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New Toque Flavors!!!

dajawudajawu Member
edited June 2008 in General
Well the poll to pick the new flavors in Toques line up is over! As many of you know Roderick is adding some flavors to his already great selection. There were two secret flavors and two that the public could vote on. Well after some time of voting the results are in. At the request of Roderick I ended polling today (Sunday) and as he says he will start milling Monday! The final tally of votes can still be viewed online HERE. So thank you to everyone that participated in the voting, and I don't have to hope because I am sure you will all love the new flavors soon to be offered by Toque.


  • I see you voted clements when this first started so be honest now, you didn't influence this vote in any way now did you??
  • i must say i am a bit surprised the clements made it.
    but should be a very interesting flavor, even though i would have preferred nice, refreshing grapefruits..
  • As the Clements, Grapefruit race was so close I think I will have to make both.
  • Actually Troutstrocker the only person that really tried to influence this poll was you. If I remember correctly I think you voted 8 times under two names and two ip address! I gave Roderick not only the numbered results but a list of everyones name and vote. Since you ask I don't see the harm in letting everyone view it. As you will note Troutstrocker you are now only listed ONCE rather then 9 times. So check it out for yourself.
  • Ohh and by the way, the vote that says 'Albert'. That is my one vote.
  • He got you there Trout. LOL!
    Dajawu, I know I voted twice, as I said, when I wasn't sure how to get back to veiw the results. I bet a lot of people were doing that, though not 9 times. ;
  • Roderick,

    No problem, I removed your second vote as well. I looked close at all the entries to make sure nobody voted twice by mistake as well. Pretty much it was as straight forward as you can get. Good luck on the new blends, I know I will be ordering.
  • KimKim Member
    I think I was a good girl, just couldn't make up my mind.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    Well I was only joking with you dajawu, you can tell that by the way its written! I know your honest as I trust all the other members here are honest. You told us to vote as much as we wanted so I did. But I also had to vote to see the poll results as I was curious to see which flavors where most popular. I just followed your link each time & didn't bother typing in the url to go directly to the results since you said in the end you would narrow it down to one vote per person anyway so didn't think it mattered how I got to the results page. And the 2 names is because I use the 'auto fill' on my web browser for information. It automatically puts one of my 2 stored names depending if I'm on my laptop or my desktop computer and it uses the name I used last on any website. And my ip address changes automatically between a couple ip addresses every time I restart my computer. And if I wanted to be dishonest, I could have turned on my wireless network security which constantly changes my ip address and then just use made up names or used a proxy server. The auto fill does come in handy when you have to fill out your address when making an order or something. You just mouse click on the first line and all your name & address info is filled in automatically.

    Thanks for doing the online poll, it was fun to watch.
  • I know you didn't mean harm by voting many times. I did say I didn't care how many times you voted because I was going to narrow it down at the end. I just thought you were serious in saying I would go through the trouble of writing the code for that poll just to fix the results. Actually the truth is I am working on a website right now that is a very lot of PHP coding and I did this for practice. I didn't download the poll, I made it myself. Also when I saw you were voting alot I started to put code in that would make comments based on how many times you voted just so the next time you voted you would get a message like "WOw you really love Grapefruit" or something but I ended up just added code to tell you how many times you voted. You may haved noticed that addition. So I do apologize for taking it the wrong way.
  • No worries, its all good!!!!
  • Having been found guilty you are hereby sentenced to trying every single new Toque flavor for ten years with the possibility of parole.
  • so you are really making both, Roderick?
    that would be amazing, as i really might like grapefruit... yummy
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