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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

I love Bernard Fichtennadel - any other recommendations?

Of all the snuffs I have used up till this point, it's the Bernard Fichtennadel that I find myself reaching for in the greatest number of situations. I love that fresh, piney fragrance and the mentholation. Some other snuffs just feel too heavy to me, so I'd like to find more that are sort of light and invigorating. Any thoughts?

I'm not only asking about other medicated snuffs, either. I also enjoy F& T Morocco, for example. Basically, I'm just trying to decide what kind of things to consider for my next MrSnuff order. Thanks!


  • Explore the 6 Photo range for a taste of exotic India .
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  • If you like the piney scent you may like A/P by De Kralingse.
  • @basement_shaman‌ Yes, I have a tin of 6 Photo Special that I also really like, but the damn thing is stuck now! That's also getting reordered - maybe not in one of those flat tins, though.
  • MarvinLapsusMarvinLapsus Member
    edited January 2015 PM
    As I'm sure you already know Pöschl's Gletscherprise, I'd suggest trying Hedges L.260 if you haven't yet. And it's true: Fichtennadel hasa great scent (one of the greatest, for sure), but I put something plainer to alternate with it on my rotation in order not to be overwhelmed or tired by it smell, which has happened to me on the past. And I agree with @basement_shaman , there are lots of nice things to try on the 6 Photo roster. If you like Special you should try Kailash: very very similar until you are acquainted with both, but Kailash has won the battle for me!
  • If you like the pineyness of Ficht, you need to get SG Christmas Pinch. If they still have it at Mr. S. It is pine/menthol, fluffy, wonderful. Very nice yellowish tobacco base. .As for other snuffs, the above posters have it covered. My only contribution today is for SG " A Christmas Pinch", you will love it.
  • @mrmanos I feel tempted to place an order of SG CP among others, so to be sure, could you tell me:
    How is the grind/moisture level? Is the pine noticeable enough? Is the menthol bearable? Is it cloying and sticky like Celtic Talisman or does it leave the nose when required to?
    (Lots of questions, I know :P )
  • SG CP smells rather antiseptic--not cloying but heavily scented with pine and to a lesser extent menthol, there's a pine liquid cleaner that is close.... That said, I enjoy it on occasion, it does clear the sinuses.
  • I tried Christmas Pinch many times and each time I got a very strong artificial scent that reminded me of the liquid cleaner often used to clean up vomit. Not a memory that I cherish. Certainly not by intentionally putting it in my nose via decent tobacco. I gave away six tins and was happy to do so; first to make others happy, second to get that crap out of my house.
  • I just got a hold of some of the fichtennadel yesterday and am in Love! It is so fresh and clean like a morning in the mountains:)
  • I like the smell of the mountains but don't care for the smell of pinesole, like in the bathroom.
  • Sorry @MarvinLapsus that it took so long for me to see your question. I disagree with some of the other posters. I like the scenting of the CP. That said however, I just recently received a tin of Old Mill Alpine from Chef Daniel, and it is much more of a pure pine scent. So I guess I'm contradicting myself a bit..No matter...I still like the CP. But I was taking it more often during the winter. Now thats Spring, I have put it aside until cooler weather comes back.
  • samuel gawith a christmas pinch
  • It's called Pinewood Ice now. I don't find it like a cleaner but maybe recipe changed
  • Jabre 275 or 280 are better IMO.
  • @nicmizer has the Jabre been renamed? Never saw that one.
  • No just short for Jubilaums. The 275 dose have a difference from the more subtle 280 that is now available at MS. Neither have any pine in them and if it dose it's next to nil.
  • Until recently(2-3 days ago) had in stock Paul Gotard's Holy Cross Mountain snuff,this one had some pine and menthol although it won't stay a long in your nose(very old stock I believe)
    But the tap boxes are very good and re-usable!Keep an eye for future restocking...
  • @tobaccobob is Paul Gotard not out of the snuff trade?
  • ar47 yes,but I think they might have found somewhere old stock( maybe?) I dont'know...

  • Always kicked myself for not getting a glass jar of the rhubarb they produced. Never liked the pie but always intrigued me as maybe a decent form of snuff. Price was probably the reason.
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