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OT: Electronic Cigarettes

Stu90Stu90 Member
edited May 2012 in Other Forms of Tobacco
I was reading comments on another forum about our idiot governments latest brain wave to persecute smokers in the UK 'Cigarette display ban considered' last week it was a 'licence to smoke', and to think some is actually been paid with tax payers money to come up with this lunacy *mad* - any way, in one of the comments some one made reference to "e-cig", now I never herd or this thing before so hit up Google and you tube - to my amazement it was an electronic cigarette, you take a drag and smoke comes out of it and every thing, it even lights up on the end :) supposedly it has some king of changeable nicotine filter in it so you get a hit like a normal cigarette.

HAs any one seen one of these electronic cigarettes in the flesh maybe even used one - is this the future of smoking?

here is a link to youtube if you want to see what these things look like:


  • There's a real possibility that smoking as we know it will be a thing of the past by 2030 if the current hysteria is maintained. For the same reason whenever I buy 1 tin of pipe tobacco, I buy an extra 4 for my "tobacco cellar".

    I'm not too worried about snuff, but given that it will keep for many years when properly stored, I will probably invest in a snuff cellar as well.

    There are spots of sunshine here and there, as many are either rejecting a ban all together and others who simply won't comply. But as things are looking at the moment, it doesn't look good. I just hope that common sense and _real_ science will come through.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited March 2008 PM
    I think it would take a lot to have a complete ban on tobacco in the US. Since the big tobacco almost runs the country. They have a lot of money and a lot of lawyers. Also a ban would effect so many families who grow tobacco to put food on the table. That would create mass unemployment from the tobacco factories, tobacco farmers, tobacco shops & all involved in sales, the company making the paper & filters & packaging. Not to mention the huge loss in tax revenue. You would have whole towns go under.
  • bobbob Member
    I have to say again I think the pub is the last place smoke should be banned, the street makes more sense. As far as employes at these places if you don't want to be around smoke go work at a chain restraunt or a restraunt sure there is less money but a pub certainly shouldn't be about health.
  • bobbob Member
    industrial hemp does have thc but the marijuana and hemp plants both also have chemicals that counteract thc hemp just has enough that you can't get any high off of it. As far as being able to get high or not I don't see why it matters you can get high off lots of things that are legal that are also a lot worse for you like gasoline for example or cheap booze.
  • Yeah once again California is being weird. They governor vetoed a bill that would allow farmers to grow industrial hemp which would have provided jobs but yet medical marijuana is legal in CA? He said there could be to much confusion between hemp fields and marijuana crops when viewed from the air or ground. Even though medical marijuana is legal, one holding the license is only allowed something like 5 plants at any time, any more than that and its considered an illegal crop. And there are countless pot fields raided every year in some of the rural mountain areas. He didn't want to make it harder to distinguish the industrial hemp fields and illegal marijuana fields. Even though I've heard they are easily distinguishable from each other?
  • Wow, reading through the replies it seems the war against smokers isn’t just confined to the UK - over here smoking is banned in all enclosed public spaces, & workplaces can‘t light up in a hospital car park you have to be completely off the property same applies at the nursing home my mother works at, you can’t even smoke in your own home if you have some one in to mend a leaking tap or what ever - if all that wasn’t enough there has been rumblings about introducing a licence to buy tobacco, tobacco sales not been on public display even smoking been banned in some open public spaces in one town - been refused medical treatment because you’re a smoker - of course on top of that the continual rise In tax on smoking tobacco products, a pack of 20 smokes is like $10 and a 50g pouch of rolling or pipe tobacco is in the $20 region.
  • bobbob Member
    trout said the governor vetoed a bill that would allow farmers to grow industrial hemp which would have provided jobs but yet medical marijuana is legal in CA? He said there could be to much confusion between hemp fields and marijuana crops when viewed from the air or ground.
    Maybe it gets in craw when he accidently smokes industrial hemp?
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited March 2008 PM
    These comments are just how it seems to me, I'm no real expert but I think smoking will go, the lawsuits and PC brigade will see to it eventually. Big Tobacco is powerful but they can be defeated and are being more and more often - they could not stop any of the bans, in the UK they couldn't even get ammendations to allow smoking in private clubs. As long as China and India exist as developing markets, BT could probably happily diversify to other products in the West. It will be interesting to see how it goes with snuff and other smokeless products, I just wouldn't be surprised if that old spotlight didn't fall on it and we get snuffing bans - these people are so monumentally determined to tell us what we can do with our bodies and how often can you trust governments to make sensible decisions? When it comes to marijuana the only politicians that would take a common sense view are ones that don't have any ambition - and there are not too many of those
  • I have just been given one of these to play with and assess. I have to say it works, you get that horrid taste in your mouth that I remember from when I was a smoker, you get what looks like smoke (vapour) and you even get the end lighting up (totally unnecessary IMHO). Don’t yet know the health implications but as dummy cigarettes go, it’s very good. I can see a lot of problems in store if these catch on. My colleague is being offered them to retail at £30/£40 $60/$80 and about a £1/$2 a cartridge = 25 cigarettes. Do you guys think he shouldn’t give up the day job or is he on to something?
  • Its a hard one to call Roderick. As an ex heavy smoker - 30 roll ups or a pack and a half of Bensons every day - I can see the attraction but I think that any electronic/vapour/pseudo - smoke device will still be regarded in the same way as cigarettes in places where bans are imposed. Anything that is lit and inhaled will treated as smoking, whether the vapour is smoke or not. I've not read the UK legislation but I am familiar with the way laws are written and this would either be covered already or an ammendment quickly made if the devices caught on.

