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Mormons & Tobacco

Most of us know that Mormons (religion) don't use tobacco. So I gave it a go on their website and started a chat:

Now chatting with Margie
How may we help you, Mario?
8:54 PM

hello I am wondering why mormons don't use tobacco. Tobacco is a native american crop and the Book of Mormon is about native americans isn't it?8:55 PM

Our church has a health code called the Word of Wisdom which counsels us to avoid tobacco, alcohol, tea, and coffee because these substances are addictive.
8:56 PM
The Word of Wisdom was given as a revelation to the prophet Joseph SMith in 1833.

strange that you avoid something that grows in nature and is so given by God. I read both Joseph Smith and the following leader Young chewed tobacco in large qts.8:58 PM

not true
8:58 PM

it is a trustable source done by historic research8:58 PM

(a senior guy taking over!)
Well, your source is not accurate. ​8:59 PM
It is not our purpose to dispute about issues like this.

Thanks for chatting and have a good day.

The chat Session has ended.
And I couldn't type a new answer any more.......

My "trustable source" is a book in the Dummies series, Mormonism for Dummies,

Funny isn't it? Those mormon founders really used a lot of chew back in the 1830's and now they still stand on avoidance as if you're a saint when not using tobacco!


  • Trying to convert people seems to be addictive as well, but they don't avoid that...
  • They made up a religion where Americans are "God's chosen people"..... that's arrogance beyond compare 8-|
  • It really comes down to Jo Smiths wife Emma not wanting to clean up tobacco spit after church. LDS and Mormons are different. Some mormon Churches don't have the same beliefs as the LDS. There are over 100 Mormon groups that are not LDS. Tobbacco is allowed with the L:.O:.A:. Mormons. The key to the Words of Wisdom is free agency.
  • My post doesn't have the intention of doubting a religion or being hilarious about it, but about the folk tobacco use even in a strict community where it is not allowed in the first place.
    But I didn't knew there were other mormons that do allow tobacco use. In Holland we then say: "the soup is not as hot as it is served".
  • Remember there is a no Politics & no Religion policy here at Snuffhouse. Which everyone agrred to before joining.

    Please re-read :
    Fair point Lunecat, my post was made only with gently humorous intent, but I suppose this sort of thread could go down the wrong road if persued.

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