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Newbies might want to read this. Something I learned about opening a new tin of snuff.

FriendlymanFriendlyman Member
edited September 2014 in Snufftaking
So most of you regular snuffers probably know this. But I'd like to share this with you and maybe someone else will learn from it. (if an old timer disagrees with my point of view I do not mind if you comment below)

(Up until recently and still do, mostly use snuff out off the 5-7 gram packets, containers (what ever you call them) the snuffs comes in. )
First this,
Recently I ordered a few snuffs I have never tried before. I was recommended to rather purchase larger tin to try, not the very small size. Why? because I was told that larger amounts tend to keep fresher longer. So in any case, let's say if you don't know when it was made. Or if it is not something you want to use every day. You are taking a smaller chance of it drying out sooner.

Now my main point I'd like to bring out.
When you get a new tin of snuff. By the time you manage to open that can. You naturally just want to dive in. I think every snuffer will agree that it is very natural and normal.
But I would like to share a few things I have learnt. I hope it will help you.

When you open a new the tin that just arrived you might and (some would even say it should) smell from ammonia. That is very normal thing, Some actually want it that way, They feel that at least they know received something young and fresh. It is natural, ask any one smoking hand made cigars and they will tell you the same thing. Young cigars have a ammonia smell as well. So that's why most people put their fresh cigars in a humidor for a few weeks before smoking them.
What you should do about it? You have two options. if You like that ammonia smell(I don't) and for what ever reason you can't wait. Just go ahead and start using it. If you have other snuff, I suggest, or you transfer some of it in to a snuff box and start using it slowly or you just re close the tin but not as tight as it came when it arrived. And leave it in a dark cool place for a few weeks. And occasionally open it so air can escape. Come back to it & snuff it again and tell me if it's something else your snuffing.

I just had this with a 25g tin of Samuel Gawith Aniseed. I finally managed to open it. (And honestly I probably had to many other snuffs the day I jumped in to it) At first it had that ammonia smell and just couldn't stand it. I tried it once or twice in the last couple weeks. Wasn't really excited about it. Yesterday, I decided to open the tin and try a pinch. It was a whole different story. It is fresh, gave a tiny sting maybe not even worth mentioning, it had a mixture between the aniseed and tobacco. The aniseed definitely gave the first strong impression but fades away slowly. I can see it being something I would transfer over to something smaller so I can carry some around on some days. So I can see if this is something I'd want more of.


  • Well, after reading this I know it's time for me to find a snuff box type of container for use during the day. Thanks for this post, @friendlyman.
  • I think you're onto something. I'm a newbie so my opinion really isn't worth much yet BUT, I just got my first "real" snuff a day or two ago, F&T Bordeaux and Viking Blonde. The F&T had the "ammonia" smell but was just wonderful right out of the freshly opened tin. The VB, on the other hand, was very "fishy" upon opening. I've tried it a few more times and I just can't get what I can tell is in the background out of it yet. The "fishiness" is just too over powering right now. I'll wait a few weeks and see what happens.
  • @Bikersnuffy as an old snuffer newbie opinions are totally valueable. Sometimes newbies even notice things that no one else notices or feels like commenting on. Plus that excitment kicks butt.
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