    There may be a market - if the devices are shown to be less harmful - with smokers who are worried about their habit or who want to quit - but I would guess it would be limited; the sort of thing you try once and then just can't be bothered with. When the 'Nicorette inhalators' were introduced - which are like these bar the lighting up - I had one for about a week but it simply wasn't close enough to smoking to make me carry on with it. Smokers want cigarettes with the heavy nicotine hit etc and they want to be able to buy them conveniently at any store - I certainly did.

    I genuinely believe that the way ahead for people who want to quit is through snuff - it has literally saved my sanity after many miserable, failed attempts to quit cigarettes. The fantastic thing about snuff is that you don't lose tobacco. Nicotine by any other route just doesn't satisfy. I think these devices are a dead end and anyone in this day and age that sells tobacco would be well advised to concentrate their efforts on snuff.

    Obviously, these comments are entirely personal and I'm sure other members will have their own views.

  • bobbob Member
    I don't see these things as being super big but I see the definate potential market though I think the enterance fee kinda kills the casual let's see what this thing is where as snuff who even notices the diffrence if you buy a tin and don't like it.
  • I have not seen these here. It sounds like the vapor is probably glycerine. It carries flavors pretty well and makes nice fluffy white clouds that are thick enough for smoke rings. You can make your own juice for this system with a little effort. For a test batch you can use ten grams of any tobacco you choose. Simmer with a cup of water on very low heat for 20 minutes. Strain liquid through coffee filter and reduce over very low heat until almost all water is gone. Remove from heat. Dilute tobacco essence to taste with pure, food grade glycerine and have yourself a "smokeless smoke."
  • Better yet - cook up some of that there hemp they're growing in California!
  • They'll probably classify them as a drug delivery device in the US like they did with the Favor smokeless cigarette back in the early 90's and require a doctor's prescription to legally obtain one. Congress did this in response to intense lobbying from the anti-tobacco movement, not the drug companies. If people stopped using cigarettes, I guess those bastards would have to get real jobs.
  • Then the antitobaccoites are either dupes or whores as well as lying unreasoning fanatics. Don't count on them ignoring anything. I have it on good authority that they, including some governmental agencies, even snoop into private messages on tobacco forums looking for dirt.
  • Yeah! We better quit yelping about the forty five grams actually being fifty too!
  • I've just bought one of these little beauties, and have to say they are brilliant! For me personally I love snuff, but I miss the habit of the hand to mouth action on smoking, this solves all the problems and hopefully will completely get me out of the habit that I can't seem to shake off. Really good idea for those who miss the habit of smoking. 10/10
  • I hope these things catch on purely to annoy the anti-tobacco/free choice lobby. Im not sure I would trust myself to not get back on the cigarettes though, it sounds a bit too close to smoking whether you light it or not
  • Since they are fairly new I wonder what the long term side effects are with inhaling a nicotine vapor?
  • bobbob Member
    night-vision would be my first guess.
  • I would rather have x-ray vision, already have night vision binoculars!!! ☻☻
  • bobbob Member
    to get that you would have to use the e-cigeratte ina more unorthodox manner.
  • tropcalbob: that last point of yours i find rather interesting. so the e-cigarettes would be good for inhaling just about everything that can be diluted in water? like asthma medicin, cough balm and all that?
  • They sure are having trouble pushing the new insulin inhaler that Pfizer's had out for a few years. It was made for those diabetics who are afraid of needles. But they have had a hard time getting approval because the long term side effects are unknown and no one wants to back a product that could potentially be dangerous. Their biggest concern with using an insulin inhaler is for those who smoke or have lung disease. Pfizer has now planned to do a health study until 2019 to help get their product pushed.
  • They do have two types of insulin inhalers. One is a powder form like you mentioned and the other is a liquid. I know they have an insulin mouth spray and a patch that are supposed to work. So if the powder form of insulin inhalers were pulled, I wonder what is happening with the liquid form?

