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Wilsons of Sharrow Winter Warmer

This is my favorite "Winter" snuff. I don't think the flavor is very complex - it has a strong, dark sugary and slightly creamy scent which lasts for quite a long time.

It seems quite dry and fine but is, surprisingly, one of the easiest snuffs I've taken. There's no burn, throat hit, nose drip or throat drip.

The nicotine content is medium at best, which I like.

I got a 10 gram tin of it about 4 weeks ago and I'm probably going to order a second one in January. It's really good for those cold Winter days, paired with warm mead or rum.


  • it amazes me exactly how different peoples noses can be haha. this one is up there as one of the worst i tried for me. glad someone enjoys it haha
  • I was thinking - could Winter Warmer be described as being on the finer and dryer side?
  • Medium fine...yes. Dry but not as dry as most WoS snuffs.
  • As for me, Winter Warmer smells like urine on old wet socks.
  • The only thing I can say about Winter Warmer from WoS and Christmas Pinch from SG is that they inspired me to make my own.

    The only other Winter/Christmas snuff I like is Toque Christmas Pudding, which seems to disappear rather quickly around here. Each vintage has its own subtle variances on the basic theme, and it's fun to compare them year to year. They seem to age quite well, and Roderick knows how to keep tobacco the center of attention with lovely scents weaving in and out. It is, or should be, about the tobacco first and foremost, IMHO.

    Kudos to Roderick for setting the standard for Christmas snuff.
  • I personally didn't like this one, just tasted like a bag of brown sugar. But maybe it's one of those 'marmite' snuffs that you either love or hate, like (I imagine) the cheese and bacon one is.
  • Needs more cloves, very easy to use. Mine is fine and dry and has sugar crystals sparkling in it. I just glad they left out the hot pepper.Not my favorite winter snuff but not horrid as some described.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I personally liked this one.  I do agree that it has a fine grind and is on the dry side (the dryness may have something to do with the fact that I only ordered a 10g tin).  But it has a sweet, creamy richness to it that reminds me of plums and raisins and a hint of cloves.  I'll be getting a larger tin of this one next time I place an order.

  • I have a 25g tin of this and I swear it was stale as can be when I got it about 6 months ago. It smells nothing of winter and warmness to me. It smells like very dry stale raisins and the smell fades almost instantly. I've never liked it much, but I am convinced I just got a stale batch. It was soooooo dry.
  • no creamy notes found in my batch and no clove smell. I got a larger tin to prevent staleness, but it's one of the most stale snuffs I have ever gotten new. It happens though, I know. I'm about to go pinch a take right now and see what I think this time. Wilson's vanilla is an amazing snuff though. I have had a 25g tin for a year and it's still as fresh as can be and the scent lingers upwards of 2 hours, but I am running low now. I want to mix it with winter warmer and see what it's like.
  • @doggybobos

    I've been mixing some of the Winter Warmer with Rum and Raisin (also WoS), and they are very compatible.  I'm curious to see how the mix of Winter Warmer and Vanilla turns out, might have to order some of the Vanilla and give that a try myself.

  • OM Winter Solstice 2015 is set to release on or about December 8.  Similar to last year's vintage with some serious Colorado Blue Spruce notes from the aging crate, some deep coffee notes, butter from Amish country (think hot buttered rum made with espresso), some deep fresh & dried plum bass lines with an even heavier hand with the black treacle. 

    The tobacco bill is also a bit different.  I used Light Fired Virginia Orinoco instead of KY Dark Fired.  The Perique is toned down and the Turkish is limited to Yenidje and Prilep, both toasted to a fair thee well.

    This one is a deadline I can't miss come hell or high water, so it's headed for a nice dry spell under a heat lamp just in case El Sol doesn't cooperate.
  • Sounds very appealing @chefdaniel - as appealing as your Solstice!

    If WoS Winter Warmer goes well with a good mead @Jernej, I may have to give it go.
  • i like it. i got a sample from @tobe and i ordered a small 5gr tin and i think it will be a frequent one not al day every day. To me it's a nice mix of brown sugar and dark tabacco. it's medium to fine and prety dry. But fairly easy to take.
  • There seems to be a hint of mulling spices in WoS WW ... quite nice! 
  • I got a tin of this last month, and all I can say is that its unique. I've never had anything quite like it. Sugary, spicy, dry, with a pleasant drip. I made the mistake of trying to hydrate it with a squeezed tea bag. I forgot all about it, then 3 weeks later opened it up and it was all covered in fuzzy mold! Next time, I'll keep it dry. I'm sorry I didn't try Chef D's Winter Solstice.
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