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Storing snuff

MagnuM770MagnuM770 Member
edited November 2011 in General
just been at WoS site, found there an interesting F.A.Q.. But are they serious about storing snuff in refrigerator after opening the box? Sounds like a joke...


  • probably a bad idea actualy. Modern fridges are not very good for moisture retention.
  • The most important thing is an airtight container. If the container is airtight, no moisture will escape, and the snuff will stay fresh.
    I suppose storing snuff at cooler temperatures could possibly slow down any chemical reactions that would affect the flavor, but the main thing is moisture retention.
    I've got tins of snuff that are several years old but have a good seal, and the contents are perfectly fresh despite having been stored at room temperature.
  • Are the WoS metal tins airtight enough?
  • Yes, the snuff that I was talking about above is WoS stored in the original unopened tins.
    They are pretty much airtight from what I can tell, and they have green tape around the join.
    You've reminded me to buy some wide mouthed mason jars.
    The tins fit in these jars nicely, and that would add an extra layer of protection to the snuff. I'm going to stack several tins in each jar for a really good airtight seal.
  • I think, the ideal snuffbox then will be a plastic tin for fotofilm. If could be found, ofcourse. Most fotographers now are using the digital cams.
  • Wide mouth Mason Jars
  • i have trouble keeping the aromas in my bulk purchases.
    I keep everything in a cigar humidor @ 70%-80%
    and still losing aromas from my SP's.
    i threw a unopened bag of quit in the freezer as I will not get to it for a bit.
    but my 50g bags lose their aromas after 2-3 weeks.
  • Put them in mason jars or some other airtight jars and they will stay fresh for decades.
  • My girlfriend just ordered and got in the mail a set of containers from Lock and Lock. Once I looked at them I immediately swiped three from her. They are plastic but have gaskets so are airtight. The work like a charm, a little big but that just means I need to buy more snuff to fill them up. Here's a link so you can give them a gander-

    They also come in glass with gaskets if you don't like plastic.
  • @greencrow - those seem decent. I have some schmalzlers and some Molens in some similar containers that are a couple years old and they are fine.

    Most of my collection are in ziplocked sandwich bags which are then placed into larger freezer bags (i push all excess air out of the bags before i seal them) and stored in a cabinet. I've heard dark, cool places are best.
  • Guys, isn't a snuffbox supposed to be carried in a pocket? Try to put there those jars.
  • @jbruckus- They do seem to work well and are tight with no smells coming out. They are leak proof for sure. I put water in one and then turned it every which way with no leaks at all.
  • I'm afraid mason jars won't do the trick, either, unless you fill them all the way to the top. The air left inside will slowly dry out the tobacco.
  • and how about a drop or two of water into the jar once in a while, as some of the pipe smokers do with the pipe tobacco jars?
  • In a schmalzler? I dunno.
  • here an example of a good snuffjar
  • MagnuM770MagnuM770 Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    another look
    If there is anything in the world more airtight than that, i have got absolutely no idea what could it be. And those jars are pretty small, so they can be easily placed inside any pocket.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited November 2011 PM
    The air on top should not dry out your tobacco much because the moisture has nowhere else to go but back into the tobacco, if your jars are slowly drying out its because moisture is escaping the jar meaning your lids are not on tight enough to make an airtight seal.
  • @Vathek

    I have thought the aromatherapy bottles would work well also. I ordered an assortment of sizes of glass amber bottles to try from a different supplier. They should arrive Monday. I ordered sizes that should hold increments of 100 gram, 50, 25 and 10.
  • on the right - the original jar.
  • Their tins are not airtight once the adhesive strip is removed - they are not that good with it - maybe the advice stems from that. I recently bought a can of their SP that was dried out, even with the strip intact which means that they don't have the shelf life of other tins.
  • Many snuff manufacturers novadays use plastic&rubber boxes instead of classic metallic round tins. There the hole is very small and perfectly sealed whith rubber. You can see it on Gletscher Prise, Ozona President and etc of Poeshel and many more.

  • @MagnuM770 While the small hole is perfectly sealed the two halves of these plastic boxes are not exactly airtight. These have become known to us at snuffhouse as sneeze boxes. Poschl can get away with using these because their snuffs are well oiled. Bernards has a few that are fine if you are using them. Gawith Hoggarth and Samual Gawith should have never tried to use them as their snuff dries out badly in these boxes giving people the wrong impression of what their snuffs should be like.
  • Yes, just fill an empty one up with water and see what happens!
  • I just picked up 4 of the lock and lock containers.
    These are a bit different as they have "snaps" on the lids.
    They hold around 30-30g.
    Fit nice in the humidor.
    so far so good.
  • I'm going to second the wide mouth mason jar idea.
    The opening on these jars is the same width as the jar (ie there is no narrowing at the neck) and 25g tins fit into the jars easily.
    I figure the double seal of tin and jar is fine for keeping the snuff in good condition.
    The unopened tins are pretty good on their own, but the jar provides a sealed 'mini environment' for added protection.
    I store the jars in a cool dark closet, and I have some snuff that is at least three years old that is perfectly fresh.
  • SlideSlide Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    I agree. I received my order of aromatherapy bottles and they will work well for part of a 3 - 4 stage storage system the mason jars are much easier to work with for bulk storage. I had a 50 gram bag of toque that I i placed in two 2 oz bottles. 50 grams from a tin may very well fit in a smaller space as it is compacted more than the bags. 100 grams from a bag filled an 8 oz mason jar.
  • Guys, please, post here pictures of jars, tins or other containers you mention.
    There is another option for a good snuffbox that fits a pocket. Perhaps tomorrow I'll post the picture. It's a small (1 oz) steel bottle (like bigger ones for alcohol drinks).
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