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Wood scent imparting from new wooden snuffboxes into the snuff

I have a new HeartWood box and it seals well and is very nice ( if maybe a little too big ) Aside from the typical moisture vs dry issues, how does one prevent some milder snuffs from taking on the "scent" of the wooden box itself? Do I need to let the box air out for awhile or is there something else that I can do? I put some Sterneckers in there and I could smell the box when snuffing---probably will try plastic as well but wanted to use this guy>>>


  • I seal all my wooden boxes insides and under lid with pipe wax, I use paragon wax. you can use any butcher block wax,bees wax etc. I wouldn't use car wax, floor wax or other toxic compounds like polyurethane.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • thanks @basement_shaman ! i read your previous post about paragon, sounds interesting and is easy to get for sure.
    i will try this.thanks again for the reply!
  • FWIW,

    I paint the inside of my wooden sniff boxes with a mixture of Elmers white glue and water, 3 water to 1 glue. Several coats and let it dry overnight between coats.

    Renew the treatment every 10 years or so. Airing the box out for a day or two seems to negate any lingering aroma/tastes.

    It's worked well for me since I first tried it about forty years ago with dry snuffs ( American plain Scotch, F&T HDT, etc.)

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