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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Review: Fribourg & Treyer High Dry Toast

KentuckysnuffKentuckysnuff Member
edited August 2014 in Types of Snuff
As everyone knows, I am still relatively new to snuff and the forums here. I started off with Toque products. Most of them are pretty easy to take. So as I browsed the forums early during the day, and late at night I discovered that it doesn't just stop at Toque. I was recommended trying toasts, and what better way to begin than with F&T HDT?

Let me just start off by saying WOW. The grind is VERY fine. Much finer than I am used to. I won't lie, I was nervous before taking my first pinch. But what struck me the most was the packaging. It's elegant. The tin/jar itself is a nice break from the normal WoS tin. I absolutely loathe them. So I open it up, and take a whiff. Very dry, leathery scent to it. Nervousness increased.

Too bad I was nervous, because this snuff is on point. It wasn't difficult to take at all. Maybe my technique is just refined well-enough to sample drier, finer snuffs. The leathery notes I was getting are still present. It's almost as if I walked into a hardware store like Lowe's. Not a bad thing. And the nicotine, wow. It's there. It crept up on me, and smacked me. With an aluminum bat. I love it. 5/5

Edit: Upon more pinches, I now detect a smoky scent. Reminds me of a burnt-out charcoal grill. Childhood memories.


  • @killeidoskope‌ Damn Grasshopper, you're ready for the Holy Grail of Toasts: SWS Lundy Foot. SWS Havana Toast is/was right up there, but alas, it's an ex toast, drawn the curtain and joined the choir invisible. :((
  • I have Lundy Foot sitting in my shopping cart at MrSnuff. Just waiting for the government to give me my damn paycheck on Friday.
  • I too have had childhood scent associations with this snuff. I would be curious to hear of any other childhood memories that HDT has brought up from anyone else. Enjoy this snuff classic!
  • I most certainly will. This 25g will be gone in no time.
  • Growing up, it was common in our neighborhood to burn leaves and sticks in the early autumn when we were cleaning up our yards for the winter - HDT always reminds me of when a fire was going a few houses down, mixed with the fall air. Great memories, great snuff.
  • I just received an order with toasts to try, one of which was F&T HDT and I agree , great snuff.. I really like the container as well !
  • It's the snuff. To be honest, I like it better than Lundy Toast. Not better than Havana Toast, but better than Lundy.
  • I was using Lundy Foot in my bullet. An all day snuff. It worked well. I found myself ignoring my snuff spooning box, ignoring my Oliver Twist and nicotine tablets and going for the Lundy Foot bullet. I was even taking it in the middle of the night when woken up by the dogs barking. Now I've switched to F&T HDT. At first, there did not seem to be much difference. Then it started to make me cough. Next I found that I was getting short of breath (something I noticed when I was using a lot of Q-snuff).

    A lot of snuffs are an acquired taste. For me F&T HDT is more of an acquired distaste - the more I use the less I like it. When my next consignment of Lundy Foot arrives, my F&T HDT will be put aside long with my tins of Q-snuff.
  • eblipeblip Member
    edited June 13 PM
    I have bought some High Dry Toast. I think the burnt smokey smell ruins it for me. I prefer a clean tobacco smell and not too many frills. I dont think i will be buying toast again. Got a smell of burnt plastic to me..Why is that ?
  • I prefer Toque Natural Toast or Wilsons Irish No22 to the F and T- precisely because of the burnt scent.
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