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Any ideas WTF just happened and how to avoid it

foolfool Member
edited February 2015 in Snufftaking
A really odd thing just happened to me. I've been working through a bullet of Paul Gotard Menthol Strong. This started out really light menthol (considering), similar to the same level I'd usually find in a Rockit Ice Cool. So pretty light, say a 2-3 out on a scale of 1-10, but not nose watering level of menthol. As I've progressed through the bullet I use I've found a bit of variance with some bumps being a bit stronger menthol than others.

The last bump I took from this bullet was a 11 on the 1-10 scale. Eyes watering, extreme pain, menthol so strong that I had snot free running from my nose for 3 minutes straight. No drip in the back of my throat, so not too strong of an intake.

Any ideas on what I did and advice on how to possibly avoid it in the future? TIA.

Edit: Tried a second bump. Back to being a 2-3 again, no burn, no crying. Could this just be a badly mixed batch?


  • You had more than likely hit an area where the menthol crystals were joining back together. My advice try without bullets. pinch ,spoon or boxcar that snuff.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • A dry nose inside-skin could also have caused that. Put a little water in the nostril when it's dry.
  • I agree whole heartedly with lunecat. That is part of why no one uses bullets
  • Even the mildest batches og McChrystal's O&G, and I'm not talking of factory fresh snuff, can easily make your skull freeze if you inhale small quantities with big strength and using any method other than the pinch (for an example, a bullet, a spoon or a tin's own lid). I personally enjoy that pain from time to time, but doing it with more coarse menthols can be at least nasty.
    So yeah, to be sure that you are the one that controls the delivery, try dropping that bullet for a while.
  • Thanks for the feedback folks. I'll try doing pinches with the rest of this batch and see how that goes. As long as I'm not crying like a little girl again I'll be happy. =)

    I like the bullets since they work well for me and are a bit more discrete than a tin or box. I can toss a couple bullets in my pocket or backpack and have a bit of selection through the day. Last time I carried a tin it ended up opening causing a mess all over my backpack (laptop, notebook, tool kit, etc). I was not a happy camper that day.
  • might be worth investing in the little smashboxes on mrsnuff. i remember i preferred the small white ones for daily travel. by all means keep using bullets for transport, just tip it out onto your hand rather than sniff directly from it if you have a snuff that doesnt like being in a bullet. i remember a few leakages... once with a bernard fichtennadel tapbox, and once with a bullet (valve fell out). i was cleaning dark brown menthol dust out bag, laptop, tools myself for weeks both times.
  • @fool keep traveling snuff container secure in heavy zip lock bags, For any spillage containment.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • If the menthol is clumping might be worth giving the thing a good shake every now and then to re mix it

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