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Non Tobacco snuffs.

mcostamcosta Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
If anyone knows of any non tobacco snuffs, i would love to hear from you. im mainly looking for samples of them.


  • Basically if you want to sample them, go buy some pixy sticks, throw in a dash of menthol and snuff the contents. Most of the major brands put out a non tobacco snuff. I don't have any otherwise I would send you a sample.
  • Poschl and Wilsons both do 'white snuffs' - they are just finely ground glucose etc and menthol, definately not worth bothering in my book

    I hear one of the Zuka blends is only 1% tobacco, but don't know its exact makeup
  • In fact the girl on the link on 'women snuff takers' shows a box of white snuff at the end
  • The only one I have is the Mentholin, I don't care much for it, strange scent to it. The coffee thing is there like boobah204 says, but it is an odd scent overall. I may revisit it in a couple of months to give it another shot.
  • I also got the mentholin and found it underwhelming. I understand green tea can be prepared and used as a snuff. Namrata mentioned that various herbs are snuffed medicinally in India. I would love to hear more about those. For me, a snuff is worthwhile if it is enjoyable to use and produces some kind of euphoric feeling. Sadly the commercial offerings in this category do neither for me.
  • ...the non tobacco another different thing...but is'nt snuff....
  • Bernard Brothers:
    -Naseweis extra
    -Wies´n Powder

    -Himalaya lemon + vit. C
    -Himalaya strawberry + vit. C
    (both availiable ony in topcigars )
    -Ozona Snuffy weiss
    -Schneeberg Snuff


    Lotzbeck Brothers:

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