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Am I an idiot?

RogueRogue Member, Administrator
So today, after taking some wos honey menthol, I figured the menthol was damn strong, but nobody seemed to agree with me...
Turns my tin reeks of ammonia, and thats why it cleared my nose and burned so strong... THE COOL SENSATION WAS PRESENT, IT ALL MADE SENSE! Damn ammonia... am I stoopid for mistaking it for menthol? Letting the too-damn-fresh-tin air out now.


  • Too-damn-fresh is better than stale-as-hell
  • Why would you ask this group that question? I've never received a tin that fresh. I don't think I'd like it at all.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @Malatesta just order directly from the producers, I received a tin from mcc that was only a few days old once. I ordered from mss before and received dry, stale and unsniffable snuff, which made me hate wos at first, I thought all their snuffs were bad, but after directly orderin, Ive come to love them.

  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    I put the snuff into a bullet, ammonia temporarily fixed.

  • it got decent menthol
  • You're not an idiot, Ammonia gets everyone. The number of complaints we get from first timers that their snuff smells of cat pee.....
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @Roderick‌ I got a question though. Why DOES it smell ammonia? is it the baccy? additives?
    Figured Id ask you, seeing as you actually make snuff.

  • Not to jump in, and Roderick is welcome to confirm or deny, but yeah, it's the baccy itself. I grow my own, and while I'm steaming it to make snuff, the whole house smells like ammonia. If you hold your face over the pot, it burns your eyes. Letting off the nitrogen (ammonia) is a big part of what makes it smoother and not burn in the nose. Even after it dries, it takes days of airing out until it's usable. In fact, I usually leave my post-steamed snuff for at least a full day in the sun with the top off to allow it to mellow enough to be able to pinch.

    That said, back in the day, Phillip-Morris figured out that treating their cigarette tobacco with added ammonia changed the pH so that you got a bigger nicotine hit. Google "phillip morris ammonia technology" for more info on use of ammonia in cigs.

    But I don't think ammonia is added to snuff. Different pH values work with burned and inhaled vs. un-burned and nasally insufflated tobacco.

    I know for 100% sure I didn't add any ammonia into my home-grown tobacco, and there was plenty of ammonia released during processing and grinding.

    Interestingly, I was searching for ammonia salt snuff, to add a link to this post, and found an article from the New York Times about snuff from 1983:

    I have a NYT account, so you may need one to see the article, but if any mods are inclined, I feel like that article should be added to the snuffhouse library. I haven't seen that one posted here before.
  • ammonia is a by product of the breaking down of proteins. Which is why you pee the stuff.
  • and why it tobacco gives it off.
    when fermented.
  • Rogue, there are your answers. You can also set the ammonia off again when you add flavouring/moisture. You'll see this when you try refreshing a forgotten snuff. If you try a plain snuff that has matured straight from the mill next to a flavoured snuff, the plain has a less noticeable ammonia note.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    ooooook. That all makes sense, thanks guys.

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