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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Homemade Dip Recipe

Any of the few Dippers here ever tried make some your own? I found this recipe:

Homemade dip

Try a half cup of ground tobacco. Take 1 teaspoon of honey, molasses, or syrup and add a large pinch each of uniodized salt and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Dissolve this in just enough hot liquid (tea or coffee is fine) to liquify the sweetener and stir it thououghly into the tobacco. Bake the mixture in a nonreactive baking dish covered in foil for 45 minutes in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F. Remove the foil after baking and let cool. You make need to redry it to the proper moisture level. If you want a liquor flavored dip, leave off the foil. Just add a sufficient quantity of your favorite hooch after it cools. A pinch of your favorite spices added to the liquid makes a nice touch. I use tea masala in mine. Best of luck.

No idea how it turns ou and if my spice grinder is grinding too fine for it. Think I try it out end of the week with some cheap tobacco first.


  • @Salmiak Let us know how it turns out, sounds good !
  • I think like everything who read it: isn't this to messy to execute.....,,
    And I had no time yet doing it, occupied with something at the moment.
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