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Toque Blog - Stop smoking with Snuff - your help needed

ToqueToque Member
edited January 2012 in General
Most of you probably don't know but we are unfortunately tied by EU laws regarding tobacco and are unable to openly
talk about the health benefits and harm reduction of switching from smoking to
snuff. By blogging we can raise awareness of snuff and its potential to
save lives.
Please can you leave a comment on stopping smoking with snuff on the Toque Blog. We will then compile these comments into a report that we will forward to as many influential bodies as we can.



  • Done, best of luck.
  • My comment is on there (complete with spelling mistake - is there any way to edit?). I really do think we should get behind this. 
  • Snuffster, I can delete and you can re post if you kept a copy! 

    And yes I agree, if we all get behind this we could achieve something quite significant.  
  • I commented and hope everyone else on snuffhouse will chime in too. @Toque Between my SO and I we have three fairly successful blogs. If you guys need content to raise page views we should talk.
  • Grencrow,

    We're not too worried about raising the profile of the blog, more the issue and benefit of switching to snuff with the medical profession, anti smoking lobby (all tobacco is not the same) and the politicians.   

    Thanks for your help.
  • Don't worry, its not worth it for one spelling mistake.
  • @Toque It's the same deal here.  You'll get hit with big fines in the US if you try to advertise one form of tobacco as being low risk compared to others, or having any relative health benefits.
  • @Toque i've put my story on your blog in my not-so-good English. Please tell me if changes are needed.
  • We've got 7 really great comments so far. Please keep them coming as this is so important. Don't worry if you haven't time to write a lot, even just saying "I stopped smoking with snuff" is fine. 
  • Posted my comment as well.  
  • done./
  • There is nothing to be gained by doing this in the U.K. as snuff is plentiful and not taxed, so far. There is a lot to be lost by raising the profile of nasal snuff in the U.S
    Last time I looked, all manufacturers of smokeless products must submit their ingredients for approval by the FDA. They have been quite tolerant on this as the only people that I am aware of complying is Toque. The rest dont seem to be bothered as they have a good sales base in the U.K.
    This could "wake up" the FDA.
    On the face of it, rasing the profile of "stop smoking with snuff" is a great idea, but it does have its downside.
    Of course, I may have missed some changes in the FDA's stance on this.
  • I just ordered 400g of Quit, my first Toque order in quite a while.  If Toque has been approved by the FDA, does that mean the bag is going to be so covered with warning labels I won't be able to tell what's in it?
  • It's going to be in a zip lock back placed in another bag. You will know what it is easily. I would have a couple of pint mason jars on hand to store the quit in.Or 1 pint jar, a 1/2 pint and a couple of 4 oz containers. But that's just my system.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited January 2012 PM
    @London Jack , We are saving lives here don't ya know. This is something important to prove. Sure, a boost in snuff sales is great too but the prejudice towards tobacco due to cigarette smoking needs to end. Sweden has taken a leading role in this but any country would certainly benefit by lower health care costs. It really is just a matter of cutting through the bureaucratic red tape. Regarding the FDA, they have nothing to do with anti-tobacco they are strictly assigned the job to make sure the tobacco we use is free of harmful materials. Take a look at their list of allowable ingredients it is quite extensive.  These are additives that can be added to TOBACCO! That's right, TOBACCO itself is acceptable for consumption. Now if tobacco were to be unacceptable for consumption by the FDA the blame would squarely lie on cigarette use so in a way we are saving tobacco from being banned by providing a more acceptable form of its use. So I believe to popularize snuff use will only benefit us in the long run.
  • nice post, @juxtaposer ... well said.
  • It seems that either I havent explained it very well or my point has been missed. As far as I am aware, all manufacturers selling smokeless tobacco products to the U.S.have to submit a list of their ingrediants to the FDA for approval and those whose formulae are secret will not do that. With a good home market in europe, they have no reason to. Last time I looked, this included WOS, McChrystals, Samuel Gawith and others. I am sure someone will correct me if they have since complied.
    According to Northerner, they have stopped selling brands of snus to the U.S. that have not been submitted to the FDA for approval. How long before this happens to snuff?
    Of course, saving lives is very important but snuff is one of many products used to stop smoking.
    Well, must get some work done. I post on here a couple of times a year and this is my years worth.

  • juxtaposer well put and awesome. You saved me some typing


  • the reason they have not submited is it is not worth the paltry amount of product sold in the u.s.. That is the problem not the FDA.
  • Well then, we'll be on an all-Toque diet for a  while.  Good thing my top two are both Toque.  :)
  • Oh, and something else....... just like the PACT act only applies to transactions inside the USA (we can order snuff from overseas), perhaps this FDA thing does not apply to snuff we buy from, say, the UK.  We aren't, after all, buying it in the USA.  Northerner has warehouses in the USA and sells snus in the USA, and has to comply with USA law.  Mr Snuff does not.  SG does not.  Toque markets a product (Silver Dollar) in the USA, and therefore must comply with USA law. 
  • DanielO pretty much. It's more complex and legaly then that but pretty much. It isn't illegal to order tobacco just doing through the mail. England as well as most countries have postal treaties that the USA has to follow so long story short there really isn't anything they can do about international orders.
  • Done.  Good luck with your campaign.
  • Thanks guys. The more the merrier!
  • Done.
  • I'll be adding my voice to this too.
  • 13 comments so far, please keep them coming. 
  • 15 comments and rising. This is great, keep them coming guys. 
  • ToqueToque Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    Now we've got 16! 

    Thanks so much to all who have commented and thanks to all who are going to. 

    Come on guys, quite a few of you on here have quit with snuff, or snus for that matter. We need your help to help others! I don't want to sound like a sycophant but, we can save lives here. We know it's going to happen, Doctors are starting to say to patient's who smoke they should try snuff but, the message just isn't getting out there fast enough.  

    Thanks for all your help. 
  • I have never smoked a cigarette but I probably could come up with a decent script of sycophantic rhetoric.
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