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6 Photo - Natural

rdunnionrdunnion Member
edited June 2013 in Types of Snuff
I didn't know what to expect from this snuff. It sounded perfect so I ordered 200g. It arrived today and I am pleased. It has a fine grind, a golden brown color ans a consistent moisture level due to the paraffin oil. It is much like a Poschl without the menthol and a subtle herbal scent instead. It came sealed in a plastic bag within a tub with a screw top lid. Due to the bag being sealed there was no contamination of scents from warehouse storage. It's easy on the nose but heavy due to the oil, so I need to retrain my nose. The nic level is adequate, but may be considered high for others. I have been snuffing Cheeta as my daily for months now so I've developed a tolerance. I reccomend it whole heartedly as a plain snuff, but it is not dry as most indian snuffs are.


  • @rdunnion

    thanks for the review.  I'm waiting on a 35gm tin.  It should be here by end of week.  Sounds like it'll be a favorite.
  • it's a great snuff. Definatly has a hint of spiciness. Kind of reminds me in a strange way of f&T Morlaix if made by an indian company with Indian tobacco. It also proves how wonderfull indian grown tobacco is.
  • So it's oiled and scented but called "Natural"... O.K. then, at least they didn't call it S.P.
  • It is not scented,only fermented and oiled
  • It's scent is definatly natural. I've smoked cigars that had the same smell. Not often but it's definatly a natural fermented tobacco scent that is unlike any other snuff but amazing.

  • KebAMPKebAMP Member
    edited December 2011 PM
    It has this wet paint kind of smell, similar to Toque Natural and Neffa Ifrikia.

    Edit - more like a tincture smell it seems to me.
  • @rdunnion you sir, are bolder than me!  You didn't know what to expect and then ordered a 200g tub?  I just couldn't do that!  hahahaha
  • gandalfgandalf Member
    edited December 2011 PM
    For the moment,on my tastes, Natural is the best heavy snuff of quality(with Kownoer and clove's ones),the belgium Neffa Ifrikia is too nervous to me and I heard that Bruton is the same...
  • It just did it again. Each time I take a pinch of 6 Photo Natural I am getting some weird aroma a few seconds after. Like I said above, sort of a paint or tincture smell. I know it's coming from the tobacco since it's natural, and I find more or less the same thing in other Natural snuff too (Toque and to a lesser extent Neffa Ifrikia) Anybody know what I mean? Is it related to a certain type of tobacco?
  • I believe it has something to do with the milling procedure.  They use iron mills which gives it that wierd smell.  They make it sound nice by using the words distinct alchemy or something like that.  heh
  • Thanks for the input @joesnuffer
  • SnuffSnifferSnuffSniffer Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    I ordered the smallest container of this not knowing what to expect, well I must say I was pleasantly surprised, it has a great natural flavor with a bit of a spiciness with a good nicotine level, I would recommend this one to any natural snuff lover.
  • Yeah 6 Photo Natural is great. I'm definitely ordering some more once my 8g is gone.
  • I really like it as well. The 200 gram container is a great deal.
  • I get no scent other than tobacco from this one. Very high nic level for me. Easy to take, but I would not recommend for newbies. I was shaking a bit after doing two rather lage pinces and I have a high tolerance. Others may disagree, but I think this is quite powerful. In fact, on the tiny 7gm plastic container it says "Extra strong natural snuff" or something similar to that.
  • MouseMouse Member
    I get an up-front mineral oil smell before the tobacco scents rise.
  • I really need to order this one next time, it sounds like the sort of thing I would go crazy for.
  • bobbob Member
    I agree mouse. It's the same mineral oil scent I get on all 6photo snuffs. The thing is I like it on the other ones. :)
  • its a favourite plain of mine. i like it because i find it easier to take than toque quit or snafu etc, and i love the scent too though i have previously (elsewhere) stated it to be reminiscent of my old football kit and shinpads after a game about age 8 (11 years ago).i need to get some more.
  • horus92horus92 Member
    edited June 2013 PM
    @Firestarter0 I've found my favorite natural snuffs deserve disgusting-sounding adjectives . . . animal dung, dirt, dust, old fish, human sweat, urine. But somehow they're exquisite in the nose. Maybe it's the nicotine playing tricks on our brains :D
  • It´s one of my favorites too. Definitely is a hooker that keeps me chain-pinching.
    So fine that I have to be very careful sniffing it to avoid suffering a back-of-the-head sting. I feel a smell that reminds me first somewhat of a corrugated cardboard box, second by a light sour aftertaste... Reminds me of smelling a light vinegar bottle. It sounds far from anything pleasant, but it really is. Like something familiar and comforting.
    I don´t know how some users find this one to be in the low range of nicotine. To me it´s a sound high one. I hope all batches of this Natural stand the same in the future...

  • These days, I only use nasal snuff and 6 Photo Natural gives me a buzz almost every time I take it. I can take Bruton with no problems and I use Taxi almost daily. In my opinion it's a very strong snuff. I just emptied a 7g tin of 6P Natural yesterday and switched to White Elephant. I found myself taking really big pinches to get the nic i wanted. So, I agree with others that say it's pretty heavy on the nic. Great stuff though. Easy to take and the natural scent agrees with me. I haven't tried a 6P that I don't like yet.
  • I don't know if I got a bad tin but it reminded me of rust
  • It took me a while to enjoy this one but now I love it, it's great for an all day snuff and find the box car method from a Mr snuff box gives me very little trouble while working. Was lucky enough to receive 200g in pot luck
  • Gonna have to try this one. Sounds like it's right up my alley.
  • Hi @rdunnion! 6Photo Natural is definetly one of my favourite strong snuffs with a great taste and the most pleasant noseburn of all. I get a subtle lime-hint from it in a nice way that goes beautifully together with the basetobacco. The superb taste and the amazing noseburn makes me reach for this gem frequently and I always have it around. Thank You @sixphoto! >:D<
  • I see 6 Photo has some new flavors 6 Photo Chocolicious, 6 Photo Gold Rush, 6 Photo Indian Curry. They sound yummy
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