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chewing pipe tobacco

anyone else here ever chewed or now still chewing pipe tobacco?

Not all tobacco's are suitable but I chewed quite a lot. The taste I like more then when smoking it. Some sauced but also natural tobacco's are wonderful.

People used to do it in history. You just bought tobacco and what you did with it was upto yourselves....


  • Well I have chewed some Danske Club. White Luxury if I remember correctly. I just wanted to test it and it worked better than I thought. It smelled so tasty, that it was hard not to put it in your mouth :D
  • It's no longer available but I used to enjoy Plowboy tobacco in my pipes, as well as an occasional chew. I also still enjoy the Twists/Ropes by S.Gawith. & Gawith & Hoggarth as chew and in my pipes.
  • I occasionally chew some black pig tail or happy bogie. I really enjoy the flavour and the nicotine, I'm just not sure how healthy it is for one's gums.
  • Around here we can find all manner of twist tobacco destined for chewing, but I've also smoked some in a few old briars with good results. Most is pretty plain, a few are sweetened and even fewer are flavored, especially since Stoker quit making their beautiful HUGE twists, both fire and air cured. I have several neighbors that twist their own and hang them on nails in the barn in brown paper bags to keep the dust and cooties off. Good stuff.
  • Twist yes, others... No...

    I guess the story goes that sailors would chew their twist or pigtail during the day while on deck (no time for a pipe) and in the evenings while in their "racks" they would smoke it in their pipes...

    I'm not sure if I'm up to that...
  • Oh, is did send some American twist to a friend in Finland... He said it was an A** Kicker in Nicotine... But he liked it :)
  • you know...just the other day I threw in a pinch of half n half and treated it as oral moist snuff. I liked it ok. but i'd rather have some chewing tobacco or moist snuff
  • Only when I cut it for my bowl, I am having some outer rapping of Gawith Hoggarth Black Cherry twist right now. And it is giving me the nicupps.The other 7/8 inch I stuffed it in my Peterson 106 Harp unrubbed to smoke
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  • I've chewed some Gawith Hoggarth rope as well as Indonesian Tambolaka, but those are meant to be versatile that way. Wondering now if it might be ecstasy or agony to chew some Ennerdale flake? ;)
  • @cpmcdill Sounds interesting. Let us know how you liked it ?
  • Well I've even chewed Port Royal Kentucky Bourbon RYO tobacco here in NZ. It's obviously meant to be smoked as a cigarette, but I found it too sweet to smoke, so I chewed some. It was nowhere near as good as proper chew, but it worked fine once you get a good salivation going!
  • Chewing a rolled up Tea Leaf now. Very nice!
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