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A Proposal

PhaedrusPhaedrus Member
edited June 2008 in General
Hello All,

I'm a very new snuff enthusiast, although a long time tobacco nut (cigars and pipes). The obvious desire of every newbie snuff taker is to try many different types of snuff in order to see which ones they like/dislike. It seems VERY difficult to come by a good selection of snuffs in person, and you often have to resign to purchasing no less than 10 grams of a snuff you may well despise.

I see many of you gentlemen have MASSIVE collections of snuff. Granted, some of them are likely jewels (no pun intended) that you have gone to great lengths to aquire, and have no inclination to cut into. Understood. However, I would assume that the large bulk of the collections are either A - Not your favorites and/or B - Easy for you to come by

The Proposal:

Never would I think of asking one to part with an entire stock of any snuff. However, small glass vials of 2.25 mL are easily available online, and dirt cheap (pennies per vial when bought in packages). The idea would be that those who were willing would put together a "starter pack" of tiny samples of as many snuffs as they thought were appropriate (the more the better). You then charge a price that you feel compensates you for the snuff, vials, and time. You end up making a bit of coin, but really you do you fellow novice snuff takers a HUGE favour, while ensuring that some of the snuff you may not get around to using finds use elsewhere. This is a popular activity on a wet shaving forum that I frequent.

If any of you more well stocked gents would be willing to participate, perhaps you could start a thread to that tune where assortment packages are posted, and then claimed by newbies. I know for one I would be absolutely EXSTATIC to buy a couple of assortments. Thanks for your time guys,



  • at 85 uk pence for a small tin, surely you can afford a half dozen starter selection?
  • It is meant to be a proposal that benefits BOTH parties, both the newbie looking to try a multitude of new flavours in small quantity, and the collector who has decided he has either far too much snuff to use before it becomes stale, or a bunch of snuffs that have fallen out of favour (or never were in favour for that mater).
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