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How Does Your Spouse or Girlfriend React to Your Snuff Taking?

edited December 2011 in General
My wife is a gem and a half, and we've been married for six years (knew each other for four years before we tied the knot).  I dip, snuff, and have an odd cigarette every blue moon.  She doesn't mind the dip or snuff, but the second-hand from cigarettes make her gag.  Now, ALL of my X-girlfriends in the past despised dip and believed snuff was simply abhorrent.  My wife sees right through tobacco and has a mature understanding that is unbelievably supportive.  Even dip!  It's rare in my experience.  Despite my ramblings in other threads about dropping exorbitant amounts of cash on snuff gear and freaking out my wife, she's actually very supportive with it all.  Not once has she ever disapproved of ANY of my purchases.  I consider myself very lucky, you?   %%-


  • My wife doesn't love it, but she doesn't complain about it either. As long as I don't walk around looking like the first prize winner in a Bavarian Schmaltzer contest, she is pretty cool with my snuffing.
  • my girl is fantastic ... always game for trying a sniff as well, though she usually coughs a bit ... and much appreciative that it smells so wonderful compared to cigarettes.  
  • My wife tells me that she would rather I smoke.  I guess she doesn't like it much 8-|
  • My girlfriend is severely against my snuffing and she would much prefer that i smoke. I never talk about it or do it around her.
  • My girlfriend is much against my snuffing as well LOL.  She does not like any form of tobacco use...  I told her that I won't be giving up snuff though, it is MY THING, and no one is gonna change that.  So I just don't do it around her LOL
  • My wife prefers my use of snuff to snus and both to my smoking 2 packs of cigs a day. She will use snus every now and then, but won't touch snuff. She supports my odd passion for tobacco even while thinking I'm more than a bit looney.
  • All girls I meet think its illegal drugs, no matter how much I try to explain...
  • Pretty much everyone I meet thinks snuff is illegal drugs, and snus is chewing tobacco.  Most people around here have never smoked a cigar, and I've never met another pipe smoker.  That's in 25 years of living here.  I am in tobacco hell.
  • My wife thinks I'm nuts to enjoy snuff. She's tried it a couple of times and hated the burn. She hates it when I spend money on snuff too. But overall she just ignores it. Snuff gets me through the workday and occasionally I take it on the weekends too when I'm missing the nice toasty smell. I love snuff, and it's not going away from my life, ever. I think she understands that, at least.
  • Been married for 10 years and my wife likes me snuffing WAAY better than me dipping!
  • When I have snuff on my face, she tells me I got that brown shit on your face.


  • My missus doesn't much mind my snuff except for when I pinch scotch in the car ("smells like a campfire in here!").  And she likes the fact I don't smoke near as much as I used to...I'll never give up smoking completely (enjoy it too much) but thanks to snuff (enjoyable in its own right) the cigs are now down to a dull roar...
  • Girlfriend doesn't mind and occasionally after a few drinks becomes quite curious of whatever I'm sniffing and has a pinch herself :)
  • BloodnativBloodnativ Member
    edited December 2011 PM

    My wife doesn't know about my snuff habit yet. I've only been snuffing for a couple months and I usually do it when I'm out in my workshop. She doesn't usually bother me out there. It's not like I go out of my way to hide it I just tend to do it when I'm alone, though I may sneak a quick snort when I'm in the bathroom or something. As long as I don't spend too much at one time on it she doesn't ask too many questions. I'm not quite sure how to introduce her to it. I'm not how she'll react to it when she does eventually find out. Though knowing her, she already knows. She's pretty smart and observant. Hopefully she'll be more receptive to it than my pipe smoking. She always says it stinks. She tolerates it though.

