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High nic dry snuff needed

DanielODanielO Member
edited December 2011 in General
I need a high nic dry snuff, preferably a toast.  My current regular snuff is Toque Natural Toast, which seems OK in the nic department.  My problem is this:

I am (from medical necessity) giving up cigarettes, but my psychiatrist says it is important to keep my nic levels approximately the same or my symptoms could return (I have schizophrenia).  I use snus and snuff.  Between the Ettan Los and the Toque Natural Toast I do OK, but I need a bit of a boost.  Any suggestions?  I have HDT on hand, and Toque Quit.  I am not averse to obtaining another snuff as long as it is one I can easily obtain in bulk.


  • ToqueToque Member
    edited December 2011 PM
    Mix Natural Toast with Quit, between 30%-50% toast. That should help along with your snus.
  • Quit is really rocking in Vitamin N, but (as many on the board can tell you) it can be a challenge to take straight.  I like to mix it 50/50 with HDT, Toque Burbon, and Toque Natural Toast.  It seems to have little effect on that flavor of any of them and gives you the face slap you need.

    If you can take Quit straight, it's about as strong as I have found.

    I found that I get the strongest hit if I take snuff in a line with a tube for snorting.  It can burn and make you hate life if you do it wrong, but with practice it give me a nicotine slap that can lay me on the floor.  I'm not sure why, but it works for me and may be worth a try.
  • If you like it dry, fine and strong it has to be toast, or why not try an American snuff like Rooster, it doesn't come much dier and stronger. Or you could go Cheeta even drier and finer, if you like that sort of taste.
  • White Elephant if you can get it is the strongest, finest, dryest snuff I have ever had.
  • OscarWabbitOscarWabbit Member
    edited December 2011 PM
    Bruton! You could try a white snuff but they are very hard to take. Bruton is easy.
  • I am liking the 50/50 Natural Toast/Quit mix, and I had both on hand already.  I've never tried an American snuff (odd, since I am an American) but given their reputation for use as dip I am kinda leery of them. 

  • I don't know where you guys are getting this idea of Viking snuff being super high in nicotine, sure it may have slightly more nic than the average English snuff but it is no where near as potent as a scotch or a white.
  • Rooster!
  • Try some scotches, not sweet ones. See if you can find any at local smoke shops. I can get a slew of different scotches locally.
  • Locally?  Lol.  Most people here don't even know what snuff is.  I certainly can't get any at any smoke shops.  When people see me snuffing they always assume I'm using meth. 
  • I agree with Vathek. He recommended The Viking Dark and today is five weeks without smoking, thanks Vathek!

    I think the good thing about the viking range is that they are easy to take as well as the high nic.
  • How does Viking Dark compare to Quit?  I decided on a tastier, but less practical solution than the 50/50 toast/quit mix: carry two snuff boxes, one with Natural Toast and one with Quit.  Use either one as needed.  Now I know why I invested in two Tripletechs.  :)
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited December 2011 PM
    How about 6 Photo Medicated No. 66?

    Most of the American snuffs would also serve your purpose.
  • Viking Dark is the only snuff I take, at this time, that can serve as my sole nicotine source. If necessary. (I'm glad it isn't necessary)

    I typically chain snus. But Viking Dark allows me to have snus free time periods.

    I can't comment on the nicotine comparison because I use quit as a mixer although I like it fine as a stand alone natural snuff.

    Viking Dark has more scent satisfaction and is easier to take. With you liking toast, taking quit is probably not a problem for you. It is not for me. But...Viking is just really easy to take and can be an all day snuff for me.
  • How does Viking Dark compare to KB Original in the nic department?  It's a coarse, moist, dark snuff that's not too shabby on the nic.  And I'm familiar with it.  Don't care for it much, but  I'm familiar with it. :)
  • Viking Dark is finer. Stronger. Different 'flour'.

    Having said all this, the real trick is to find those snuffs you just like to come back to and snuff regularly, not necessarily the strongest.  A snuff you really can enjoy using all day long is the answer.  Having tried my 57 varieties, I'm just settling down with SPs.  Sounds pretty unadventurous but SP100 just keeps me coming back.  McChrystal's too or Sam Gawiths SP, vg.  With the exotics for a bit of luxury in the evening.  Settling down to happy snuffing is the trick.  SPs just seem to be the right mix of flavour for all day use. This must be a very Anglo Saxon take on snuff.

  • when I need high nic I take a white or toast then I take something like ntsu which is coarse ground. The white or toast gives me an almost immediate lift where as the more coarse ground gives staying power. So it covers both bases.
  • Well then, I think I'll stick with Quit and Natural Toast :)

    By the way, SP100 is my favorite SP.  By far.  It's the only SP I buy in bulk.
  • I agree that SPs seem to be perfect for all day use not only because of their flavors but I find them to be less clogging than any other varieties of snuff. They clear my nose when it is clogged too. I would also recommend a scotch if you like toasts and it isn't too much of a hassle to find the right one. I don't think I'm qualified to point out strong scotches as I go for the sweet ones mostly and they are strong enough for me, but I can say Navy Sweet is pretty smokey in flavor and good in the nic department.
  • Though I'd throw this in for fun. Nicotine definatly helps me keep my bipolar in check.
  • I've read studies on the connection between tobacco and mental illness.  The mentally ill are something like 90% more likely than the general public to use tobacco.  It's a self medication thing.  Tobacco does something for our brains that helps keep our symptoms in check.  My psychiatrist of course discourages me from smoking cigarettes, but actually encourages my snuff and pipe smoking.
  • DanielO


    I'd say yes, get the nicotine.  But getting it mixed with some pretty foul gasses into your lungs is unlikely to have a beneficial effect on your head. So I think you are on the right track. 

  • nicotine is brain lube. Probably why most people use it that do. Don't believe me try to figure out a complex problem with your pipes help. Tell me you don't notice a diffrence?
  • Rooster is a kick-ass nic-hit, but I didn't like it's 'taste'.  I prefer WE Garrett, RR Mills, Square , or 3 Thistle plain American snuffs in that order.
  • DanielO in the snus department I would go with Oden's extreme, 22mg of nic.

    can get it at......



  • I have most of a roll of Oden's Extreme Los in my fridge for occasional use.  I just prefer Ettan for an everyday snus.  :)
  • I was a serious smoker and I've stayed perfectly satisfied with a 50/50 mix of Rooster and Toque Quit.  I buy both in bulk.  The Rooster WILL provide the nicotine you need and then some.  The Quit mellows it out and provides a deep and beautiful pure tobacco flavor.  This mix will cover the dry part of your quest too. 

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