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Rosinski snuff



  • I ordered samples of all non-mentholated snuff that Mr. Rosinski had in stock. Upon receiving them and trying the first one, it became apparent that these are true artisan creations. I immediately decided to devote at least an entire evening with each one in order to fully appreciate all of their complexities. I took some notes. Just my two cents. Your mileage may vary:

    Medium fine ground and slightly fermented I think. The tobaccos are masterfully blended that result in the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. A multi-layered effect. And a slight taste of cocoa is apparent, which fades into the background. The overall flavor is subtle and long lasting. Very complex but never confusing.

    Medium fine grind brownish red in color. Seemingly cut from the same cloth as Ochsenkoph, I get a very rich chocolate undertone, but doubt there is any added. It must come from the rich distinctive darkish fermented tobacco base. Somewhat schmalzer-like, but then again it is not. I cannot detect the smokiness, which others have described. If anything, it may comes across as a very distant campfire. Quite complex and very pleasant in the nose. This is one of the finest snuffs I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing!

    A herbaceous concoction that takes a little getting used to. The spices override the tobacco base. I get quite a bit of smokiness and celery seed. Like a mixture of seasonings one would use to flavor a roast. Perhaps comparable to some of the culinary offerings that the late great Dutch company Molens offered. I could see where it could be enjoyed at the appropriate time/place such as relaxing after a nice meal.

    Light in color, very fine grind. The taste of bread and freshly cut hay. With just a hint of honey. Not sweet per-say, but more of a caramelized effect.

    Wow, this one really clears my sinuses! Plain fermented medium brown tobacco(s) finely ground with nothing else added. Not a flavor-bomb but naturally sweet with the appropriate amount of burn.

    A semi-coarsely ground flavorful schmalzer. Quite boozy, the rum is very prominent in the forefront, followed by an array of dried fruits, raisins, figs and more. Yet nothing is haphazard. These perfectly blended ingredients are not cloying and never obscure the well fermented high quality tobaccos. Instead they appear to fade into the background and reappear again. Very long lasting. I do not get any of the clogging or horrendous front drip as with the Poschl or Bernards schmalzers. A very involving experience for the senses!

  • I've got to ask about the whole topic of "handling artisan snuffs" -- honestly, do I really have to worry about the handling and or use/care of rosinski snuffs any differently than say toque? I mean, coming from being a cigar guy to pipes and now to snuff, even rosinski snuff which I've heard some refer to as more expensive per gram is still incredibly reasonable compare to pipes and even more so cigars.

    Is fridge storage necessary? I've heard of fridge storage as well as decanting with a spoon/not using fingers. Maybe I'm missing something here being so incredibly new but a brief search of the topic seemed more concerned about people debating the pros and cons of small vs large manufacturers and general politics here on the boards.

    Considering picking up the following:
    • Sans Souci
    • Carlsbader
    • Oderlander
    • Frankfurter
    • Possibly one of those tobacco horns
    Appreciate the insight! 
  • ar47ar47 Member
    I haven't been keeping my Rosinski in the fridge

    Do be mindful while the bags are very nice, even with the plastic zipper they are not airtight. My Oderlander is sadly quite dry now. I'm keeping the rest in Tupperware here on out
  • jholenjholen Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    @ar47 thanks! I'll likely look to store them in mason jars then to help keep.

    Any idea what form of payment Rene accepts. Just sent him an email as it wasn't entirely clear at the checkout screen.
  • @jholen, if you are not going to purchase Rosinski snuffs in bulk, look for small (mason) jars/flasks (30-15 ml). Mr. Rosinski even offers some. I believe those are airtight, but quite pricey, so I drop the link for illustrative purpose only:

    It's vital to keep the air level in the jar as low as possible. I. e., when 30 ml jar/flask/tin is half-empty, you might consider decanting the remaining snuff to 15 ml jar.
  • @volunge , thinking I might just keep them in the bags stored in an airtight jar. See how that works. Got some boveda packs from cigars to prevent drying out too if necessary.
  • For Rosinski snuffs you dont have to worry about moisture....they are relatively dry and even drier, they are just as good.
    Small glass vials will be fine,no fridge necessary...
    at least thats how I treat them and no problem at all....
  • @tobaccobob awesome! So maybe just for the schmalzlers?
  • logo2_1440565524__58362



    Say no more.
  • @nicmizer , yeah, saw those on amazon. Def will keep an eye out for those -- going to try my mason jars with a foodsaver air vacuum device. Saw someone mention it earlier on here (not on this thread) and jumped for it as I've got a plethora of mason jars.
  • ^ I've always just called the factory and purchased directly. No need for a middle man like Amazon.
  • nicmizernicmizer Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    The problem with mason jars is the amount of head space of air if they aren't filled to full.
  • IMG_20170222_160548
  • Really impressed with the schmalzlers from Rene -- wow! This Oderlander smells like Heering Cherry Liqueur -- got that cherry/currant twang with the sweetness with a nice gradual warming in the nose. Has a sweet rum base -- really enjoyable. Felt strong in the nic department.

    Frankfurter is good as well though I haven't had as much of it compared to Oderlander -- more of a fig/fruit/spice with not as strong a nic hit.
  • Got around to sampling the rest of my Rosinski order that came in and again I'm quite satisfied. I see myself becoming a Rosinski man -- last two days at work that is all that has been in my pocket and thus my nose.

    Fond of all of them however beside the two schmalzlers brusseler, carlsbader, ochsenkopf, tabacum and uckermarker stand out as favorites. Still trying to see if I'm a fan of menthol in my snuff so still debating nordwind, sans souci and alter fritz.
  • Got another large order in from Rene! Still can't figure out this mobile pic thing as only a select few pics display and browsing for it doesn't upload it. Weird. Here's a link to it on imgur.
  • I found tabacum to have an uneven grind. Am getting carlsbader & ochenkopf. I'm sure I'll like them.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    @Epitango those are excellent choices. Consider Oderlander too if you haven
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