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LazarusLazarus Member
edited September 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
If you were going to introduce someone to the world of snuffing which would be the first snuff you would recommend they try and why?

I find this question tricky as there are so many different varieties and flavours to try and different people have different tastes. The snuff would need careful choosing as if they don't like it the experience could taint their view towards snuff forever...

Personally I think I would offer them one of the Fribourg & Treyer varieties; perhaps Morlaix as it has a wonderful, full flavour & doesn't irritate the nose very much. If not that then maybe Gawith Apricot as the flavour is mild but slightly sweet & once again doesn't cause too much irritation.


  • in germany surely gawith apricot or gletscherprise as both are widely available, relatively mild, not strange, easy to take and have flavors that people somehow find "rewarding".
    i think the aprict has the edge over the gletscherprise though, especially because it delievers quite a nicotine hit, which makes smokers fall in love with it instantly ^^
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  • bobbob Member
    I usaly have a whole variety of snuffs with me and will tend to offer a pinch of all of them. I've noticed that often certain people will really like one. One of my friends the first snuff he tried was GH jasmine and snuffed it hard and none of it went in his throat (strange) and liked it a lot.
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  • xsysxsys Member
    My recommendation would be based on the situation. If my friend would like to try snuff after an exhausting training I would let him try Gletscher Prise or Harvard Special snuff. If I met a heavy smoker and he wanted to try snuff I would offer him IHT or something like that. If I was on a date with a girlfriend and she was curios what I had just sniffed into my nasal cavities I would come up with Ozona Raspebrry or Rose snuff. If I was enjoying my time in a bar with a circle of friends and they were excited about trying snuff I would choose Bespoke Gin&Tonic or McChrystal's Original & Genuine.

    Basically saying I always try to choose apropriate snuff which fits in the mood.
  • RoamRoam Member
    Gletscherpriese definetly,nothing more to look for starters.
  • JavaJava Member
    Yup. Gletscherprise / Gawith Apricot / Ozona Orange. If a rookie can hit the back of his/her throat with one of them, he/she must be trying to. For a serious pipe smoker that enjoys english/oriental blends, I might go with one of the deKralingse Latakias. I figure even if the flavor isn't their favorite, if the sniff itself is successful, they'll let me give them another one to try. As opposed to HDT or Irish D light, where I have to be awake and alert before I'll have a pinch, and a rooke is just going to hurt him/herself.

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