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How women see a man using snuff tobacco ?

kougykougy Member
edited June 2012 in General
Is it appealing to women to see a man taking snuff ? or is it repellent ?


  • bobbob Member
    like anything else you'd have to ask the specific woman in question. In other words depends on the woman.
  • bobbob Member
    Or to say what I really think the not so good woman find it repellent the woman who are awesome find it appealing.
  • bobbob Member
    Though even more honestly most woman find it interesting like it is novel. The only woman who've ever told me it was gross smoked cigarettes and didn't like my retort that it's lot less gross then their lungs are. :)
  • Its called an edit button bob, use it.
  • My wife hates snuff which is a source of great amusement to me.
  • kougykougy Member
    @bob I think you were lucky most of the time :) and yes it is novel even for the new snuffer :)
  • kougykougy Member
    @n9inchnails So what do you think ? :) Appealing or repellent ?
  • kougykougy Member
    @ItsMajick Maybe you should introduce her to non tobacco snuff.. energy snuff, maybe she will change her mind and you will snuff together :)
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Its called an edit button, use it.

  • bobbob Member

    three seperate points I really don't see why it would be a problem, though just cause I like you guys I'll try to use the edit button next time. Though next time just ask me politily cause we're all friends here. Though back on topic.....

     Men and Woman experience novelity it increases the release of seritonin which increase the feelings of attraction so it actualy helps your luck to be very diffrent then everyone else.

  • kougykougy Member
    edited June 2012 PM
    @bob Well so if theoretically I can use Serotonin like perfume I may win the lottery :) I don't really really believe in luck... I think that if you want something you can have it if you work for it and if after that you can not have it so it's simply your destiny not to... but wish you all the luck though :)
  • TheatreTheatre Member
    edited June 2012 PM
    Snuff taking on its own is a matter of personal preference, it's neither sexy or unnattractive.

    The most important factor is whether or not you have confidence in it. Women are funny like that, 2 men who use snuff, one is ashamed and one is confident yet humble, she will have 2 different opinions about them despite it being the same action assuming she was neutral about it in the first place. If you don't - it's unnattractive, if you do - it's sexy. For the former it's "his bad habit", for the latter, "it's one of his sexy quirks".
  • kougykougy Member
    edited June 2012 PM
    @Theatre That's what really happens in all subjects with women :) I agree with you totally :) for me I am always confident about what I do because if I am not I will not do it from the first place.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited June 2012 PM
    It doesn't matter what you do if the woman wants you. The single most wonderful thing about women is that if you pass that test all your eccentricities just become part of the person she wants in her life. That's why we get away with most of what we do. Mine loves the fact that I have reduced the risk of the old C note interrupting our fun. I agree with the confidence thing; the more intellectual they are the more they claim it's not the case, but confidence is the main deal for them.
  • kougykougy Member
    @snuffster I raise my hat for that :)
  • desirexedesirexe Member
    edited June 2012 PM
    Watching my husband take snuff is a turn-on...but it is all in the way he reacts...sometimes he will get some white up into his sinuses and it makes him yell out and beat his tarzan like and sexy ;)

    Ps - I also thinks it takes a strong & confident person to go against the norms of society and use snuff and I find strength & confidence to be attractive.

    Pps - what theater said...I didnt read all of the post prior to spewing my 2 cents, :)
  • kougykougy Member
    @desirexe It is nice to know that there is someone that is attracted to "going against the norms of society"... your husband must be very lucky :)
  • My girlfriend took a huge pinch of brutons the first night she was at my apartment after I started snuffing instead of smoking. And pinched my toques the entire night, she's the one
  • kougykougy Member
    @powahaus You are lucky... enjoy it :)
  • My girlfriend uses more snuff than I do.
    In my defense I'm always sucking on snus though; snus never really grew on her too much.
  • kougykougy Member
    @matsnuffs So you get your nicotine fix from snus and then enjoy the nasal snuff as aroma ?
  • matsnuffsmatsnuffs Member
    edited June 2012 PM
    Effectively, yes.
    It really depends on my mood. I will go a couple days without snuff, then take a whole bunch over the course of a couple days, and so on.
  • While my girlfriend isn't exactly a "fan" of my snuff use, she finds it to be a quirky habit and doesn't mind it as long as I don't take a big pinch and then kiss her 
  • kougykougy Member
    @SnuffinClown LOL well she has a point :)
  • @kougy yes, yes she does indeed! Especially given the odoriferous nature of the majority of my rotation :p 
  • kougykougy Member
    @SnuffinClown What do you prefer as a daily rotation ?
  • @kougy I generally have F&T HDT; a 50/50 blend of McCrystals O&G and Toque SP Extra; Brutons; Grunt; and McCrystals Hops on my at any given moment
  • kougykougy Member
    @SnuffinClown What do you think about Grunt ?
  • @kougy I really like it! Picked up a 25g tin on my last order from Mr. Snuff and blasted through it with amazing speed, so I just placed an order that included a 500g tub. It's just a really great, mildly coarse strong tobacco snuff. You tried it yet?
  • kougykougy Member
    @SnuffinClown It is in my first order from MrSnuff that's why I was asking because I read that it is potent snuff in Nicotine department and nice aroma too.
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