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RogueRogue Member, Administrator
I haz WoS extra menthol and honey menthol.
I can't believe it! They're soooo goooood!!
They're actually moist, easy to take, and very very very clearing and satisfying.
I'm not gonna lie, I hated WoS before.
I hated their carnation, their crumbs of comfort, their CoC extra, their chocolate orange, their coffee cream..I hated it all..BUT THESE GUYS SURE AS HELL KNOW HOW TO MENTHOLATE!!
My nose was COMPLETELY blocked today, took a tiny tiny tiny pinch of extra menthol (yes, tiny...these snuffs are like german cars, if you don't respect em, you lose your license, if you don't sniff carefully, it'll kick your nostrils open like a horse) and BOOM! Nose was all clear!
This is a must try for all menthol lovers..ALL! These WoS menthols can kick the butts of pöschl!


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