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Bad Day just keeps getting worse

OK, last day of vacation for me before back to work. So I take the car in for an oil change no big deal (free oil changes for life) but the dealership says I have a timing cover leak that will need fixed ($600). To top that off, about 2 months ago I backed out the drive to run over the neighbor kid's flat basketball which stuck to the front tire. Not a big deal either but the car pulled to the right a little so I took it in but no alinement was needed. Now, tire tread suggests that it does. OK, so back to where I bought the tires but no, they don't do alignments but they too agreed that the tread suggested that I needed it done. Fine, so I get online and fine a place that does it all below the dealership cost. Great lets just do it all but no, now they don't think the timing cover is leaking at all but some timing chain tenser, that was replaced about 18 months ago. So who do I trust? The dealership or these guys? If they do it all it will still be cheaper than the dealerships price for the cover, so try the cheap way first like they suggest and then get hit again next month I guess.

Now, if it would end there I would not be venting. (And a disclaimer about below. If you don't want to read further that I can understand. It moves off forum, even for the OT section.) I load my pipe and go outside and mind my own business to just unwind. But no, my neighbor is outside and is yelling because he can smell the smoke! Ranting about the smell and then has the audacity to say that anyone smoking could not be a Christian. I know this is not a religious forum but that kind of comment rankles me. So instead of sitting outside in the cold relaxing and unwinding here I am. I would have finished the pipe but I am not in the mood now. How self righteous can people be. I am on my own property!


  • I've gone through a lot of car repairs with my current vehicle and would recommend a dealer. Neighbors like yours are all around us. I just ignore them. I hope your day gets better.
  • @Jim, Thanks man. Feels better just getting out there. Too late to go the dealer route this time but you may be right paying the extra might prevent redoing it again.
  • I am lucky,I have a few tools and can do most of the work myself, I take my ride to the local garage .I know my mechanic and a gift like a bottle of booze or six pack goes a long way. He will tell me what I need,I do what i can and let them handle the jobs I don't mess with; like the exhaust system. I have a friend that works at a dealership and he has to fill a quota to make them money.

    Sorry you have a neighbor that spreads hatred; rather than love thy neighbor as a good christian would do.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • snuffvilliansnuffvillian Member
    edited January 2015 PM
    @J-S I think you should have taken advantage of a golden oportunity to annoy your neighbour and put your day back on good tracks: Telling him he was all right and as a fellow Christian you were going to enjoy tobacco in the same manner of the European Old Priests, and then take some massive back-of-the-hand snuff portions at his sight. ;)
    Good luck and hope your day gets better...
  • Well, ask him why God created tobacco if he didn't want it to be used.
  • Thanks all for the kind words. It is great to be a part of a forum that can help improve your mood! @lunecat, the video is very interesting. Next time I will do that before taking it in. It was definitely out of line. Drives much better now and I caught it in time so no need for new tires :smile:
  • Yeah. I feel ya on this. I woke up on my birthday back in November, and decided to get breakfast. My radiator decided to shit itself, spray coolant all over my engine bay, and hood. Grabbed some distilled water, ate my breakfast and limped the car home. Something happened at my freeway exit, car started overheating. Towed the car. Got home, towed the car the next day to the shop, yep radiator. Found one on craigslist, turns out to be not the right radiator. Guy gives me my money back, have to order one.. wait some more days.. what a PITA but it all worked out in the end, about $600 later.
  • As a good Christian I would welcome you to smoke in my backyard and allow you to pick from my cellar.
  • @gravel. Thanks!
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