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What do you 'do'?

So as a bit of fun and to demonstrate how snuff is used by people from every walk of life I thought I'd ask the question above.

Me? Well thanks for asking! I currently work as a digital marketing manager at a small marketing agency in Dunedin NZ. Creating and looking after websites, email marketing along with regular activity for a wide variety of clients from engineering companies through to not for profit.

How about everyone else?


  • I was a Master Craftsman in the home remodeling field. Now I am disabled until I recover from cancer surgery.[lost 80 Lbs mostly muscle] Good news my cancer levels blood work has decreased from 130 to 97 in two months.What ever that means?
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • I was a Radioman in the US submarine service. Recently medically retired and currently about to fly to Nebraska to interview as the dispatch/operations center manager for the Nebraska State Patrol.
  • @basement_shaman‌ that's great news! I hope the recovery goes well and you can head back to your craft. Sending positive vibes from here :)
  • @SandwhichIsles‌ Good luck with your interview! Fingers crossed!
  • I'm a mental health counselor working at a private practice with adolescents and at a chronic pain clinic with adults.
  • I am a civil servant working for the Navy. I manage an office that does training for our forces.
  • @SgtJon‌ yokosuka or sasebo?
  • I own a behavioral health practice.
  • I'm a software developer which explains why I am on here most of the time during business hours ;)
  • @SgtJon‌ yokosuka or sasebo?
  • self-employed goldsmith
  • Physical Therapist specializing in Geriatrics.
  • My job title is SAP, which stands for Senior Analyst Programmer. Currently working in the financial sector, although I did spend the first few years in the manufacturing industry, then the aerospace industry which were both very interesting & rewarding; before moving to where the money is.
  • horus92horus92 Member
    edited January 2015 PM
    I'm an ER clerk at a level 1 trauma center so when people are in some horrific accident I get to go through their wallets and ask their family members about insurance and social security numbers, lol. It's a fun job, lots of excitement, but it's also stressful, it's definitely like some sort of clerical abattoir and hardly anyone stays long. I've come to like it a lot but the pay sucks so I won't be doing it forever.
  • i'm a senior broadcast engineer with a regional sports network in Boston. pretty fun place even though, ironically, I'm not really into sports
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    I'm a part-time teacher (Latin, Classicial Civilisation and History) and a part-time student (PhD in Criminology/Social Policy).
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • Great thread so far all, interesting hearing just how everyone keeps busy! Makes my marketing 'fluff' seem boring :)
  • I work for a small grassroots non-profit organization. I've been doing it for over 10 years now so I've done and seen just about everything, but currently manage an adult workforce program.
  • Among many other things, I did direct care with a paranoid schizophrenic mentally retarded adult for 22 years. Kind of a Rainman type. Except he couldn't count cards...... ratz/
  • I am a helicopter mechanic for the United States Army. My MOS is phasing out, so I was offered to have the opportunity to work on the Apache (I currently work on the Kiowa Warrior). I politely declined. So now I ride out the rest of my contract a floater. Should be interesting.
  • NoseWarmerNoseWarmer Member
    edited January 2015 PM
    QC for the 6th largest Pork producer in the United States... I can't say that it's fun, but it helps pay the bills :)

    As far as the previous 27 years of my life, that's history and would require a resume... But there are lot's of stories to go with it ;)
  • Office monkey / desk job
  • I'm a Philosophy graduate, looking forward to study a Master in Teaching in order to apply to a teacher position in Spain. Which I, having account of the current unemployment rates, will get somewhere between 2023 and 2080.
    Any of you has a job for me? I can speak Galician, Spanish and a language that is somewhat similar to actual English. I can cook an average to slightly appetizing meal, perform simple household jobs and etc. :P
  • haemonyhaemony Member
    edited January 2015 PM
    Market gardener. I used to be an artist who gardened on the side and now I am a gardener who makes art on the side. I think market gardener is another way of saying very small scale farmer without being mistaken for (or subject to ridicule by) real farmers with hundreds of acres, an army of rigs, a big gorgeous barn with a cupola the size of my chicken coop and a chicken coop the size of my barn. I grow garlic bulbs for planting, herbs, hot peppers, and various perennial flowers. No tube roses. I also grow tobacco for my own use. Still learning how to cure it properly.
  • I'm a water treasure hunter who looks for lost gold and treasures at beaches located in the USA, Caribbean and Europe.
  • I'm a water treasure hunter who looks for lost gold and treasures at beaches located in the USA, Caribbean and Europe.
    Hmm. That looks like the jetty just down the street from me at Sesuit Beach. But I guess all jetties look pretty similar.

  • edited January 2015 PM
    I was an engineer in Telecoms and Manufacturing.

    Now I'm sent on a governemnt sheme where a girl 20 years younger tells me that I need to "change your attitude", so that I may learn to love the idea of getting a job in the local KFC. I had suggested brainwashing. Maybe suicide would also be applicable?

    She pisses me off. I said I wouldn't be the most suitable person to which she replies "but you could be".

    In a weeks time I have to attend a course called 3G Mindset in order I presume to prepare me for that glorious day when I can have access to that pantheon of chicken fat. I like to eat it occasionally but I bet all the people who work there for long are on the verge of vomiting just being around the stuff like the time i worked in a potato chip factory and had to get inside a frier the size of a small swimming pool and using a paint scraper scrape the congealed fat off the inside. From that moment I could never eat another one of the crisps and I had really liked them previoulsy.

    Ok my attitiude towards this does stink but is that wrong? On the other hand where I live there aren't many better jobs currently.

    It almost seems like one of those strange science fiction movies come true. Next they'll be rolling out The hunger Games!

  • Hmm. That looks like the jetty just down the street from me at Sesuit Beach. But I guess all jetties look pretty similar.

    I guess they do. I would have sworn that was Manomet beach near where I lived in Plymouth, MA
    I never saw anyone do anything quite that interesting on Manomet beach though
  • I run a small business which advises other small (and medium) business on employment law and HR issues.
  • Engineer, oil & gas.
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