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Favorite snuff-taking technique



  • outlawmobileoutlawmobile Member
    edited April 2013 PM
    Im conflicted in what my favorite method is.They all have their place,and some are better than others depending on conditions like being outside when its breezy.So far Im pretty much a back of the hand or spoon guy but I will pinch or use bullets in certain conditions.
    I never use a spoon in public,just makes me feel self conscious.I do however use a spoon almost exclusively when relaxing on the couch at home.
    I use bullets a lot when driving as I feel its the safest,least distracting method.
    I use the back of the hand from a tap box whenever out in public,unless its breezy then I use a bullet.
    I like the idea of the pinch...I just havent been able to master it for some reason.
    See why Im so conflicted? I have snuff boxes,tap tins,bullets and snuff tins and Im carrying all this crap around in my pockets all the time.Lucky for me most of my shorts are the cargo type.Im going to have to invest in cargo type pants when fall rolls around.

  • noworrynoworry Member
    edited April 2013 PM
    I Spoon most the time. I do like to pinch white's(Dh)(WillieP) and toasts between thumb and middle finger until it cakes and give that a sniff, 9.9 out of 10 lands in the right spot and settles in nicely. I take a good pinch, tap, and dust, give a sec..... sssssss..zzzooooommmm! <:-P Also with the spoon (full)(heaping), I give a very subtle, limited sniff and tap or flick the spoon underneath, this acts as a launcher and...give it a try! @-) :D Boxcars of Viking D are always a treat, I could use a extra thumb on that hand. And some more VD.
  • horus92horus92 Member
    edited April 2013 PM
    I use a pinch with most snuffs, stuff that's really coarse and moist I like the boxcar, stuff that's REALLY coarse and moist (NTSU, schmalzer) I just pack it in there.
    The thing I don't get about pinching is this:

    How do you take a large pinch without dropping a load while taking it, unless you sniff much harder, in which case it ends up where you don't want it to, such as the throat or the sinuses? Even when teasing between the fingers simultaneously I can't do this neatly at all, leading to one or the other of the afore-mentioned eventualities.

    What is the key there?
    I just sniff it slowly and move my fingers around, some snuff blows out when I exhale but that's unavoidable with any drier snuff for me.
  • I cut a flex straw 3/4 of an inch above the flex at each end of the flex
    I bend straw at the bend and put in a pinch which settles in the flex
    I insert one end in my nose and the other my girl friend of the moment inserts other end in her nose.
    she exhales strongly
    great hit that leads to greater sensual gratification
    If I think its time to end the relationship I exhale first.
  • recently been placing it in my nose rather than sniffing... thatll be because im getting tired of scotches choking me.
  • Just discovered how well the clip part of the lid on a cheapo biro works as an impromptu spoon when there's not enough depth in the snuffbox to get a proper pinch :D
  • I now use a wooden coffee-stirrer (Like a small lolly stick). I broke off a piece two inches long and it's great, just scoop a bit up from the tin. I can really shovel it in and it's quite controllable. Fine snuffs can be inhaled gently if held a little away from the nostril to avoid hitting the throat.

    I did get a snuff spoon from e-bay but it's too small I find.
  • Box Car and pinch for me.
  • I take snuff usually from my anatomical snuff box. But I snuff from boxcar some specified snuffs - Fichtennadel, Amostrinha and most of Bernard. And every time when I'm outside, because of the wind. It won't blow my snuff out if I'm snuffing from boxcar.

  • using spoon more now i have one, its much better than the cheap coke spoons on ebay etc. outside ill boxcar.
  • I gatta say I like the "finger cake" method. I just smear some onto my index finger when my tin is too low for a pinch., sniff and repeat as needed.
  • No. ! thumb & index finger. I can take large pinch's and control the flow rate.
  • bobbob Member
    spoon but I keep dropping them in places and not finding them again.
  • Thumb and middle finger pinch for big pinches. I didn't get on well with index finger pinches. I don't have big manly hands and I can't get big enough pinches using my index finger.

    Pinching is the only method I use.
  • Elcy8Elcy8 Member
    For finer snuffs, I inhale about 2/3rd of a breath, then sniff a pinch from between thumb & index finger. Keeps the dust out of my throat.
  • I use a pinch most of the time, and seldom the back of hand between the webs. For fine and dry snuffs (Quit, IHT22...) I prefer the boxcar method, I can also do bigger "pinches" that's growing on me hehe
  • That's exactly how I love to snuff!
  • PincherPincher Member
    edited December 2013 PM
    Well.... ^^^

    What's in a name...

  • @Viertel damn! Either you have small hands or a big nose...or maybe it's just me but that's a humonguous "pinch" hehe
  • Pinch. Repeat as necessary
  • Off the belly of a bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston.

    I can dream...
    I think you meant the backside of Kelly Devine.

  • Boxcar works for me. Can also be fairly discreet when in public.
  • cloudymancloudyman Member
    edited January 2014 PM
    I am an avid fan of pinching especially outta the tin or a box. there's something about pinching that just feels right, natural if you will. i love the pinch. i also enjoy my modified acrylic bullet, i take it with me into the desert and while i drive. just ordered a blizzard 2, we'll see how it works but i want it for the desert trips, already broke one glass vial in a parking lot...oops. with most of my pöschl products i like to use back of my thumb on the meaty part if you will, about an inch or so away from the anatomical snuff box. i never use the anatomical snuff box, just don't like it. never boxcarred it either, don't ever use that much at a time. oh i have a homemade spoon i carved enjoy using but it's at the bottom of the list...nothing witty to end with, so hasta luego.
  • Pinch each nostril. Repeat. Repeat as many times as necessary (usually, many times).
  • Spoon.
  • prefer thumb and middle finger. found that spoon block the spectrum release of aroma
  • SO far all pinching does for me is assure that my shirt, pants and shoes are covered in aromatic dust .....

    The boxcar however or off the blade of my sodbuster ... that's a natural as a dancing with a big hipped farm girl ...
  • Pinch
  • I like the convenience of bullets. Once I modified a couple to my liking, they work well enough, especially when I'm out and about. Pinching is ok. I tried using a spoon last night (actually, a modified bamboo chopstick) and really like it. I've ordered a couple of different salt spoons that were very inexpensive and I hope will work. I think at home I'll probably use a spoon, and when I'm out, bullets.
  • Tried a few of the ones discussed. Box Caring seems to suit me the best.
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