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The upper decker dipper

Greetings dippers.

I used to dip YEARS ago. I now snus, but sometimes miss dipping. I was in high school when I dipped every day, so I could not really try all the flavors. I dipped skoal most of the time. (I know, I know...) But I recently picked up some Cope Black... (It is ok... not too great) and cope Southern Blend. I loved the southern blend.

Since I snus constantly, I felt more comfortable packing it upper decker. I have total control over it, and I don't throw a huge pinch in. I notice I spit less. SO... Technique, control, and what not, I guess you can say I am a dip expert, due to dipping in the past, and knowing how to control it because I use snus... but other then THAT, I am fairly new to dip. (because I have not dipped for a long time, and don't really know the flavors.)

Are there any flavors out there that I should try? I don't care too much for wintergreen. From what I remember, I liked most of skoal, I LOVE southern blend, and I hated all Kodiak. The kodiak, to me tasted like dog shit. Any dip I should try? And no don't tell me to go dip skoal berry. lol


  • I mainly use snus, but I use a few cans of dip a year. Upper deck most of the time. Doing yard work I will lower lip it, just because working outdoors seems to require spit. I used Copenhagen for 15 years, switched to cigs and then to snus.
    My current favorite dip is Skoal Xtra red blend. Cope Southern Blend is my second choice. Red Seal straight is my fall back position.
  • My all time favorite is Copenhagen Snuff. When I can find it, I also enjoy Southern Blend, and Cope Black, which usually is available around the Holiday Season.
  • I'm not that handy yet with upper decker. With a snus pouch it is no problem but hell with loose snus or dip.......
  • Copenhagen snuff, plain long cut and extra long cut natural are the ones I like. Stoker's mint is pretty great too, and cheap.
  • Copenhagen Fine Cut; upper, lower, right and left. Practice makes perfect. I don't spit.
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    Copenhagen snuff and long cut,mid you try a straight dip Copenhagen and grizzly are the best IMO, skoal is too sweet for me. I absolutely love skoal peach and timber wolf peach, no shame in them, who cares what a load of children think!
  • Grizzly Wintergreen and Copenhagen Original are very good, I always use on lower lip, and I dont gut, makes my stomach burn. Only dip I can swallow the juice is Southern Blend, its pretty weak.
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