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WoS Jockey Club

saucy_jacksaucy_jack Member
edited March 2010 in General
I have to say I have tried most of the WoS's line and this is by far one of my favorite types. A very smooth snuff with a very long lasting floral scent. For some, it may be cloying, but for me, a fan of well done florals I quite adore this snuff.
very finely ground, almost like dust and quite smooth on the fingertips. the scent, a combination of what all ingredients, i can't say - i only love it. the scent is very long lasting too. so much so that i have to wait quite a while to snuff another type or simply snuff more.

is there a history behind jockey club? can someone tell me?


  • There is some history. Somone posted once about 6-10 months ago. Probably PhilipS. I'm not sure what's in it. Keep in mind its a non-proprietary name so Gawith Hoggarth have one, (and maybe Frederick Tranter?) and they could be a bit different.
  • i enjoyed the flavour of jockey club however i would enjoy it more if it was slightly more subtle as it can be overpowering.
  • @true that Xander. I'll have to try the others. But does F &T have a jockey club? never heard of it.
  • No, F&T does not.
  • SlothSloth Member
    Just got a tin of Wilsons of Sharrow's Jockey Club today. I'm not used to 'floral' snuff, but scent is certainly long lasting, and quite pleasant.
  • F&T kendal brown is similar please note I say similar and not the same to jockey club.
  • I do love wos Jockey Club, nice strong floral.
  • The only floral I like, though I haven't tried the SG florals yet.
  • wos jockey club a great snuff but i'm a bad bad man as i like to mix the wos jockey club with wos high dry toast No22 in a 30/70 mix yep it hits hard, but a great mix try it...
  • I only use JC as a flavouring for blends, just a touch in a plain SP is nice but its a little bit sickly otherwise.
  • what would you label F&T Morocco?
    I like it alot...
  • Flavoured as it is with Geranium I would call it a floral. The only floral snuffs I use with any regularity are Rose or Carnation, Toque or WoS versions. Rose is another fantastic 'seasoning' snuff. In my snuffbox at the moment is a mixture of Rose, HDT and Quit. Powerful and delicious. Talking of FandT; its a sad fact we have no idea what the originals were like. Even when Fribourgs was still a company, as opposed to a WoS brand, they admitted the originals were lost to history. I just wonder if in some attic somewhere there is a last bottle waiting to be found.....
  • Due to this thread I ordered 10 gs from Mr Snuff with some other things. This is better when aired properly to yield its over the top scent. The forals, including some F&Ts seemed much more floral years ago I when I tried them, but this might be just anno domisnout.
  • The fanciful association between the Jockey Club and the snuff bearing the name is described by the perfumer A. Ellis in ‘Essence of Beauty’. The passage is quoted on page 43 of 'Snuff Yesterday and Today' by C.W Shepherd.
  • The other day I was in a hurry and forgot my various smashboxes when I left the house. Thankfully there was some Jockey Club and L260 in my desk draw at work.

    I mixed them together, 50:50. 'Twas unusual, but quite pleasant, and something I would actually repeat. I find both of them a bit overpowering when taken straight.
  • SlothSloth Member
    @TheBoggart - That could certainly be an interesting mix, I'll give that a go sometime. I'm fairly new to mixing (hence my thread a couple of months ago asking about it) but I like both Jockey Club and Hedges L260, so together they could form a nice nasal adventure or something. I've mixed Hedges with others but haven't mixed JC with anything yet.
  • pgcdpgcd Member
    Am I wrong in suggesting that Poeschl's Packard Club is their own version of Jockey Club - and hence akin to a 50:50 JC/L260 mixture?
  • Packard's Club is more bergamot or lemon scented, and already mentholated. Jockey Club is very floral.
  • WoS Jockey Club is one of the few snuffs I've tried that really didn't suit me. Yes, it's abundantly floral, but there's no harmony between the various ingredients -- it's one big discordant clash, IMO.
  • JC was always sold as a 'ladies snuff' it being perfumed and all that.....
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I could be mistaken, but I think you all were just called a bunch of sissies... :)
  • No, not at all, just because the ladies preferred it..........
  • And remember gillybean129 is a lady, and worked at t' other mill.
  • SlothSloth Member
    Haha, well if it was originally targeted at female consumers it doesn't matter to me, really. Even if Jockey Club was sold in a bright pink tin with a dancing bunny rabbit on the front, I still like it anyway! ;-)
  • SpyroSpyro Member
    I'm guessing that when some of these floral and heavy scented recipes were developed, it was a different era when sanitation and unpleasant odors were common. I could see the need for an odor masking snuff in the streets of 17th century cities or heavy livestock areas, etc.. Daily bathing wasn't always practiced either in the "good old days". Or maybe people just really liked flowers.
  • Yes, Jockey Club by t’other Wilsons (or Jockey Club Perfume to give it its full name) was said to be a ladies snuff. Being male I found it ghastly. Anyway, this is what the blue booklet says:

    “A delicately scented snuff, the most popular of our scented range, particularly popular with the ladies. Smooth and satisfying, the flavour is controlled”

    J&H made some very good snuffs, but this wasn’t one of them. Can’t speak from experience, of course, but one imagines that the perfume was on a par with the acrid scent of some 1970s northern tart working the red-light district of Leeds.
  • Glad you said Leeds and not Sheffield....
  • Pmsl @PhillipS

    I guess it wasn't your cup of tea then?

  • SlothSloth Member
    @PhillipS, I will swap my tin of Jockey Club for a medallion, so I can be tough and manly like you... ;-)
  • "I will swap my tin of Jockey Club for a medallion, so I can be tough and manly like you... "

    To be really manly and attract ladies like bees to honey requires more than one medallion. You need three at least - plus lots of chest hair, a gaudy silk shirt, flared trousers, fake tobacco juice tan, phoney Italian accent, scouser wig and tash, gucci shoes and a flair for the tango. It also helps if you call yourself something like Tony Mancini instead of Sloth. : )

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