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High and dry

LazarusLazarus Member
edited June 2008 in General
I had a snuff delivery today; Fribourg & Treyer Old Paris and High Dry Toast

The Old Paris was very nice, pretty much what I was expecting. The High Dry Toast was a complete surprise to me. The flavours are so odd, the first thing I thought on catching a whiff was 'seafood curry' the flavour is delightful but I have a big problem...

I knew from its name that it would be a dry snuff but I underestimated exactly how dry. It is described as;

"High Dry Toast is superfine, almost powder in mill and that it has a strange nutty flavour of deceptive strength. It is the lightest of all snuffs in colour. Though not of universal popularity, its followers are a staunch and conservative body"

The super-fineness of this snuff is causing me the age-old problem of the snuff hitting the back of the throat. I have tried every technique I know of to try and stop this but to no avail.

I have tried using a tiny amount & a large amount both failed, I tried taking it off the back of the hand which also failed, pinching between the fingers didn't help, If I sniffed the snuff with any less pressure I wouldn't be sniffing it at all and yet it still manages to reach my throat...

If I continue to practice sniffing dry snuffs is it at all likely I will eventually perfect the technique required to avoid this problem or do snuffers have to know when to cut their losses and accept that some types of snuff just don't suit everyone?

Advice please! Cheers


  • I believe its something you will get used to with the drier snuff.
    Sometimes if you use a snuff that is easy for you to use before the one that is very dry this seems to help me, i guess its like a primer for the nose...
    Sounds like 2 good blends you got there,
  • I agree with tattooer1, I used to take a couple pinches of courser snuff before the finer snuffs to act as a buffer as well. I was particularly fond of taking a big pinch of Latakia 1860 up each nostril first then following it with the HDT after it settled. Nice flavor mix that way as well.
  • Also, highly recommend mixing a bit of the Old Paris with equal part HDT in a seperate container. Parisian Toast is one of my favorite combinations.
  • bobbob Member
    With really dry fine snuffs I've noticed no one seems to mention distance. Hold the snuff further away from your nose while inhaleing lightly slowly very slowly bring the snuff closer untill you smell it clearly, after practice you'll find you can gauge excatelly how far and how hard to sniff. And this is important don't worry about getting all the snuff in the first sniff. This is alot easier for me to pull off then to sniff lightly.
  • I have been snuffing "full time" for about 6 months and have had HDT and IHT on hand from the start. While I have really enjoyed them, about half of the pinches either caused coughing, watery eyes or just made my head feel like it was going to explode. FINALLY I am able to enjoy every single pinch and it is now one of my favourites. I'm not sure how I did it so my only advice is perseverance! It is well worth it in the end.

    And thanks BigSnoot, that combination had never crossed my mind and it is great!
  • Thanks for the advice people, i'll give it a go...
  • When you have a really dry snuff an incredibly simple solution is to lick/wet your fingers when you take a pinch. It’s the type of thing you kick yourself for not thinking of and it works every time.
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  • I just got my order my Wilsons of Sharrow IHT, and I have the same problem. Every sniff makes me cough and hack. Also, if I pinch, it seems I get more on my fingers and on the floor than in my nose. =P

    The Irish Coffee is a bit easier for me. Best SP is okay, though the scent is not too noticable. I'm about to jump into the Kendal Brown soon.
  • Is F&T Kendal Brown dry then? I had heard it was more on the moist side.
  • I have solved the situation by 'giving' the HDT to my father-in-law who said he loved it. In return I got three small tins of Wilsons of Sharrow so I'm pleased with the trade since I won't be sneezing or choking anymore with that dry snuff.
  • ermtonyermtony Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    I'd call F&T Kendal Brown medium dry (and scented). It's quite different to the SG and GH Kendal Browns, which are altogether plainer and of coarse mill.
  • If you add a few drops of water to IHT no.22, a moist snuff may be obtained that is very enjoyable and without the hazards of fine dry grinds.
  • bobbob Member
    fine snuffs definatly can be difficult. though I really like them but even though I can use them with success I will still occasionaly take a pinch wrong and it hurts, knowing that it says fine snuffs are great considering the possible pain. My suggestion would be to try something not so fine maybe GH snuff like orange jasmine or whiskey and when you get that to a point you don't have to think about it too take it comfortably try the high toast. Though not a bad trade what scents did you get????
  • Hi Bob

    I don't know why I posted that I got three tins of Wilsons of Sharrow in exchange for the HDT when I actually got four.

    I was given S.M 500, Cherry Menthol, Apricot and Rose
  • bobbob Member
    never had the Cherry Menthol. The others I love though.
  • A good swap you reckon then?
  • Don't let it put you off HDT forever, you should definitely get another tin at some point in the future.

    I'm sure pretty much everyone who can comfortably take it will tell you it is one of the best snuffs out there.
  • I love the F&T snuffs I have tried so I will definately re-attempt the HDT when I gain a bit more experience, I have only been snuffing for about a month and still struggle with all dry varieties (especially my arch nemesis McChrystals 'Mild Lemon' grrr)

    Can anyone with any F&T experience advise me about which of their snuff varities are on the moist side?

    I have already become a firm fan of Old Paris and Morlaix and would like to try all the F&T snuffs with a similar texture

  • I have tried Bordeaux, HDT, Princes Special, Morlaix, KB, Seville, Old Paris and Santo Domingo. They are all similar apart from Seville and HDT which are dry and fine and Santo Domingo which is very coarse and moist.

    I think you will especially like Bordeaux and Princes Special.
  • Thanks for the advice Kunugaa, I think i'll spoil myself tonight and order 2-3 tins of F&T (and keep it from the Mrs!)
  • ermtonyermtony Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    I only have to hide mine from the Mrs in case she helps herself and fills her snuff box!

    Not that I mind letting her have some of my snuff but I hate to go to a tin for a top up and find it nearly empty.
  • JavaJava Member
    Another thing no one has mentioned yet; Make sure the inside of your nose isn't dry. Blow it, pinch it, do whatever you have to do, to make it moist inside. This gives the dry snuff something to "stick" to on it's way to the back of your throat! Sort of the same idea as "priming" it with another snuff first.

  • Good point Java. Hey have you thrown around any discs lately?
  • Thanks for that extra tip Java!

    Funnily enough I have starte using my 'Mild Lemon' again and I find if I only pinch very tiny amounts it doesn't irritate my nose at all so i'll carry of like that & gradually increase the amount I use until it doesn't affect me that way when I take a pinch
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Well my father-in-law got his hands on my HDT (I traded him for 4 tins of Wilsons of Sharrow) but I am certain some time in the future I will order some more.

    I just don't seem to get on so well with dry snuffs but sniffing tiny amounts does seem to work with the Mild Lemon so i'm sure it would with the HDT too
  • JavaJava Member
    Troutstroker; Funny you should ask. I just started again this morning. I had some serious surgery about 3 months ago (had my chest cracked open) so throwing was about the worst thing I could do, but I'm easing back into it now, with Stingrays and Comets and low speed stuff.

  • I had a new snuff delivery yesterday and inside was a tin of High Dry Toast - recently my technique has improved to the point where my 'Mild Lemon' which previously gave me alot of trouble is now a very enjoyable pinch! On the strength of this I decided to re-order some HDT and have another its nice!! Pretty soon I reckon there won't be any snuff I can't handle (with the exception of menthol!)

    I am happy that I listened to everyone who told me to stick with dry snuffs and I would get the hang of them eventually - you were right!!

    High Dry Toast is a lovely snuff & i'm sure i'll be getting alot of use out of it...
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