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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Make your own

LazarusLazarus Member
edited September 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Does anyone here grind their own snuff?

If so which type of tobacco do you use? Is it pipe tobacco or something different?

How does the snuff you grind yourself differ from the type you can buy from the shops?

What makes it worth the effort in your experience?



  • I have ground a little of my own, from pipe tobacco. Turned out rather nice, though I tend to mix it with other snuffs rather than use it on its own. Whether it's worth while, I'm not sure, but it was interesting to do.
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  • I did it to use up a few ounces of old, left-over pipe tobacco. Certainly it is not economic to buy it specially for making snuff, particularly as snuff is not taxed here in the UK and pipe tobacco is.
  • LazarusLazarus Member
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    Thanks for the info Snufecker & Ermtony. Probably best to just buy snuff rather than try and make it.

    I know its silly but sometimes I worry that i'm really going to fall in love with snuff and then companies like Wilsons or McChrystals are going to stop making it!

    The thought of losing Fribourg & Treyer (again!) really depresses me!!!
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  • I have heard of Perique tobacco being made into snuff. With it's unique qualities this pipe tobacco would definitely be worth the effort. Basically all you need to do is to get a round tuit.
  • Making your own can be rewarding.
  • LazarusLazarus Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    What about using rolling tobacco? Its readily available, doesn't have the firelighting chemicals like cigarette tobacco, comes in quite large packets and doesn't cost the earth.
  • i have experiencences with making snuff from dunhills nightcap, early morning pipe and london mixture. also from davidoffs scottish blend and their danish blend.
    the dunhills, being very heavy latakia blends, are great. smoky, rustical and quite complex (i think). the davidoffs (both cased with liquor like aromas) are even more unpleasant as snuffs than in the pipe.
    so i think it is a very good idea to use natural pipe tobaccos and it would be best to steer free of the cased gloppy blends.
    suggestions: three nuns, mcbarens dark twist, nearly all the mcclellands, orliks golden flake and orliks dark strong kentucky. and everything else you can get your hands on.

    as snuff is very economic to start with, i do not think it is an extravaganza to use even higher prized pipe baccy to create something special. and you can always enjoy the rest in a more firey way of course... ^^
  • From time to time I may make some on a whim, from pipe tobacco, or some twist chew. You get a good amount of snuff from a small amount of pipe tobacco, so I don't worry. 10 grams of snuff will last me a good long while. That's only a fifth of a tin of the good pipe baccy! I've made some stout home-made snuffs, mainly from twists. Fun to do, and they are high octane, but not finely produced snuffs like what we buy these days.
  • Additive free rolling tobacco works fine for snuff & takes scents well. These days I use leaf tobacco that I get mail order. The only pipe tobaccos I use are straight Perique or Latakia. Good cigars make excellent mild snuff. Unflavored American twists and English ropes make smooth and powerful snuffs that might be a bit much for the novice. As sprangalang says;"high octane". For an independent review of one of my snuffs, see comment #6 in this discussion: Acid Snuff Stitch has created a truly unique snuff from home grown tobacco that beats hell out of any commercial snuff. Fine and dry, greenish brown in color, mild, and with a spicy aroma reminiscent of Indian incense. The kicker is that it's an unscented snuff.
  • Yeah I think its that Arizona soil..
  • bryanbryan Member
    I just made some snuff from American Spirit Perique Cigarette tobacco. It is strong Virginia tobacco mixed with a little Perique and no unnatural additives.

    First I ground the dry tobacco to a very fine powder. At this point, the color is light yellowish and tasted like straw.

    Then I added Captain Morgan Rum and let it sit overnight (probably didn't need to let it sit overnight- but I had to go do something...)

    The mixture still wet, I added a little baking soda to help bring out the nicotine (at this point I considered naming the batch "Tocracko".

    Then I baked it at 200 degrees until dry.

    Color became beautiful chocalate brown.

    I reground the dry formed cake- made a beautiful dark brownish powder with the color and consistency of Wilson's SP snuffs.

    It is mild, no burn, strong nicotine hit, the Rum taste is completely gone sadly, but it has a very nice toasted flavor and is very pleasant.

    Next batch I will do the same, except I will try baking it on a Cedar or Mesquite plank. I may even experiment with flavoring the tobacco afterwards...with some scents- which would be pretty easy....could easily mix in just a touch of Hedges menthol...for a toasty menthol flavor?

    One cigarette worth of tobacco only yields about a gram of snuff after all said and done. I'm happy with the first batch, and it seems pretty worthwhile. I have some English Rope...maybe I'll try a piece of that next...
  • I love American Spirit Black, the Perique tobacco is very good. I couldn't find any local back when I was making my own cigs so I found an online shop that sold Perique direct. They have two kinds, each kind from a different location in the USA where Perique is still being produced. I thought it would make a great snuff so I ground some down as well. I must have put it in the oven to long cause it tasted like burnt ashes. I might try again with less heat.
  • bryanbryan Member
    Update...I gave some to my sister-in-law. She said it was very strong and burned a little. I left and shortly after got a picture message from her on my phone. It was a picture of her in the mirror with blood dripping down her nose and at the bottom a caption..."Tocracko Kills!". I was rolling with laughter...thought it would be a good advertisement followed by "Want some...Get some..."

    Anyways, this is indeed strong snuff...feel it through the entire body and gets the heart beating hard and fast within minutes. I didn't even really use very strong tobacco- just basically full-flavored cigarette shag. Imagine if I used some Kendall dark or some twist...!
  • bryanbryan Member
    Oh it possible to place an ounce or two of tobacco snuff in a paper bag along with a business card sprayed with my favorite scent (Jockey Club perfume) and let it sit for a while...will it get the scent well or is there a better way to flavor it?
  • You can use same technique but with blotting paper or those flat round cotton makeup remover pad or even the end of a q-tip. Place snuff in something like a tall glass or deep bowl. Suspend the blotting paper or what ever you use with a string or fishing line so it doesn't sit directly in snuff. Cover the glass/bowl with plastic wrap or a lid. If you use plastic wrap, use a rubber band around top. Give the snuff a few shakes every couple hours. Adjust time to taste & add more scent if needed
  • bryanbryan Member
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