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BuySnus Christmas Eve Sale & Storage Question

JimJim Member
edited December 2014 in Other Forms of Tobacco
BuySnus has up to 50% off rolls. I was able to get my cost per can down to $3 and some change. I'm very new to snus, but really enjoy what I've tried. It's a lot different than getting into snuff as bulk is the only way to go. I took a shot in the dark and went with a roll of Ettan Original Portion, General Rustic White, and Islay Whiskey. I can get a few snus' at a local shop, but I'm not sure that they will continue to carry it because the response wasn't that good. They had a General cooler with a couple options, but had a number of different cans sitting on the counter outside of the cooler. All of the dates were expired, so I passed on those and stuck with what was in the cooler. Anyway, the 50% off rolls deal worked for me today. I'll end up with 30 cans of 3 different types for just over a $100. I hope I like my choices, otherwise you may find them in the trading section. Lastly, the rolls need to go in the freezer, and pull a can to the fridge one at a time as needed? Is this correct storage?


  • Lastly, the rolls need to go in the freezer, and pull a can to the fridge one at a time as needed? Is this correct storage?
    That's the way I've always done it, although I place the tins inside a freezer bag before putting them into the freezer. Some people don't bother freezing it but I find this keeps the snus nice and fresh.

  • cpmcdillcpmcdill Member
    edited December 2014 PM
    Depends on how fast you'll go through them. So far I've been fine just keeping the cans in the fridge, and I've got about a dozen, using one or two portions a day. When I first got into Swedish snus I just kept them among my pipe tobaccos on a shelf in a cool basement, and they were fine for several months with no evident chance in quality. Even if they dry out it's no big deal to spritz them with some distilled water to get them moist again. It may be more of an issue if you have an opened can in a fridge and put some leftovers in there with a lot of onion or garlic aromas.
  • I just cracked open a can of general White Portions with a "Best By" date of 02 05 2014 that has sat in the back of my fridge since I got it and it seems fine to me.
  • I still have a few cans dating to 2012 and they all have been good.
    They are all stored in freezer with ziplock freezer bags.
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