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General Swedish Snus

My local tobacco shop has started stocking this brand, it says made in Sweden.. is this a good brand? Or is it gona be like the Camel/Marb snus here in the states ... that crap is like candy .. no nic, atleast not enough for me to notice.


  • Its proper snus. Its good. Its Sweden's most popular brand. Its not the strongest one out there, but its solid. Its the only one I can find locally too.
  • It is one of the best out there, as @Xander says its the biggest selling brand in Sweden and is pretty much the benchmark snus. It is NOTHING like camel or marlboro snus, its considerably better, white portion and extra strong are my favs, only wish I could easily get hold of it here.
  • I like it. Sign up at their web site and print coupons
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  • General is real snus. Made in the traditional Swedish way. Swedish snus is what Camel and Marlboro want to be when they grow up. Neither of them have anything in common with real snus except being in pouches and containing nicotine. You can notice nicotine from it depending on your tolerance. For me regular portions merely fend off withdrawal. I have to go to the Extra Strong kill a craving. Thank goodness for snuff to fill in the gap.
  • Cool, picked up a can of the white, original, and loose. Like em all :D
  • Also the shop i goto has match books with $1 off plus a $1 can coupon inside :-bd
  • ...Anyone else thinks its a gross idea to have used portions in the " trash " can lid thing... i do, i know its my own saliva and all but, but the idea of having a can of germs in my pocket, growing off my body heat .. buh!
  • Hey y'all. If you have General round can available in your area Swedish Match is doing a temporary price reduction, $0.99 per can. In my area that is about a $3 discount. I heard it is through March, but I don't know if that is until the beginning or end of March.
  • site seems broken :(|) wont let me sign up...
  • ...Anyone else thinks its a gross idea to have used portions in the " trash " can lid thing... i do, i know its my own saliva and all but, but the idea of having a can of germs in my pocket, growing off my body heat .. buh!
    Ah that's what that is for.... I spent 10 minutes trying to punch it out thinking that I was supposed to pull the portions from there.... i feel retarded now lol.
  • I just got a couple of cans of the white portion from a store in Richmond, VA. I've grown rather fond of it and I'm glad I found a place that carries it.
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    @Faust White Portion is my fav general non stark snus by a country mile! One of my top 3 fav snuses of all time!
  • Thunder Frosted mini portion
  • dvsfaustdvsfaust Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    God I am hooked on this snus..
    Ive tried all the flavors/styles my local shop has to offer.

    Loose, Original, Mint, Nordic Mint, Classic, Wintergreen, & White Portion.

    Wintergreen is strait nasty IMO.. but i love all the other ones. Loose and Original are by far my favs. Ive killed 9 cans of the loose and about 14 of the original.
    The store i shop for tobacco has the $.99 sale going on for the past 2months so i been going ape crazy consuming this stuff...only thing that sucks is the cans seems to only have a 2-3 month best by shelf life ... which really bites cause I wana stock up befor they go back to normal price..but dont wana have a ton of snus just go bad in my fridge.
    Btw.. fridge or freezer? Would it keep longer in one or the other? And what happens when its goes beyond the best by date? I have 6 loose / 8 original chillin at the moment.
    Oh and im pretty happy with myself..learned to handbake my pris with my first can of loose..but hate the brown hand crap so im gona order an Icetool and one of them sweet tins for loose they have on the Icetool site. Already had a can split in my back pocket cause my car keys impaled it .. was not happpy. But hey it was only $.99

    Sorry for the long winded post.
  • 3 months before the best by date is about the best you will find with a Swedish Match snus. You can keep them in the fridge for 4-6 months past that date. Ziploc bag preferred. After the BB date they will start to lose moisture and flavor but not to much. Beyond 4-6 months freezer is the best, but guard against freezer burn. Portions will keep better than lös and White portions better yet. I would buy a few rolls so you can save up to buy fresh from a reputable online shop.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    I also really like most all of the General Products. One thing I've noticed is if you haven't broken the seal on a tin they will still have some moisture to them for a looong time (at least the portions)- not as good as fresh, but still usable. Even in a fridge, as I couldn't use a freezer. Due to a stupid oral injury, I couldn't use them for a long time. Some are still ok even with a 2011 exp date. But the opened tins didn't fare nearly as well.
  • Oh and im pretty happy with myself..learned to handbake my pris with my first can of loose..but hate the brown hand crap so im gona order an Icetool and one of them sweet tins for loose they have on the Icetool site.
    You can make an "icetool" from a medical syringe. I got a cough syrup syringe from the pharmacy, freebie, and cut the end off, will go up +four, I've done some very large prillas with time! lol

  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    what @bigmick says is correct, if you;re going for long term storage freezer is best in a sealed bag but I have found that they do keep a while just in the fridge but only a few months, then transfer to the freezer. Oden's have the best BBF dates, I just got a roll of olde ving 99 with a BBF of April 2014!
  • @Burnsey already made a poor mans pretty good :-)
  • md363md363 Member
    I have tried General White Portion Wintergreen and General Loose, both are infinitely better than the Camel or Marlboro and give you a really good nicotine satisfaction. General is, as I have read, the "standard" for Swedish Snus and quality snus.
  • Most retail stores don't carry it in the U.S., but order some General Extra Strong loose from and be prepared to go for a ride...
  • PotPoePotPoe Member
    I still have some of the "free trial" from, that was a long time ago. I enjoyed it, just not something i would send away for. The good news, my local shop is also now stocking General, so i can become properly obssesed about snus :D
  • Just went to the gas station around the corner and got some tins of General white, Nordic mint, and wintergreen for .99 $ each. I couldn't believe the price. I guess General does these promotional sales once in a while.
  • I have not hit on the $0.99 yet, but I did find some coupons on can for $1, two cans for the price of one, and $ 2 off of one can.

  • KpodKpod Member
    @giaach I found a gas station just outside of Denver International Airport doing the same thing. I asked them why it was so cheap. They said they weren't selling too well, and that Swedish Match North America advised them to slash the prices. I picked up a nice supply :D

    FYI: My dad brought me a log of General Loose last week on a visit from Sweden, and informed me that the EU is trying to undermine snus consumption via a ban on flavored tobacco which would supersede Sweden's exemption on the original ban. Virtually all snus is flavored in some way. There is, of course, a lot of protest from Swedes, but EU legislators seem less than concerned for that. I am almost inclined to believe that certain EU member states have an underlying incentive for eliminating snus, as snus presents a threat to their interests in cigarette sales.

    In any case, I would advise snus users to stock up on the stuff while they still can, as the future remains uncertain.
  • The latest from the EU tobacco directive is the flavoring ban has been dropped in a "compromise" to keep snus banned in EU countries other than Sweden. So it appears that snus is safe for the moment. At least for everyone not in the EU.
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited June 2013 PM
    I love the General los but it's not quite strong enough for me so I'll be ordering a roll or two of their extra sterk next time. Luckily being in Switzerland, I'm not in the EU, I can buy from snuscentral or anywhere else.
  • Small miracle...In my little town (2 stoplights), I walked into a Shell gas station and lo & behold, a small refrigerated display with General snus in it. White, Nordic mint,mint, and evergreen quickly found their way into my paws. Happy now.....that is all.. over...
  • KpodKpod Member
    @bigmick That is good news for snus users! Hopefully the US doesn't take up the issue.
  • @Kpod The future of smokeless in general is being looked into by the US FDA. They are moving at a snails pace, but there is a threat looming on the horizon. We're safe for the moment, but I fear the day is approaching when we are fighting the same fight the EU is now.
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