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 Coming soon...

New computer arrived.

I didn't quite realise how big the case would be so I'm dubbing it my "penis compensation computer"

Now just to head into town and get some DVI-D adaptors so I can actually hook it up to my old monitors.....


  • What is the Spec?
    I'll post it later, had them come and check it and the radeon 290x is dead on arrival.

  • It just leaves you more time for snuff then.

    And the specs.

    Corsair Obsidion 900D case

    750 watt Coolmaster modular psu

    MSI X55S motherboard.

    Intel core I7-4790k @‌ 4ghz

    16GB DDR4 2400mhz

    250GB solid state and a 2TB storage drive.

    And a DOA Radeon R9 290X

    It goes back on Tuesday to have them replace the graphics card.
  • Nice rig. After experiencing the joy of SSDs I'll never go back.
  • Got my kid a computer for xmas but as soon as I hit the switch it took out all the house electrics. Not best pleased to say the least and obviously I'll be onto the vendor 1st thing Monday morn, but 'til then anyone got a clue what's up?
  • @fj1988, I'm happy to hear that kind of thing doesn't just happen in Jakarta. We've been having rolling blackouts for weeks. But it sounds more like an issue with the house wiring than the computer.
  • Thanks JakartaBoy, that was my initial thought too but it does the same trick on other wall outlets and with a known good power cord. Also, with the mains power disconnected the fascia lights will come on for just a second if I press the computer power switch. WTF?! Normally I'd be right in there to have a look around but it's brand new so don't want to invalidate the warrany.

    I'm thinking a wire come adrift inside causing a ground or a dodgy psu. Not going to fiddle with it myself but I don't want the vendor to try fobbing me off through ignorance.
  • the lights being on if unplugged is fine, they can store residual power. Ive had computers and TVs do the same. Shorting the house is an issue though- I wouldnt keep trying it. Could lead to internal damage or damage to your house.
  • Firestarter0, thanks. I get the bit about residual power - presumably stored in capacitors located AFTER the psu, thus ruling that out as the culprit. Anyway I'm not going to mess, it's all boxed up again and ready to go back once I've talked to them when they reopen after the hols. Hope I don't get grief, can't be doing with it.
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