    I guess you would have to find out how much powdered insulin is needed per dose before you could decide to snuff it!! It may be too large amount to snuff?? They just need some of that sugar based tobacco-free snuff!! Better than eating a cookie when you blood sugar is low. :~)
  • JavaJava Member
    Since e-cig woke up this thread, I'll put my 2 cents worth in. I honestly don't think I'm going to see cigarettes outlawed here in the states during my lifetime. Yes, they'll pay lip service to the antis by limiting where you can smoke, but they won't outlaw them. Evil Nasty Bent-On-World-Domination Big Tobacco makes about 10% of the price on a pack of cigarettes. Those that transport and warehouse the cigarettes make about 10%. The retailer makes about 10%. That makes 30%. The other 70% is taxes. That's based on what we pay in Georgia. (about $4 a pack) If you live in NY or California, the numbers are more like 5/5/5/85. Does anyone think Federal, State, and local polititians are going to give that up? How many millions of us smoke a pack a day? Every day?

  • Yes, I know it's not an "e-cig", but I just learned about these cigs called Eclipse, and the workings of it, seems similar to the idea behind e-cigs. I just ran up to the local gas station and bought a pack of each kind. I'm not a regular smoker, and think these will last me a while, but it was curiosity that plagued me to get them. I haven't tried them, I have some los snus in at the moment. But was curious if anyone else has?
  • I tried the e-cig yesterday. I tried 3 flavors and the e-cigar.

    the cig actually felt like I was inhaling smoke. they tasted weird (plain was best, the rest were crap IMO). the exhale sucked (pay no attention to the oxymoron) w/ no flavor even when I exhaled through my nose. I got no nic buzz but that was prolly 'cos I was snuffin' shortly before and I was all ready nic-ed up. The e-cigar tasted the best and offered more 'smoke' which aparently is water vapor. but the thing was big. like the size of a large shaprie. The guy stated that you could use the cigar insert in the cigarette dispenser(?) w/ only a little mechanical adjustment.

    The mall was selling them for 150~200 depending on packaging. and the refills were about 3 for what was equal to a pack of smokes. the only problem w/ that is that the whole packs worth of smokes is contained in one cartridge...I think many people would "smoke more" than what is equivalent to a cigarette each time they indulge thus going through the cartridge faster than one would a pack of smokes (wicked smart marketing there). The good thing about cigs is that each cig has an end when it all turns to ash...the e-cig keeps going. one could easily let the nic depandancy get out of hand w/ this device...or at least as cumbersome as actual smoking yet in a less intrusive way. I guess, in theory, you could do it in your office.

    When I got to my car I realized I had a taste in my mouth that was EXACTLY the same taste that lingers w/ real cigs. It lasted there for about an hour (same as real smokes). Even though I don't like that flavor any longer it was somewhat comforting...and complimented my coffee well.

    I would not buy this for the aforementioned negatives...not to mention that horrid taste.
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