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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

Bernard Snuffs at Snuff Store

ermtonyermtony Member
edited September 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
I had a suspicion that they were on the way, and now here they are!

That will save me a lot in P&P charges with Rajek's (sorry Stefan).



  • Must say they are good and well worth trying. Just a shame that Bernard seems to have dropped the Pariser Nr. 2 and the Civette altogether. Not sure that my stash of those is going to last all that long :(
  • Likewise. But actually the Gekachelter Virginie is still available direct from Bernard, as is the Feiner Offenbacher Cardinal, but they're still in 50g packs and it looks like Tim is only stocking the 10g boxes.

    Mind you, buying Schmalzler 10g at a time seems a bit strange! I did stock up on 100g packs of Brasil Feinst (being my favourite Schmalzler) while I still could. Well stored, they'll be good for years if need be.
  • Just ordered some of this snuff, could not afford to order it from Germany but now it's within my reach. Thanks Julia and Tim, you've made my day.
  • ejacerooni, looks like has x-mas joy and gin&tonic in stock. I'm hoping to see bespoke real coffee at snuffstore soon. I imagine they'll get restocked on all the bespokes in the same shipment.
  • NoseBagNoseBag Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    Hi All,

    Tony you beat me to it... Darn!

    Yeah, Bernard Snuff was the surprise that I've been babbling about in the Snuff Store newsletter this last couple of weeks. We've had a couple of 'false starts', but it finally arrived and is now in stock.

    I was up til the wee hours 'testing' the various Bernard blends and writing the descriptions. Wow those schmalzlers are good... Completely different to anything I've ever tried before. They're all very moor-ish!

    The white snuff is good and different to the others that I've tried. It's unusual for me to be able to detect differences in white snuff. But with these you can.

    The 'normal' snuff is also good. There's some nice variations and there's some individual snuffs in there that don't have a comparable snuff currently made by other manufacturers. Tony, your observations on your wikki about the blue and white are quite correct. Ours come with health warnings and a definite nicotine kick - don't know how the assumption started that Blue And White was tobacco free, perhaps due to the 'white' in the name?

    Onefortheroad - yeah the Bespokes will be in stock again shortly. 'Nick The Nose' is busy hand blending as I write! Also look out for another addition being blended 'bespoke' for Snuff Store - to compliment our Bespoke Real Coffee blend. It'll be ready in a few weeks...

    I've been a busy boy this last few weeks trying to source a few 'difficult to get hold of' brands and blends. Looks like I've had 'joy' on at least two of them. Watch this space!

    Speak soon.
  • Sounds great Tim. Look forward to seeing what this other bespoke may be.
  • Sorry Tim. I didn't mean to steal your thunder.

    I guessed it had to be Bernard snuffs in the pipeline, mainly by process of elimination, and I am so glad I was right - even if there is no Pariser Nr. 2 or Civette to be had.

    Glad you like the Schmalzlers - thought you probably would. I always have a couple of those on the go. Generally Brasil Feinst and another at random from the stash.

    Equally glad re the Blau-Weiss. I suspect that someone came up with the idea that it was non-tobacco and the idea was copied, rather than being checked.

    Now..... how about the Sternecker snuffs? ;-)
  • I must be going mad, I thought Bernard were going out of business?
  • They did, sort of. A case of close down, reorganise and then reopen. I'm just so glad they didn't bite the dust.
  • Yay!
  • I'd like to try the Virginia but the other thread with tales of mouse and bird crap and other hygiene problems ruined the appetite. Anybody know if they've cleaned up their act so to speak?
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