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Table Top Snuff Box

Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
edited September 2008 in General
Today I recieved a snuffbox from my smoking shop. I had meant to purchase a snuffbox I could carry around with me, but when I recieve this snuffbox I realized it is meant to be used as a tabletop snuff box.

I was a bit disappointed at first, but figured what the heck it is a pretty nice snuffbox I guess I'll go ahead and fill it up and put it on my desk.

Now I already view my Spanish Jewel as my most regal of snuffs. So I figured since this is the fanciest container I own, I would fill it up with my Spanish Jewel.

Funny thing is taking the Spanish Jewel from this snappy tabletop snuffbox actually seems to make the whole experience of snuffing better. I would have never guessed taking a snuff from a fancy snuffbox would have this effect.

I now understand why people collect snuffboxes. Snuffing from one just seems to feel better than snuffing from its original container. I think I may be hooked and plan to start building on my collection of snuffboxes.

This is the snuffbox I bought from My Smoking Shop. A great deal for only 22.99 GBP which ended up being about $40 USC.



  • Nice looking box. You going to engrave something in the center there? Whats the actual size of it?
  • I may engrave something in the shield when I get the time.

    It's actually pretty big, almost the size of a can of copenhagen. I don't snuff nearly enough quick enough to fill the entire box, but I would venture to say it would easilly hold a 25 gram tin.
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited September 2008 PM
    Poo-Diddy I have a box just like yours and the one with the Tom Buck scene on the top. One I purchased from My smocking shop and the other from Snuff Store UK. They are a little heavy but I always have one in both trousers pockets. I find they don't leak snuff even if the lids flap a little because of the curved outer surface and the inner seal. They are approx 2¼ inch diameter and a little under 1 inch deep, Trout.
  • Poo-Diddy, I have noticed this too, snuff does taste better from a nice container. Although I don't have such a nice box as yours, it does seem to taste better from a real "snuff box".
  • This is exactly what I always go on about - the culture of the snuff box!! Very nice box, and remember if it's not completely air tight, you can fix this with a little bees-wax! Enjoy!
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