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It looks like the US is normalizing relations with Cuba, so soon we'll be able to buy Cuban tobacco products, rum and coffee.

'bout damn time.


  • Well there goes most of my trade of ""bibles"" to America.
  • @R25‌ Not really. I still need a few Cohiba Esplendidos to get me through.
  • @R25‌ Not really. I still need a few Cohiba Esplendidos to get me through.
    Err awful things, construction issues galore, more of a Siglo 4/5 guy myself.

  • It's about time ! :)) =D>
  • JimJim Member
    edited December 2014 PM
    It's a step forward, but a two hour phone call really doesn't mean much. It will most likely end up in less restrictions for Cuban Americans and more food for Cubans. It will be an extension of the existing system that allows for restricted American travel. I'm sorry to be so pessimistic, but I studied in Cuba for a bit in 1999 and I don't know how all of a sudden it get's so simple. Ay! Cigars on the house. Let's all get tropical in Cuba! It's not going to go down like this. Cubans need food and energy, and the US is agreeing to go to the table to talk about what may be in it for them. I don't think that alcohol, sugar, and tobacco, especially tobacco, are of any interest to the US. They would just legalize marijuana if they wanted tax revenues. The only thing that may be of interest to the US would be to ease political tension, but most likely the move is to save face for the human rights abuses by the CIA. This is probably just a media ploy? The US would also be all in favor of allowing for American business interests to take over in Cuba (that's a gimme), but I don't believe that the Cuban government would go for that even if it means food and energy. I don't know for sure though? I haven't been there in a long time and haven't been keeping up with the news. Things may be bad enough at this point that the government is willing to compromise it's revolutionary principles? I'd be surprised though, as they are imbedded in the culture. Viva la revolucion!
  • They do have great health care
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • They do have great health care
    Great health care that the American health care system will take over and ruin.
  • Having unfettered access to Cuban cigars here in Japan has certainly given me perspective on things. Previously I only had occasion to have one now and then unless I was on a trip that took me through a Duty Free, up in Canada or down in the Bahamas. While I do enjoy some Cuban cigars- not all of them are in my opinion the pinnacle of cigars. I would tie this to a change in manufacturing and drop in quality control- something I fear will be exasperated by a huge demand by curious cigar smokers.

    I would guess that when the doors truly open up all the Cuban things will soon quadruple in price...which I suppose would be good for some.
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