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Dental Sweet Snuff

KimKim Member
edited June 2008 in General
Dental Sweet Snuff I could only compare this to Bruton. I found it to be milder, but still strong in the nasal. There is a sweet taste but only slightly in my opinion. When placed in my mouth I didn’t really care for the taste, so I removed it. After removing I felt this spicy warm feeling in my mouth. I just don’t see how my Grandmother and other women of the past could handle this snuff or Bruton. You had to be a strong woman to use some of the American snuffs. I’m assuming the nicotine in both these snuffs is really up there. It’s light brown in color, very dry and it felt like some one stuck an ice pick up my nose to my brain. I only had a small pinch, but you definitely know your messing with some hardcore snuff.


  • bobbob Member
    the burn gets less the more you do it.
  • KimKim Member
    I felt my mouth burning last night. Then today when I tried that spicy sensation. Thanks Bob!
  • bobbob Member
    I used to dip the same thing happens with that. The first time I tried skoal my lip burnt like crazy felt like I got kicked or something. After a bit hardly could feel any burn. Nasal snuff does the same thing when I started it burnt (liked that though) now even stronger snuffs don't tend to burn at all.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    Dental is some of the more mild/mellow of all the American snuffs.

  • Troutstroker and others have suggested methods to sniff these that work for some people. I believe they take a pinch, hold it right up to the nostrils to foil the airflow, then sniff extremely gently like smelling a flower while gently rubbing the snuff in order to release it. However, this has never worked for me. It's not for lack of effort, either. I think the geography of some people's nasal passages just makes it difficult. It always goes in my lungs. I tend to stay away from these, but when I do try them I am sometimes successful taking very large amounts on the back of my thumbnail and using a gentle but sharp sniff. Most often it'll get placed right in the front of my nose, but sometimes I'll get it straight in the lung and hack for ten minutes.
  • Try inhaling until you're about 80% full, then take the snuff.

    There are some snuffs people do have trouble with and it varies by the person like BBM said. I have trouble with Seville, although it's very nice. It's odd because I can take HDT or other toasts without a problem.
  • I recently rediscovered TOPS SWEET. Troutstrokers review on Snuff Reviews is accurate. A very nice change from my daily Rooster. I like the fact that the flavor/aroma does not stick around forever. Just long enough to enjoy without becoming annoying. The 'drip' is not unpleasant either.

  • Are there any Scotch snuffs flavored with anything that's not sweet or fruity, like a pine/juniper or some other savory type flavor....even a menthol? I haven't seen a whole lot of variety with these but also never paid them much attention until recently. Turns out they're one of my favorite styles yet. :)
  • snuffdog, there are no american snuffs like that but they are easy enough to scent to your liking. They make a great coffee snuff.
  • oh nooooooooooooo... Don't let them hear you sat that! Can't you see a few years down the road no one making a strait scotch anymore. Only flavored this and flavored that. Like Dholakia American Line. What is that? How is that stuff American? Man... I haven't even started my tasting of American snuff and I'm already missing them.
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