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more toque talk

betonentebetonente Member
edited September 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
hello everyone!

got my second toque order today and had a few impressions i hought i might share.

1) tins rule. got my first tin (actually two tins, but one will be a present) of the remarkable toque menthol and i must say it make all the difference. it is almost like snuffing a totally different snuff. the aroma is much more full and smooth and the smell of the tin is just wonderful. plus the sensation of pinching rom a big pool of snuff. i like it.

2) bullets are strange. it took me a few minutes to figure out how they actually work. maybe i am slow. the ammount of snuff delivered is quite small. about a quarter of what i would pinch normally and then i take two pinches times two (for eah nostril). even deducting a bit and rounding numbers that still comes to using that thing 10 times or so to get a decent amount. and how am i supposed to snuff from the bullet? i held it nearly inside my nostril for the first time and the snuff went all way down to the throat. careful sniffing and a bit distance betters this, but still much trouble. how do you use the bullets?

3) vanilla is good. i hate vanilla normally. vanilla icecream gives me nightmares and i cannot stand the smell. but the toque vanilla is incredibly smooth and very similar to the toffee. maybe it needs some time airing out to really develop its differences.

4) i like toque original. the first time i sampled toue snuffs i did not like the original at all, but now i regret i only ordered 10g and not a tin. this is a very comforting snuf with an old school feeling that i think i will not grow tired of. good.

5) korean post service sucks. Roderick shipped right on the day i ordered, but it took 3 weeks to korea. and they did not even open and check the package. it probably lay around in the office with some guy musing on what snuff would be and only got delievered after his rotation on the job ended or something. anyway, glad it arrived in the end.


  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    I gave up on the bullets on the whole, IMHO a good idea that doesn't work too well in practice. Although I occasionaly carry one at work just for convenience, I find they don't keep the snuff too well and I can always detect the plastic in the aroma.

    Apart from that Toque rocks and is now my daily snuff - original or natural.
  • Yes tins are good, and larger packages are better too. My first order was for a smattering on small packs, 10 g like. This time I ordered a tin of tofee and a nice 50g bag of natural. What a difference. Much better in larger qtys.
  • bryanbryan Member
    Can someone tell me the difference between Toque Natural and Toque Original? I'm trying to decide which large tin to buy...I use natural and love it. What is original like? Thanks
  • The original is more of an sp type with a citrus tone.
  • bryanbryan Member
    Nevermind, I just said screw it and bought 25 g of natural, a refill of Original and a refill or expresso to try them out.
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