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General mint portions

So I picked up some General mint portions. Is this like a low end Swedish snus or a higher end? What should I try next Snus wise?


  • I'd rank General Mint solidly in the average category. Regular size mint portions were/are not very popular in Sweden. Fruity, minty mini portions were mostly marketed to females. When deciding on flavors for the American market mint seemed like a good idea. They have only in the last 2 years started really pushing full size mint portions in Sweden.
    If you are ordering online I'd suggest Roda Lacket or Ettan. If US B&M buying, General Original portions. In the US we mostly have General original flavor profile, mint or wintergreen. If you are a Skoal fan you might like wintergreen, but beyond that it seems almost universally hated.
  • General Mint is excellent snus, if you like mint. I'd say try all the Generals you can get locally first. If the General flavor profile doesn't do it for you, google it to see if Thunder is available in your area. If not, go online and buy direct from Sweden. Try some portions and some Loose. Portions that stand out, IMO, Islay Whisky Snus (Super fine whiskey flavor), Skruf Cranberry White Portion ( Nice fruit flavor), Tre Ankare White Portion (Straight tobacco, cigarish flavor) and General Rustic Blend (Not the standard General Bergamot flavor, really good). There are tons more that you might like. For Loose I like Ettan and Roda Lacket, both straight tobac and excellent. I'm not putting any high nic blends out there but there is a load of those to try too.
  • @EttanLos‌ , you hit my top 3 snus. Islay whiskey, no contest the best snus made. Tre Ankare is an old friend and Rustic Blend is my new fling.
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