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Toque - Bespoke?



  • Cruller,
    You are correct, the bags if used for storage expand as the citrus ferments. Part of the price of the bespoke is the economy bags. If we used tins it would be £4.00/$7.00 more expensive. If the snuff is decanted into a kilner jar within 10 days it is fine but, at this time of year, shipping to the states, we can't rely on Royal Mail or UPS to get it to you in under 10 days. How about in the new year; could you wait that long?
  • If the snuff is decanted into a kilner jar within 10 days it is fine but, at this time of year, shipping to the states, we can't rely on Royal Mail or UPS to get it to you in under 10 days. How about in the new year; could you wait that long?
    With Christmas coming up it might be a good idea for me to keep another purchase off the credit card statement and wait until the new year anyway! I have a parcel with tracking that arrived in Canada (3 hours drive from me) last Sunday and is not due to be delivered until tomorrow. Canada Post is slow as molasses at the best of times so even when it is not as busy it would be too risky for me. Thanks for the information.
  • JimJim Member
    edited November 2014 PM
    I couldn't do a 500g purchase of it, but I'd like to try a Cherry Coke and/or Ginger Coke Toque. I imagine the Toque USA Wild Berry and Toque Peach would make a pretty nice Toque Cobbler?
  • The Bespoke sounds really nice. Sounds like its a very complicated snuff to make. I hope to try it next year, I'll have to wait until then.
  • @Roderick‌ Would rose and violet toast be do-able, like kind of a toasted jockey club confabulation?
  • Sandwhichisles, no problem. Sounds like an interesting snuff.
  • Just placed my second bespoke order, a peanut butter toast. Really looking forward to it!
  • The peanut butter toast snuff arrived today and it is amazing! It's a moist medium-fine grind and the peanut butter blends wonderfully with the toasted tobacco scent. This is now officially my favorite snuff! @Roderick you have truly outdone yourself this time, cheers! :D
  • My Pleasure.
  • this is more of an idea for you all to make rather than for an order. i took toque ginger and added a little bit more ginger to it then added cinnamon and added some orange extract to it. ive had it scented with the orange extract. im going to let it sit in the air tight container for about a week. i had a pinch of it this morning even after only a day its a very interesting smell. its surprisingly complex and reminds me of orange chicken like you can get at a chinese restaurant. its sweet smelling but not sweet to the point of being over bearing. just a idea for a new snuff a nice tobacco base is the same you use in toque ginger.

    i may ask for 500g of this but thats a ways down the road. like i said just an idea for now
  • I was thinking for a very coarse and very moist(like the south-african snuffs) Spanish Gem (not double-flavoured like Ambrosia) with the same tobacco base(only lamina,no stems)
    But I'm up to 100g max. budget...
    Is anyone else interested,to chime @Roderick ? if he is not too busy of course now...
  • @Roderick... could you do Natural Toast with a moist coarse grind?
  • Hi MiamiMark,

    Toast has to be done in quite large batches.  I could do 5 kilos if you think there might be a demand.  Getting the balance right to avoid nasal burn is the real trick and not to make it so coarse it can't be taken.  However, I can't think of anyone currently or for that matter historically doing this.  I will put my thinking cap on as I am quite prone to a challenge.
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    edited October 2019 PM
    Thanks for the quick reply Roderick! I've recently grown partial to the moister blends but TNT is still my all day / everyday snuff.  I was hoping for the best of both worlds! 

  • @Roderick @miamimark I'd be interested in some coarse moist toast. I'd wager a grand that 5 kilos would all sell, especially if presented as a limited edition.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2019 PM
    As a fan of moist and coarse snuff I would order a 25 g tin of such toast.

    Next to that, a moist coarse version of Natural could be a regular snuff in Toque range. @Roderick

    How coarse and moist, that is the question. I would go for 400 mu (the coarse grind of Molens de Kralingse snuffs) and 20-30% moisture content (for comparison, South African snuffs contain 31-49% of water).

  • I am in for the coarse and moist TNT too!!!
    And everything moist and coarse from Toque!!!
  • I would be game to grab a 25 gram tin 
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