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 Coming soon...

Sir Walter Scott

Creme de figue

St James parish blend. Or

Field of junipers.

I only want to buy one and I'm looking for a finely milled sweet and/or refreshing scent maybe fruits ( a refreshing fruit if at all )

I'm leaning towards either field of junipers or Creme de figue.

Any opinion on the quality of these 3 blends from SWS compared together thanks


  • Tough decision, that. Johnny is a genius, and therefore his efforts are difficult to break down into categories other than FABULOUS!

    Johnny doesn't do refreshing, at least not in my experience. Moro Moro is a rich, deep and beautiful example of a citrus snuff on steroids. Pure blood orange bliss in a medium coarse, medium moist format with supporting notes of herbs, spices and roots. It is so freaking good F&T should discontinue that crap called Seville. Seville was once a wonderful snuff, but is now a shadow of its former glory. Good news for us. Johnny filled the void with Moro Moro. As a bonus it delivers a perfect dose of nicotine over a long period, so it doesn't kick your ass, it just keeps evolving, along with the beautiful scent, until the urge to sip a nice eau de vie and take a long nap overwhelms.

    There's not a nag in Johnny's stable; every one of his creations is top notch. Excellent ingredients. Passionate craftsmanship. Snuff Masterpieces.

    I think I'm beginning to hate Sir Johnny Scott =)) =))
  • fredhfredh Member
    edited September 2014 PM
    @Cigshurtmylungs, I agree with @chefdaniel in saying that Sir Johnny has made a variety of true masterpiece snuffs. But if I, personally, were to recommend one for someone new to the SWS brand, it would be Auld Alliance. It is an amazing accomplishment. I have recommended it to new snuffers and veteran snuffers and they are all blown away by it.

    Having said that, you owe it to yourself to try them all, in my opinion. FWIW
  • Lundy foot and Creme de figue both sold out in 15g size at mrsnuff. Hoping they get more..
  • Oh, hell. Pick one. Any one. You cannot go wrong. Not possible. Any snuff you get from SWS is going to knock you back with the pleasure of a true artisan snuff from a craftsman, artist and genius. They are all, without exception, some of the best snuffs on the planet. As @fredh mentioned, Auld Alliance is a marvel; tobacco-centric with vanilla bean weaving, bobbing and twisting in and out and in again, leaving you satisfied but still craving more.

    AA is the snuff equivalent of a femme fatale. It is so delicious, intoxicating and alluring you keep going back for more, against your better judgement, until she finally catches up with you, kicks your ass with exquisite nicotine, then leaves you curled up in the corner sucking your thumb, crying for your mommy, fully prepared to stand on a street corner with a hand written sign saying "Will Work for Auld Alliance".
  • Fields of Juniper
  • I'm leaning Foj and Aud because nothing else is instock. I sent an email to mrsnuff asking when Lundy foot and Creme de figue will be in at 15G.

    Will let everyone know the response
  • ^^^

    Not sure what ths means in time before MrSnuff has new 15g tins of Lundy Foot, I would guess 4-5 weeks? But that is only a guess
    So do you think the same time frame for 15g creme de figue?
  • edited September 2014 PM

    Message sent fingers crossed
  • No idea I'm afraid. Don't even know if any CdeF is in the process of being made. You will have to PM Johnny & ask.
    Just spoke with the J man. He says expect everything to be restocked shortly. Time to party.
  • I have to agree with @lunecat and @JakartaBoy If you want finely milled then it has to be FoJ out of the ones you have suggested. I find it very refreshing.
  • I have to agree with @lunecat and @JakartaBoy If you want finely milled then it has to be FoJ out of the ones you have suggested. I find it very refreshing.
    I plan to eventually but I researched into junipers and it's just unappealing currently. I'll give it a go eventually.
  • Why is this one so expensive? Was just looking at it at mr.snuff and almost 50 dollars for 50 grams?
  • Just went and double checked, 44.99 for a 50 gram tin. Is this worth it? Is it really that good?
  • Which one @Chapman?

    As someone who has a couple hundred grams of SWS taking up space in glassware in the fridge ... yes it's worth it :D

    But I don't think I ever paid $1/gram
  • Go to mr.snuff and look up his stuff, every flavor is 44.99 for a 50 gram tin
  • Thank you for drawing this to my attention, Chapman.
    The pricing is incorrect and caused by an error in the MrSnuff new warehousing system.
    I am sure this matter will be addressed at the earliest opportunity.
  • ChapmanChapman Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    @Johnny I hope I didnt come off as crass once they fix the pricing I plan on ordering a few tins
  • Sir Walter Scott's snuffs are basically the only snuffs I use. I love Lundy Foot and St James Parish for when I need a nicotine fix. Field of Jumipers, Roslein, and Pontefract Priory for nose candy. They deff worth the money. I need to make an order soon when funds available, im missing Lundy Foot big time, my favorite.
  • For what it's worth ... SWS are worth $1/g regardless. In my humblish opinion
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    edited December 2019 PM
    It is absolutely worth it.
  • I need some...and I need it now...
  • I just ordered the fig snuff after reading about for years. The only one I've tried is Moro Moro which is delicious. They are all a bit out of my price range but I know I'd love them all.
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