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6 Photo Cheeta

Walrus1985Walrus1985 Member
edited June 2011 in General
I received this today. Fuck me sideways, it is strong! I've never overdosed on nic before, I have a high tolerance, but one pinch of this I was sweating, felt sick and my head was swimming. I like the flavour too. If you want the best nic rush of your life GET THIS! @Vikas you make some damn good snuff judging by this, I'm getting the rest of the line ASAP. Love it!



  • I also caught a buzz off this stuff despite being a moderate user of dip and strong snus. Cheeta is a very nice snuff as are all the 6 photo snuffs.
  • @Walrus1985 your review makes me glad I have a tin on its way (hopefully it gets here before CP goes on strike). Have you tried White Elephant, I would really like to know how it compares.
  • @n9inchnails ... CP? (Canadian Postal?) ... i was about to panic, thinking it i should rush and get my order in as well. This one is in my cart ... can't wait to try based on Walrus' FMS comment. Stuff must rock.
  • 6 Photo Cheetah is D. White with more nicotine and no fish smell. It has a very subtle floral scent with a fantastic tobacco base.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited June 2011 PM
    @snuffbrant CP means Canada Post
  • I love this snuff. Its quickly becoming one of my favorites. Surprises me with how fluffy it is for being so dry. Beautiful all around definitely a winner for me.
  • @n9ine I've never tried WE, but would like too. Cheeta makes DW look like a mild snuff. Nice flavour as well.

  • @n9inchnails
    White Elephant is extremely similar in grind, moisture, and the curious fluffiness but White Elephant still suffers from the fishy smell that 6 Photo managed to eliminate. If you don't mind that smell (personally, I don't) then it's an all-around good snuff but the price (when compared to Cheetah) simply isn't worth it.
  • I'm sold. I'm gonna get me some cheeta
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited June 2011 PM
    Well I got my Cheeta and I think that it is closer to WE than it is to DW but WE is finer grind. It has alot more flavour since WE has only a hint of flavour and I get none of that fishy smell in either Cheeta or WE that I get in DW, Pike Mopers must have a more refined sense of smell or something because I get no fishy smell from WE but I do get it in DW.

    I must say that I get a noticable higher nic buzz from WE than I do from Cheeta, I don't know if it actually has more nicotine or if its just the finer grind making absorption faster but the better nic hit makes me prefer WE over Cheeta. Cheeta is still a great snuff and its much cheaper and easier to get than WE and I'll definately be getting another tin of Cheeta before this one runs out.
  • You guys convinced me to order some. I've been getting my nic hit from Taj Madras, but it burns too much. Hopefully this will be better.
  • rexrex Member
    guys apart from cheeta try other stuff from their stable........i m hooked ...especially kailash............i dont do dip or snus.............simple natural way............put on ur palm,use ur index finger and v all did before toothbrush was is hooked
  • Teeth rubbing with snuff on the finger just does nothing for me. Now, some snuffs have a nice taste, but I just have this gritty stuff in my mouth and all I wanna do it rinse my mouth out.
  • I got my Cheeta today. Nice stuff. Velvety grind, subtle scent and nice nic hit. Not as strong as Taj but close enough and it doesn't burn.
  • @rdunnion
    I was looking for a word to describe the grind... you nailed it with "velvety". Do you really get more nicotine from Taj or are you commenting on the strength of the flavor?
  • Taj has my head spinning, so strong that I only use it after work. But it burns so much and has so much ammonia that my eyes tear, not water, tear. There is no flavor to Taj. It's like sniffing lime. Cheeta has a nice mild scent and decent buzz. It along with Dholokia Ganga are my new everydays.
  • @rdunnion
    You are talking about Dholakia Taj in the little 7g tubs? Maybe my tub is just too old but I get a strong flavor, mild burn, and very weak nicotine.
  • @Pike Mopers - No Taj Madras in the 50g tube. Plain as plain can be.
  • @rdunnion
    that makes sense now. yeah it's quite plain but nice
  • I just ordered cheetah after reading these threads for the 3rd time in the past two years. The only white snuff I've tried is WE, and I like it. I didn't at first, the usual too dry, throat hit stuff, but now I find it very nice. As a side note, I mixed some of it with the Rustica fine ground from Toque. That was a unique blend. It actually made my head spin a bit.
  • I am fairly new so still getting used to extremely fine milled snuffs like this one. Since I like my fix of nictine, I ordered 3 8 gram tins and 2 30 gram ones. I think its going to last me for years considering how little I have to take to get that nic hit. Just dip your one finger tip on the surface and shed out the excess. A considerable amount just sticks on your tip and trust me, as a beginner, thats enough for me. That, and just sniff it by placing below your nostril, one at a time. That should do it. Yes, I need that less to get that nicotine punch. 
  •  Do you guys think Cheeta is loaded with Rustica or possibly even close to a straight Rustica? Cheeta has that appearance and the same effect that I get from Rustica if i've been using it for days.
  • @Aamon, was curious about that also. Vikas please illuminate.
  • Since yesterday I am able to take the Cheeta by the pinch method, and its much better. I get none at the back of my throat or cough. Amazing stuff. I reconsider my comment above about my present stock lasting me for years. I will be reordering this soon.

    And I think it would help to mark Vikas @sixphoto so he gets an alert - even I am curious of your question above. 
  • Yes we do use a lot of rustica in the Cheeta but I'm not going to divulge the exact proportion ?
  • @sixphoto

    Cheeta is quickly becoming one of my favorites!
  • @sixphoto is that was a question, I think you should divulge the exact proportions  :P
    Though anyway Cheeta is an absolutely wonderful snuff, I poked a hole in the top of one of those small samples and sometimes snuff it by squeezing the container with the hole up to my nose, works a treat.
  • @Aamon - The question to you is, by that method, do you think it will get into the lungs? I am pretty perplexed by this w.r.t. fine dry variety. Does any of it get in the lungs if sniffed the wrong way? What is the right way to ensure it doesn't go in the lungs? Or would you automatically cough if any begins to gets in the lungs?  
  • @newbiesnuffer

    I think you'd have to try extremely hard to get any snuff into your lungs at all.

  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    @Oregon - I sincerely hope so. I do have a small pinch and do not have any coughing or sneezing. Is that proof enough that none is getting in my lungs? Because I love the Cheeta, and may love other fine dry variety - and don't want to stop it due to this being a fear. I am such a nicotine fiend!
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