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Toque Review Continued, PLEASE READ

PhaedrusPhaedrus Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Sorry for the somewhat bold "PLEASE READ" gentlemen, but a wrongdoing has transpired that must be righted.

I recently wrote a review of Toque's Natural and Original. The short version is that I found them to be of fantastic quality but thought the flavour didn't stick around long at all, and that is the wrong I wish to right.

I have since tried Toque's Chocolate. The flavour was spectacular; the smoothness of a milk chocolate but the richness of a dark. Very nice. The kicker was that I was still enjoying the flavour of the pinch a little over an hour later. I've since gone back and noticed that the original also sticks around for about half an hour.

The thing with Toque is that (these two anyhow, I suspect the "Ice" may be different) the flavour is more subtle. The only other snuffs I had tried at the time were McChrystal's 'Violet' and 'Original and Genuine', both of which will blow your socks off with their respective flavours. This can be good at times, but more often than not something subtle is the better bet. The Chocolate was subtle enough that if I was distracted, or more importantly eating or drinking something, it didn't interfere with the flavour. However, if you choose you can give a sniff right at the moment and let the two flavours mingle (which works beautifully with the Chocolate and a smooth Barrel Aged Rum). I found I was absolutely reveling in the snuff's subtle, yet constantly available flavour over the next hour. It's very much what I would call a sipping snuff. It's not constantly blasting you with flavour; it is there in the background. And whenever you like, you can enjoy a sip of the flavour with just a sniff.


  • The flavor of all plain, natural snuffs is epheremeal at best.
  • I really think that Toquie is the premier snuff out there at the moment. The openness of the company is also unique in my view - how many MD's or CEO's have genuine contact with the customers? Granted, Toque is new and Roderick is a businessman, but he is sincere in the way he operates.

    It took me a while to realise just how good Toque is, probably because I used the bullets to start and they don't do the snuff any favours, but when I started to put it in my snuff box I found what a fantastic product it is - I never thought Wilsons would be knocked into second place for me!

    Nice review Phaedrus
  • Thanks snuffster, appreciate it.
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