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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Old Mill Acadia

Old Mill Acadia is ready to go. Normal purchasing protocols and all that still apply. That's what IMs are for, eh?

Flue Cured Orange, Red & Gold Virginias from Culpepper, Madison and Orange counties and Fire Cured Virginia Orinoco from Raleigh-Durham are layered with a very generous portion of St. James Perique, wrapped in Tennessee White Burley and aged between charred oak Bourbon barrel staves. Milled to a medium coarse grind with medium moisture it is a rich yet refreshing unscented snuff suitable for all day and all levels of experience.


  • md363md363 Member
    As soon as I have some extra money to load my PayPal account, I will IM you to order some of your creations. I've heard great things. I just spent around $30 with last week so that was my snuff budget.
  • Gee wiz @chefdaniel you make is sound good enough to eat.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • It might just be @basement_shaman‌ although I haven't tried it that way. Yet. It sure sits nicely in the nose.

    Great to have you back. We missed you.
  • This stuff is legit.

    I just loaded up both nostrils with all I could pack in them and then took a walk through the tobacco field in front of my home with my faithful bird dog Pepper. ( Half Lab / Half German Short Hair )

    This snuff is PERFECT for outdoor slow walking - maybe not for the temps ( it is hotter than a three peckered billy goat here in NC today ) - but yeah - I think I may have to lay in some serious stores of this for the Fall ....

    ( To illustrate this post, I do not have a photo of a three peckered billy goat - so here is a picture of Pepper instead )

  • Pepper is far prettier than any goat, three peckered or otherwise. Good dog.

    Acadia 2015 will go down for a long winter's nap at the end of this month, just waiting for the burley from the 2012 crop to get released; air cured takes a while. All the rest are in, stripped, stacked and milling about smartly.
  • Pepper is one beautiful dog. I've never had a dog, or should I say a dog has never had me? Pets have us wrapped around their paws. :) I know because I've had cats for over 20 plus years.

    I have yet to try my first Snuff! Perhaps yours should be it. I started vaping almost a year ago. Last month I tried my first Snus, traditional General White (and a few others I have yet to try) and I'm thrilled with it. Now I must try Snuff.

    I'm new here so after I get the lay off the land I'd like to contact you about ordering some Old Mill Acadia as it sounds superb. I'm glad I joined Snuffhouse!
  • @Valiant‌ Welcome. I'd show a picture of my 22 year old Maine Coon Cat, but she's either camera shy or just hateful. Hard to tell.

    Whenever you're ready just IM me here with your email addy and we'll get you set up.

  • Cats! ::chuckle:: Maine Coons are gorgeous cats! I was told my first cat looked a little like a Maine Coon. I called her, Starlet as she was the star of the show in my home.

    Thanks for letting me know what to do when I'm ready to order your Snuff. I read the description for another one you have here and I can not, not order that one. I'm trying to be frugal at the moment but on the 21st I celebrate my one year vaping anniversary, meaning I will have quit smoking cigarettes as of a year ago by then and I will splurge on myself. :-)

  • I love this snuff. I'd like to see it in a rappee style, more wet. I took 1/2 of my small tin and added a carrot slic to make it more moist. The tobaccos and scent are great. I love all the OMS I have tried and can't wait to try the new ones for 2015.
  • One of my favorites! Underrated natural snuff, sweet, complex, lovely!
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