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Old Mill Evangeline

Evangeline is ready to ship. The tins are in! I also have a full inventory of cork topped 20 ml bottles if you'd like to order those.

Email me for pricing, etc.

Composed of Orange, Red and Lemon Flue Cured Virginia, Dark Air Cured Tennessee Burley and a large measure of St. James Perique, layered and wrapped in whole leaves of Barren County White Burley, dampened with Rye Whisky, Absinthe, Jamaican Sarsaparilla root, Sassafras leaves, Wild Cherry Bark, Honey and Meyer Lemon Bitters before being aged under pressure between charred white oak planks. After the tobaccos have reached a deep onyx color they are toasted, then milled to a fine grind before being given a final misting of the scenting “cocktail” to create a medium moisture snuff with notes of Anise, Root Beer and Lemon for an easy all day snuff suitable for all levels of experience.


  • @chefdaniel I have yet to read a single one of your descriptions for your wonderful snuffs that I don't immediately experience mouthwatering anticipation. Who would not want to try them all?
  • chefdanielchefdaniel Member
    edited August 2014 PM
    @stogie‌ Maybe I have latent marketing tendencies? I do hope there's a cure. =))

    I just write 'em as I see 'em and hope for the best while I focus on making snuff.

    Many thanks, endless gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for a kind gentleman who has saved my proverbial bacon with the best gift ever. No names will be mentioned to protect the identity of this generous individual. Without that generous gift I would be making snuff in ten gram batches with a coffee grinder.

  • Oh damn, i thought we were lucky enough to see a video of some of the aforementioned snuff making process! The bands good to i suppose.
    But, with the lack if snuff lit, and vids, you should consider making one!
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