't damn care. As long as the snuff is worth it I take that for granted. And I don't like moisty snuffs since then you get from these big lumps in the nose.
    One of the reasons for me to come to this forum was to find a solution for this coughing, but I haven't find any yet. So I just live with it like anyone else seems to do, and in my experience in winter time I have to cough less. I think it originates in the fact that the nasal cavity of some humans is very dry from itself, the nose then seems to be clean and free of obstructions and blockages.
  • fredhfredh Member
    edited August 2014 PM
    When I tried Field of Junipers the first time, I could not find the berry taste in any distinct way and I was disappointed. That was due to ammonia that had not yet been dispersed. However, once the ammonia dissipated, the juniper flavors emerged and I found myself appreciating and enjoying the snuff, and I recognized it for its uniqueness and high quality.

    It is not among my favorite SWS snuffs simply because I prefer other scents and flavors to junipers, but it is still a great snuff nonetheless. On its own, when not compared to other snuffs made by the snuff magician Johnny Scott, it would be very impressive to me. It's just that, to me, it pales when compared to my favorites from Johnny, such as Moro Moro, Mull of Oa, Lundy Foot, Creme de Figue, and of course, Auld Alliance. The latter is one of the biggest mysteries in the snuff world in that every time I take it, and I do mean every time, I am amazed that a scent and "flavor" like that can even exist.
  • I was wondering if we do get the medicinal properties of juniper berries when taking field of junipers ? ( antibacterian antioxydant etc..)
  • ar47ar47 Member
    I'm quite fond of my Field of Junipers which I believe is from a recent batch.

    The grind is different than I read here. Lower moisture but still some, with a fluffy medium grind that I never have to worry about hitting my throat. Can snuff it full blast with no worries

    It usually makes me sneeze a few minutes after a couple pinches, which starts a drip. But it's worth it and cleaning out the nose means more room :)

    Pinching some now
  • I also wonder like @Snufferdemedicis if you get them health benefits. I would assume yes but slightly.

    FoJ is a nice easy to take snuff for me and stays in the nose with little burn. It has a stronger scent to me then most SWS snuffs but I find it really enjoyable but not as strong as some Toques. There is a slight peppery scent from the Junipers. FoJ reminds me a little of Anson's Imperial but not as moist or as much initial burn. FoJ is an all day snuff for me and I find it gets better pinch after pinch.
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