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Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!Toque Snuffs

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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

What do you 'do'?



  • MouseMouse Member
    @mouse Of the mill? Not on my phone. If you want to see the firewood business it's it's sold all over the piedmont of nc.also has a picture of my family and my first son if I remember correctly. Haven't been on it in a while, my wife runs the business side of the firewood and I stick with production in all the businesses.
    Thanks. Yeah I wanted to see the 6' head saws. My first love is mechanical things. I liked the pictures of the cordwood saw and splitter though. Often wondered, after cutting and splitting a 1/2 cord how firewood could be sold so inexpensively. How many cords can that setup process in an hour?
  • hgrissomhgrissom Member
    edited May 2015 PM
    @mouse unfortunately I don't think in cords for our business, it is all done by the pallet. I will tell you that our record for one day of splitting (10 hrs) is 72 1/2 pallets (a pallet being 75 bundles). We have 5 people wrapping at a time and one running the splitter. We also have one in a knuckleboom to load the log deck. As it stands now for someone to pick up a bundle here I think it's $2.40 (wife may correct me on that) and price goes up for delivery on how far away you are. We do the Whole Foods in the area, the Macaroni Grills, Almost all of the Circle K and 7-11 gas stations from Columbia, SC up through the Raleigh, NC area. We also work with MDI out of Hickory and they put our firewood into Lowes Foods and some independent grocers. A cool thing we did one time is a guy from Saudi Arabia ordered a shipping container of firewood with his own custom labels in Arabic. Apparently firewood is hard to come by there, but that blew me away
  • Anglican Priest working as a Prison Chaplain
  • Currently on work experience as employer engagement at a job centre. If anyone can offer me a job that isn't such a pain in the ass let me know haha
  • rafgalrafgal Member
    Bank employee
  • Bank employee
    Welcome to the club! At least you probably give money back to some people instead of just take it all away from them. #:-S
  • I'm a sales representative for a small medical device company.
  • I'm newish around here and just found this thread. I'm a System Engineer/ Network Admin by training. Recently, I chose to shift directions. I currently am employed as a dairy hand and cheese maker at a local dairy. I get to be outside part of the day and am working as part of the team moving us forward with making true aged cheeses.

    Bonus Points: Free cheese and I work with baby goats. The ladies love baby goats!
  • I showed up late to this thread, but I've enjoyed learning a bit about my fellow snuff people (since people in my life think snuff is weird - smokers, dippers and all).  It's nice to come to this website to read and post about snuff.  I finally got a friend to try some last night.  He first had Toque USA Whiskey & Honey, and said it smelled like fish food!  I was like, I do have snuff that smells like fish food... but that isn't one.  Then he had Kailash and liked that one better.  His reactions were pretty funny.  Anyway...

    I was a Uhaul worker and drum teacher/player.  Now I am a nurse aid at a rugged nursing home and am going to nursing school.  Just wrapped up summer classes and made the dean's list.  Got my fancy grades and my fancy snuff - life is good.
  • I worked for the Sheriff's department as a supervising officer in the main county jail until working the graveyard shift and horrendous overtime started making me ill. Now I am doing small job home repairs- minor carpentry, masonry, painting, landscaping, etc... And going back to school for welding, with dreams of my own fabrication/repair shop.
  • I've done many jobs along my path in life  ... from flipping burgers to System & Application Administrator.   I owned a small personal computer company (in the early 90's) and have done general handyman work for several real estate firms.    I'm currently a warehouse manager for a hi-tech company.   
  • Retired. I do what I want. only problem is low budjet. Limited to being local .My old house keeps me busy. there are many projects that need finishing.I was always busy doing other peoples home improvements. and when I got home that was the last thing I wanted to do.Weekends all the yard chores in the warm months, Neglected house cleaning in the colder months.Now I find there isn't enough hours in the day. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Former Royal Marine turned groundsman. I tried working inside at an estate agents and lasted a month! I now work all over south west UK. :)
  • I am a NACE certified Cathodic Technician for a major Petroleum pipeline. My territory spans the States of North Carolina and Virginia. I use dead chickens, a few voodoo spell, and one hell of a secret Hillbilly dance to trick the forces of nature not to corrode carbon steel pipelines buried deep within the earth.
  • Banjo777 - I would've thought that the use of a 5-string would be on the top of your list of anti-corrosion strategies.  
  • @SeanOCDPx Hillbillys can't dance lessen the Banjo be singin!
  • I work at a credit union in the Kansas City Area.

  • Worked as a commercial carpenter and structural iron worker for about twelve years, then switched to the gas & oil patches as a horizontal directional driller for pipelines mostly for about eight till the last bust. Now I'm working for a state agency and thoroughly enjoying my 4-10 work weeks and my almost two year old daughter. Life is indeed good...
  • Today, at the age of 40, will be my first day of my return college. I find that my current job skills (heavy equipment operator/surface mining) are no longer in demand and I must learn a new set (hopefully, Medical Diagnostic Sonographer).  Wish me luck, I shall surely need it!
  • @Pennanngalan Good luck with college - that sounds like an interesting occupation
  • @Pennanngalan:  Good luck on the new adventures!     That is a very specialized field; will you be attending a regular college or some sort of trade school?
  • Radiology Tech is a prerequisite and I can get that through the local community college. If I make it through that course I will have to transfer to the one medical school in my state that offers the degree or the University that recently began to offer the degree as well. It will most likely be the university simply because it is located much closer to my home (and wife, and kids, and blah, blah... ) and living expenses will be much more manageable there. 

    I am hoping to specialize in cardiology or pulmonary if I progress that far. 
  • @Pennannglan .. Sounds good! All the best!
  • Thanks for the well-wishing fellas, this will be tough!

  • Messin' around with huge industrial lasers. Great fun until they start to get huffy and need beating into submission - every half hour or so.
  • Currently (officially) Digital marketing for an information security awareness company. However its a small boat with around 10 staff so i take part in the other projects and products too.
  • Clean houses for retired people.
  • Snuff manufacturer and retired professor of (micro)biology, biotechnology and science education  
  • DireWolfDireWolf Member
    edited December 2015 PM

    Environmental geologist, working in the soil and groundwater cleanup/hazmat/spills field.

    And good onya, @Hitsuzen.

  • I am currently a criminalist working for the LAPD. Prior to that I was a field service engineer working on laser welders and markers for a Japan based company with a subsidiary in Southern California. And prior to that I was in the defense industry doing R and D on large solid state lasers.
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