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She's Got Mail - Tia Maria & Gawith Apricot

KimKim Member
edited June 2008 in General
Tia Maria & Gawith Apricot arrived today. I order the Gawith Apricot before learning about the menthol in it. So that mad me very apprehensive.because I smoke menthol Cigs. But I was pleasantly surprised how wonderful my nose felt. I felt like I could breath and really smell once again. The Apricot smell made it an even more pleasurable. I don’t even eat Apricots, so for me it reminded me of peaches in away. I didn’t know my sense of smell was so bad before. Or it just enhanced my sense of smell. It was a lovely awakening experience. If there was something to taste I didn't taste it. Just a wonderful smell.

Then later I tried the Tia Maria, I thought OMG! I should have purchase more of this here. Simply Heavenly no sting, I slide smoothly into Utopia and felt Euphoria. The snuff arrived Right on Time. Been feeling pretty stressed and I just felt I could put my shoulders down and relax. I like the smell of coffee and enjoy a cup now and them. But I can not drink as much coffee as most people or I would like. With the snuff I can still take part in enjoying coffee, just in a different way.

I was very impressed and shocked and for a while speachless with the snuff that arrived today. I know a lot of my countrymen love American Snuff. Once I used the Tia Maria & Gawith Apricot I thought, I don’t see how I can go back to American snuff. I had to call a friend and tell him about it. I’ve only tried one Honey Bee, but after tasting snuff from the UK I told him it was like we were using Graveyard Dirt and Dust. It didn't even smell like the snuff we know, just smelling the snuff in the can was very mild compared to US Snuff. I know there is probably a US snuff out there somewhere for me. But for now I have to go with the snuff from overseas.

I’d like to thank everyone that recommended these two because they were truly fitting for a beginner and Lady. I’m not looking for a high amount of nicotine. Just something to get me by the cravings and withdrawals. I enjoyed my nose feeling wonderful with no sting, jolt, or a mild headache for a few minutes. I didn’t feel pressure in my head. I just sat back and enjoyed listening to Lil Wayne new release, plus it’s raining here. It all makes for a lovely day! I’ve tried to smoke cigs afterwards and they taste so nasty. I have one more in my smoke in my pack and I hope to never have to buy another pack of Cigs again.

I cannot wait for the Toque to arrive.


  • Sounds like you're well and truly converted Kim! Nice one!

    I'm sure you'll manage to kick the smoking habit now. Using snuff is so much more pleasurable.
  • KimKim Member
    Forgot to mention I didn't have to blow my nose either or hack any. Even with the smallest amount there would be some type of inconvenience.
  • SatyrSatyr Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    Once you start using snuff more often, you will need to blow. It's inevitable. You'll also start to notice your craving for cigarettes start to fade away. It took me a little over a week to quit cigarettes. Though, I have started smoking an occasional pipe. Glad to see you are enjoying the wonderful subculture of snuff. I now give you an official "welcome".
  • edited June 2008 PM
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  • You should be pleased with Toque Kim. They are very high quality snuffs, you'll love the Espresso and the Chocolate is also very good. For me the Vanilla is the best flavour though.
  • KimKim Member
    Satyr thank you for the Official Welcome To The Subculture!

    Snufecker don't get rid of your pipes. Just display them as part of a collection. Conversation piece. Thank you for giving me a peak into the future from a former smoker.

    Walrus 1985 I'm looking forward to trying Toque. Rodrick was extremely helpful. Plus I'm very excited about it arriving. Because it seems every member of the forum has tried Toque. Hear a lot of great things about it. I love great customer service and Rodrick was an awesome communicator. He even went the extra mile when it came to my sample. To ensure a change was made to one of my samples. BIG UP'S TO Rodrick for looking out for a Shorty.
  • A lot of the snuffs from overseas will be more female friendly as far as their scent, grind, moisture etc.
  • KimKim Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    Troutstroker it really was way friendly, I even tried what I read about breathing on it like a mirror and then sniff to give it a little more moister and weight. I tried last night to read some of the instructions for proper use. It would be good if we had video clips on how to properly use. Plus all the people on Y...Tude that's just snorting like an Industrial Ant Eater, it not a representation of proper use.
  • American snuffs tend not to be for beginners, I think you may find if you stay with snuff for long time that American snuffs can be quite enjoyable the more educated your nose gets. I think most gravitate towards the European snuffs early in their snuffing careers, they are much more forgiving and flavorfull. The hardcore sniffers tend to like the Americans for the strong nicotene hit associated with it and the more pure tobacco scent. Enjoy your new snuffs, glad you found something you can really enjoy!
  • I am new to snuffs and my first ever order was a few from Poschl and Rooster. Personally I always have and always will be in love with Rooster.
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