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Customer support and friendliness.

RogueRogue Member, Administrator
Ok, so this is voth snuff-related and...general.
I think mrsnuff has one of the best customer support systems Ive seen, Id even place them higher than my ISP, and thats not a small thing. Where are you guys most content with customer support?


  • Mr snuff has always been good, as has @Roderick‌ ,, before i started down the snuff trail he undertook a 20 minute phone conversation with me, and gave me some pointers for my first order... all good... never without my favorite toques these days :)
  • And Nigel and Johnny have always gone out of their way to stand behind their products and responded quickly to emails. I've become so used to dealing with faceless businesses it was surprising to me.
  • Generally speaking, I've always had very good customer service from the entire tobacco industry. In all of my dealings with pipe, snuff, and cigar retailers, I've had exactly one bad experience - and that's saying quite a lot, as I've done a lot more tobacco-related business then I care to admit (or at least admit to my wife).
  • MarvinLapsusMarvinLapsus Member
    edited January 2015 PM
    I have to say that Ian McChrystal himself answera the e-mails if there's any problem when placing an order on their brand website, and what a very nice and attentive chap he is. He always ships factory fresh tins from the very latest batch when ordered directly, which is a big plus.
  • I have to say that in all my years I have only had 1 bad experience (cigars) and the cs took care of me right away. So really it was not too bad at that. I always keep an eye out for threads like this. Any repeated issues from a vender and I just avoid them. It has worked well so far.
  • Toque and Mr. Snuff are aces with customer service.
  • Another shining example of customer service/satisfaction and general geniality is our very own @chefdaniel at Old Mill Snuffs. Not only gives great service, but he knows the product intimately and is more than happy to answer questions, not only about his items but about tobacco in general. Yes, there are some terrific sources out there.....
  • Three cheers for Mr. Snuff. I've ordered through him through his website and on Amazon, and had nothing but positive experiences. Had a hassle-free return on one occasion. I'd buy from him all day, any day.
  • Not exactly snuff-related, but I've got to throw in that (for my fellow snusers) SnusCentral has pretty unbeatable customer service as well.
  • I only have experience with Mr. Snuff costumer service. I ordered a tin of WoS Vanilla, but the tin contained eucalyptus. They gave me a coupon code for my next order. Great CS!
  • The mills where snuffmiller Jaap Bes works has the excellent customer service. I can look around freely in the windmill, taste some snuff, and pick up an order or buy a tin and have a chat.
    A good website with descriptions of each snuff and complete openess about recipes.
  • The only issues I had were warehouse related. If they only get every order correct ,CS would be less busy.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Always had excellent dealings with mysmokingshop, Roderick at Toque and also WOS. It might help with WOS that I have the right accent, and am close enough to collect ;)
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