  • I am one of the supportive women :) I actually encourage my husband to use snuff and wish he used it more often. Snuffing is more fun with a partner to compare notes with. Since I am the main user, he doesn't complain because I do "what a woman ought to do," cook, clean, raise his child, walk his dog, attend his stupid work parties and never complain about his silly non-tobacco purchases. I have learned by keeping him happy, I get the same in return.
  • @ desirexe You sound like the perfect wife! Your husband is a lucky man. Wish that my wife would ask for a pinch.
  • Lol you baby boomers! it is nice to see a woman who enjoys snuff and accepts it, regardless of your wifestyle, although to a degree it sounds appealing in a woman.
  • My wife is very supportive of my snuff habit.  She see the economy of it versus smoking, and even likes to steal a pinch once in a while.  She doesn't understand why I feel like I need to own every snuff that's available, but I don't really understand it either.  So far she has really enjoyed HDT, Poschl Sudfrucht (although she things stuffing would be more strange to do in public than sniffing).  

    She just bought me a ceramic burr grinder that I can use on my own blends too. =D
  • My fiance carries her own Tripletech Zebrawood.  She always smells my snuff when she kisses me and say's "that smells good lemme have some" so I open my box for her to take some of whatever snuff I've got.  She's down with snuffing ;)

    Her favorites: Grand Cairo, Gold Label, Strausburg
  • I think she would rather I didn't take snuff but she is very tolerant. The only snuffs she complains about the smell of are, Viking dark and Molens latakia. She says they smell like tweedy old men.
  • My Girlfriend is glad that I am smoking a lot less; I pretty much never smoke at the house anymore.  But she always insists on kissing me before I take a pinch.  She is also not crazy about the the dusting I give our daughter when I kiss her. I guess it's part of the hazard of having such a long moustache.
  • My wife approves, and even tries all my news snuffs. She doesn't even mind the pipe smoking!
  • My wife is a bit amazed at the TAD.  But she is shrewed enough to know that it beats smoking five pound notes every day.  And there's little fallout from snuffing.   Still, on the whole it remains a perverse and eccentric habit in the UK.  Good! If it became popular,  government would want its share of the take and no doubt prices would skyrocket.
  • My former girlfriend, with whom I'm still close, likes snuff and will have a pinch every now and again. She also like my pipe smoking and will smoke with me every so often.

    On the topic of the other women in my life, my mother is a cheerful supporter of all my tobacco habits - as long as I don't spend too much on it. My sister has grown used to the snuff after first hating it, but quite likes shisha, and has been known to have a pipe or cigar. Mosy of my other female friends also like snuff - especially when they're out.

    I guess I must be lucky. ;-)
  • My wife tolerates my snuff.

    To her it's still tobacco.

    She gave up smoking and the fact that I'm still using a tobacco product........ influences her oppinion on snuff.



  • Mine detests smoking with a capital D and is the most intolerant woman on Earth when it comes to smoking. She even whinges when I smoke in the garden with the consevatory door closed - claimimg she can still smell it. As she is the best possible spouse apart from this I forgive her. She does, however, love the fact that full time snuff using means I don't smoke and I have been bribed by many a snuff box or consignment of snuff to stay on the wagon (which I would anyway, bless her). So it's kind of cool and worked out now. She has never so much as held a cigarette and tobacco is a complete mystery to her, so she has no concept of snuff being weird or gross, just that it means I don't smoke. She even doesn't bat an eyelid if I snuff in a restaurant.
  • my gal seems to be more addicted to me having snuff then I'am to useing it. She gets that feeling that I'am running out and better make an order soon before I do. A big part of that is that I don't smoke and that I enjoy it. Which is what I don't get you'd think a wife or girlfriend (husband or boyfriend too) would by default care about the pleasure of their partner. That your interests would be great if for no reason then they are your interests.
  • Mine likes the snuff and the pipe way better then the cigs, anyway on snuff she make her remarks: "stuff on your face" or "i dont wanna kiss you since i smell the snuff" ... but since she does it only to make fun here and there but i can live with it.
  • My wife doesn't mind and often joins me. I've let her try most of my snuffs, but O&G is her only love.
  • My girlfriend doesn't mind and rarely even brings it up in conversation. I've been snuffing longer than I've known her and we've known each other 3 and a half years so she's probably past the point of finding it strange.
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